The Maiden's Heart
Airdate: March 23, 2008

Saki is upset that everytime she is fixing herself, a monster attacks. Sousuke tells her it doesn't matter if her helmet is on. It can't be helped and she leaves. Gunpei tells Sousuke he messed it. This is news to Sousuke, he pleads his case that he was trying to cheer her up. Sousuke runs off after her. Bear RV tells the viewer Sousuke wasn't wrong but he has no clue about a woman's heart. Sousuke properly apologizes to Saki. She beleives it is no use dolling herself up for the boys, and she'll save it for a boyfriend. Sousuke is shocked and tries to hide his anger.
He grills her if she really has a boyfriend. Sousuke wants him to be included in the process, to get his blessing first. her attention is suddenly caught to soemthing else. Just when Sousuke turns around, she is gone. She stumbles upon a man playing a flute. She giggles and slowly approaches him. Sousuke arrives. The man continues playing the flute. A speaker pops out of a bush and sucks the beautiful sound. The music stops and the man and his onlookers are shocked. Speaker Bankin pops out.
He tells the boy he converts his music to destructive sound waves. Saki runs into the way and saves the boy from the destructive sound wave attack, which destroys a tree. The man thanks Saki and she transforms in front of him. Red appears as well. And they fight the fiend. They both get beat down and the monster zaps them with his sound waves. The other three arrive and Blue gives them earplugs he fashioned. They take off the helmets, earplugs in their ears and helmets back on.
The monster blasts at the five and it doesn't effect them. Red delivers a command but they don't hear a thing and he recognizes this wrinkle in his plan. He shows up in front of them with his Mantan Gun and they prepare their's. They blast at the monster's speakers and he runs off. The music returns to the man's flute. He plays his beauiful music again. Saki is happy. Back at the Gaiarc, Speaker apologizes to Kitaneidas, who is forgiving.
Yogostein says he was effective before being defeated. Kegalesia takes Yogo's drink from him. Kitaneidas plans to increase the output to blow away the Go-Onger's earplugs. Back to on the bus, Bomper comments on Saki leaving dressed up. At the prospect of her on a date, Sousuke remembers what she said about a boyfriend and he gets mad and demands to know who she went out with. He figures it is the 'flute guy. ' He goes out to find Gunpei reading Hanto's lips from a distance.
Hanto tries to get Sousuke's mind off Saki's date and on Gunpei's lip reading skills. Sousuke grabs gunpei as he has an idea and that night, arrive to the resturant, where saki is having her date with the 'flute guy. ' Sousuke begs Gunpei to read their lips. Because of the lighting, Gunpei makes a mistake and gets both Sousuke and Gunpei enraged with an assumption. Sousuke faints at thinking Saki wants to get married. Bear RV tells the audience that a few days had passed and the Gaiarc hadn't appeared, so the five went on patrol.
Sousuke is in a CD store, Renn wonders if he is taking it seriously and sure enough, he isn't and Gunpei knocks sense into him. Sousuke is shocked to find the 'flute guy' has an album. So famous that he has played at the London Philharmonic. Meanwhile with Saki, her cowlick goes up again. Gunpei and Sousuke are walking nearby and Sousuke has had a change at heart, wanting to leave Saki to do what she wants. He then spots her and believes she is looking at wedding dress, but in reality she is fixing her cowlick.
Sousuke imagines Saki longing for the dress. He tells Gunpei he can't patrol with him, so Gunpei leaves and he approaches Saki. She gets a call from Seji, who is by the tree they met and he wants to tell her something important. Sousuke hears this. He then is alerted about a monster, Saki runs to Sousuke and asks if it is the monster. Sousuke tells Saki he thinks Seji will ask him to get married and she should go. She tells him he needs her for Highway Buster and EngineOh.
He points at the dress and says when happiness is before it, you have to grab hold of it. When she doesn't get it, he forces her to go. She tells him he is acting as if she was in the way. He says if she doesn't go, he'll lose out on her luck. She leaves but angrily, she says that she might not even return. Speaker Bankin attacks, destroying buildings with his waves and Gunpei, Renn and Gunpei arrive. Sousuke arrive, saying Saki graduated and it will just be the four of them. They put in their earplugs and transform. They rush by the monster and they can't hear him.
He sends a large wave and it does effect them. Saki arrives at the park to meet Seji, he asks about her job. She says she is in the way, and then change the subject to his important thing. The four boys try shooting their Mantaguns at him but they are zapped out of uniform and struggling. He comes towards them and is stopped by Saki. She transforms and uses her Mantangun and avoids Speaker's attack and shoots him on the leg. she uses the Racing Bullet and he falls down above her. She checks on the boys.
And tells them she got advice on how to beat the monster from Seji. He noticed no sound came from the speakers on his feet. Sousuke is surprised that was all he wanted, Saki smacks his head and the others transform. They do the roll-call. They form both the Highway Buster (Bear RV inside) and the Junction Rifle (Gunpherd inside). Speaker is knocked down off the building. Sousuke takes off his helmet and asks Saki if she is okay with not getting married.
She says no one said that and that she is not going anywhere. Sousuke tells her what Gunpei thinks he lip-read in the resturant. She tells him what she really said. Sousuke goes to Gunpei angerily but he knocks the boy on the head. Speaker Bankin becomes big and destroys more buildings. The first three Engines attack him and form EngineOh. They call the sword, but Speaker blasts them and not even their V-Sheild can help them. Green frets. Black comes up with an idea.
He makes Gunpherd big. EngineOh rises from the rubble and is about to be attacked and is stopped by Gunpherd. Renn kicks Speaker in the crotch. They form EngineOh and shoot through the monster's sound wave. They lock on target and destroy the monster. EngineOh blows the gun smoke off. Renn tells Saki they need her. Hanto says they need her smile. Gunpei says because of Sousuke's delusions, they nearly lost her. Sousuke apologizes modestly. Saki says it is her home. Bomper and Saki hug. They all leave on the bus.
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