The Greatest Miracle
Airdate: April 06, 2008

An employee tells his boss to run from a giant Boring Bankin and the boss is not surprised, he says he knew 'they' would come back. The boss thinks back to when the Ugats first attacked and thinks Sosuke is dead. Just then he passes by with the others. The boss freaks out. The five transform. The boss gets near and hides behind something. Hanto wants to use Gunbir-O, but Gunpei tells him that they can't because Carrigator is still recharging. One night is just not enough to charge him.
The three get their engine Casts but the casts are still rusted. they put in the souls and they activate but they don't grow. They are shocked to find out they can't return to their normal size. Boring aims closer to them. It sits down and the five are fine. Boring Bankin goes dormant. Kegareshia and the other two ministers arrives and teases them. The three do a role-call. They calculated everything and they plan to pollute the Earth. They blast the five down and drop to the same level as them.
They use their Mantanguns against the trio. They are beatwen up and call upon their weapons and create the Highway Buster and the Junction Rifle, but it is no use. The three ministers use their own attack and blow the five out of the field. The baddies revel that they are nothing without their Engines. The Boss watches sadly. That night, the five moan in their bus. Saki tells Sosuke to smile but he says it hurts. Renn comes up with the idea with wiping off the rust but since the souls are in the casts, the Engines complain.
Sosuke rubs Speedor fast and the rust is clean off but it comes back fast. Hanto says Speedor is the one that is the mos till. Sosuke is peeved. He then opens his eyes with his eyes, calling for a miracle. He says how in the movies, the hero sheds a tear and a miracle happens. He imagines Saki as a princess that wakes up Sosuke with a tear. Sosuke sheds a tear on Speedor and it doesn't work. Hanto thinks he made it worse. Speedor is in pain and doesn't believe there will be a miracle. Sosuke runs off screaming.
Sosuke is determined to fight the Gaiarc by himself and finds himself with Fui Toujirou, Sosuke's former team supervisor. Fuji says that he didn't die after all. Sosuke breaks the silence by saying a miracle occured, that he is hero and he makes miracles happening. Fuji says he hasn't changed. They talk about a time Sosuke made third place and he believes it was a miracle. Fuji straightens out the record, saying the mechanics prepared for his reckless driving. They stayed up late and tireless efforts.
Saki and Renn are shown working hard. Even a hero isn't alone. Sosuke runs off when he thinsk of Speedor. He then sees Speedor on the street slowly going towards him. He is almost hit by a car and Sosuke rescues him. Speedor knew the risk but he wanted to be with him. Sosuke finally accepts there will be no miracle. Speedor says the ultimate miracle already happened, them meeting and becoming partners. Hanto and Gunpei spy on the Boring Bankin and the ministers arrive.
Boring is drill deep into the Earth to spew magma and over flow the place with lava. The two boys transform and fight Ugats. The next moring, Sosuke is cleaning Speedor in Fuji's garage. The ministers whip the duo ad their attacks don't work. Blue and Yellow arrive and they finished cleaning the rust off them. Gunpei is sure Sosuke would be back. they try to buy time. Bomper teleports Carrigator with the other Engines, even though he is not fully charged. He wanted to go anyway.
The duo makes Gunbir-O and Boring Bankin comes alive and shoots lava on them. Yellow fights Kegareshia and Blue fights Kitaneidas. Boring lifts Gunbir-O up and punches it with its top device. Black is sure Sosuke will be back. Sosuke continues cleaning as his friends fight. He finally gets Speedor clean. GunBir-O goes down and Saki and Renn de-transform. As the Ugats get to them, Sosuke arrives and transforms. The three form the Highway Buster with BearRV, but...
It's no good, they shoot Bus-on and Speedor too and they break through the forcefield of energy created by the three ministers. The three run off and return their friends to their normal size and form EngineOh. They bring Boring down. The Five Go-Onger and the six Engines conduct a roll-call. Gunbiro blocks an attack and they both conduct their finishers, destroying the monster. Fuji has been watching.

  • Good ep!
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