Partner Amigo

Partner Amigo
Airdate: March 30, 2008

Gunpei shows off his cop fighting skills on Saki. Renn then challenges him, while Sasuke watches Hanto together with Bomper inside the bus. Hanto can't eblieve he is a Go-Onger, he asks about the mark on his back. Bomper says it is his Engine partner which still hasn't arrived from the machine world and he is still working on it. Sasuke laughs at Hanto for glowing like a first-grader. Hanto then teases him that he has a ShiftChanger that they don't have.
Gunpei pins Renn. Saki applauds his skills while Sousuke and Hanto jump out of the bus, with Hanto's Shift Changer. They play fight and Gunpei trips Sousuke and he hits the bus and Gunpei returns Hanto his changer. Gunpei teases Sousuke. They get agressive and Renn pulls them apart. The trio plead their case that they have been fine so far. Gunpei says they are all in bad shape but he will sternly teach them. Bomper throws their changers at the others and tell them of another attack.
Gunpei runs off on his own, while the other four wrap everything up in their bus and ride off. They arrive to where the monster is supposed to be but find nothing. Everything rumbles and the trees go down and the five find themselves in rubble. Ugats erupt from the ground and Gunpei and Hanto transform. The trio as well and the five present themselves. They fight the Ugats with their guns. Hanto explains to Gunpei that their guns don't work without their Engine Souls.
Gunpei says it is strange it is just the grunts, no monster, so he runs off. Hanto runs after him. They enter the forest. Black hears the ground to hear Scoop Hankin dig through. They press their belt buttons and get their weapons that materalize from the symbols on their chests. They then blast Scoop out to the surface. The monster beats them up and the others arrive. They bash the monster. Scoop performs his Landscape Blizzard attack, burrying the trio in dirt and leaves, saying he made a mistake. He drills into the ground.
Gunpei blames the other three while Renn likes his skills. The trio says they will take care it next time and Gunpei leaves. The Gaiarc ministers talk in their base about their plot to pollute the Earth. Yogo wants to make a declaratio of war and says Scoop will hit the true target. The others laugh. Gunpei and Hanto return to the hole with equipment Gunpei bought. They go downwards, gunpei says he has no hope in Sousuke. They arrive to a surface and Gunpei is surprised at Hanto's skills but then he becomes clumsy and lands on him. They head toward s a light.
Back on the bus, Bomper asks where the other 2 are. Renn decides to make a Omelete for only 3. They get alerted by their Engines, saying they are hungry to and want an energy charge. They set the Go-Phones on their resting places. Meanwhile, Gunpei shuts Hanto up as they near the site. The Ugats and Scoop are installing a bomb that will bring down the surface. Hanto suggests calling the others but Gunpei is not for it and they fight the Ugats. They capture Hanto and Gunpei releases him and they transform. Black takes Scoop on his own. Hanto goes over to smash the device.
And he slices it in half with his Axe. Scoop does his blizzard attack and the two jump out. Scoop then gets up and does a super attack and burries the duo in large rocks and leaves. Meanwhile the trio eat food outside the bus. Renn and Saki think about what Scoop said about the wrong target. Sousuke flips a coin and it lands in Saki's magazine, alerting her about Neo Tokio Hills opening. Scoop digs quickly through the ground while Green and Black follow.
Green tunes his dial on his helmet to find that his target is the Neo Tokio Hills. They try to go faster. While at the openin place, a woman gives a strange old man scissors to cut the ceremonial tape. The woman then gives scissors to a strange looking 'playboy. ' Scoop raises from the ground and the crowd runs away, except for the old man, playboy and woman, who Scoop attack. Black and Green climb out of the hole and witness this. Scoop tosses the old man away and the other two hold the monster down.
They beat him up and the trio reveal they are their friends. Green is surprise. In a flashback, Saki figure out where to go. Black teases Sousuke and Scoop come sout of the tent and the trio transform and fight Scoop. The 2 help out with their weapons. Scoop falls down. Black teases red. Scoop does his attack and red and Black double team Scoop. The trio then defeat him with their Highway Buster with Bear RV inside. Scoop then becomes huge and Engine Oh is called.
The sword is called and they fight as the other two chear them on. Scoop boots that with his two swords, he can defeat one. Blue says it is not true and they have the advantage, they beat him down. He does his attack but it is blocked by the V Sheild. Black tells them to jump which they do and they slash the two scoops off the foe and kill him. Later, the five reunite and celebrate, except for Gunpei. He and Sousuke agree that they can both be helpful sometimes. The five put their hands together.