Sometimes a Mother!?
Airdate: March 16, 2008

Renn is cooking and Saki is interested in his tehcnique. Bus-on talks about his partner Renn. Hanto comes into the scene, Renn offers him the omelete but he says he has to go. Sousuke tries showing off to Hanto but he quickly bumps into gunpei, who knocks him on the head with a book. Gunpei says Hanto is probably busy with work. Meanwhile with the Gaiarc, Yoga calls forth Jishaku Bankin. the other two ministers stick on to the monster. He then reflects them off. Elsewhere, Hanto fixes crepes for three schoolgirls at his new job: a crepe bus.
Birca (projected from his Shift Changer) starts flirting with the girls. The girls say he is cute. Hanto blushes and says the job is the best. Back at the bus, Sousuke angrily chomps onto his omelette and demands to know why Hanto is working. He thinks he needs to tell him that he isn't allowed to work while he is a hero. Renn relates to him that Bakumatsu hero Sakamoto Ryouma created Japan's first company and worked too. He defends Hanto.
Gunpei calls Renn 'Hanto's mom. ' Saki agrees and just then Bomper alerts them of an Gaiarc attack. In a mall, phones and clocks don't work Jishaku Bankin appears. He calls forth for a car and smashes through glass and it causes an explosion. Jishaku jumps out and the four Go-onger arrive and transform. They load their Mantanguns and the monster pulls them magentically. Blue calls for Hanto but with no luck. Girl patrons are taking pictures of Hanto with their cell phones.
Birca pops out of his changer and wants to be taken pcitures of together. In another stereotype cliche, Birca says, "Mozzarella cheese!" Back with the battle, theGo-Onger turn their guns into rods and fly towards the monster and knock him down. He seemingly explodes. The heroes take their helmets off. Hanto comes to them. Hanto says he doesn't remember being called by them. Sousuke reprimands him. Hanto apologizes but still smiles. Sousuke turns around and tells him he doesn't have to be a Go-Onger and just go back to work.
Hanto mistunderstands him and takes it as his blessing and runs off. Sousuke is about to run after him but Renn tells him he will take care of it. Later, Renn has a sit-down talk with Hanto. Renn asks him why he works if he can live with them for free. Hanto is about to answer but notices a BBQ resturant. He counters that everyone can survive one eggs, can they? He says he'll use his money to give the others barbeque meat. Renn is touched, thinking Hanto is putting sweat and tears for them.
Hanto tells him to keep it a secret. He then wonders if the others will forgive him. Renn tells him that he'll apologize for him. Renn leaves him and Hanto scratches his head. Birca tells him that Renn believed him. Hanto says life should be enjoyable. Jishaku Bankin apologizes to Yogo but he's still impressed. He enters the machine to be stronger. Back at the bus, Sousuke is amazed by the promise of barbeque meat. Sousuke quickly comes to his senses and is suspicious about it.
Renn tries to convince him but Sousuke says Hanto is flake. Renn is deeply insulted by it. He leaves in a huff and Bus-on tells him both Hanto and Birca are probably have fun. Bus-on asks him why he wants to beleive in Hanto so much. He says because of his shiny eyes, saying people with pretty eyes aren't bad. Bus-on suggests visiting him while he is working. Hanto flips out of his work truck and hands girls their crepes. Birca appears in front of the girls and they crowd around them.
Renn watches this. Bus-on eggs him on and he confronts Hanto seriously. he then smiles at him, offering to help. Bus-on is understandbly upset. Hanto goes to the back of the bus to find Renn mixing up crepes to 'help. ' Just then they get the call about the monster, Hanto offers to go but Renn tells him to stay. He hands him the crepe mix and leaves him. Jishaku Bankin becomes Denjishaku (Electromagnet) Bankin. He uses Fleming's Law, which determines the direction of current. Black, Red, and Yellow arrive. Blue comes soon after, Yellow asks him about Hanto but he says, "He's busy with his youth!"
The three call their main weapons and they called torwards the monster. Meanwhile Birca alerts Hanto that his crepe is burning. He thinks back to Renn and believes they should join the battle. Hanto goes out to the school girl customers and tell them that he has friends that are waiting for him. He says if he doesn't leave, he will be a liar. They wish him good luck and tell him do good Go-Onger. He is shocked that his identity has been revealed.
The boys are having trouble hanging on to Yellow as the monster pulls her in. A wrecking ball truck rolls in, with Hanto driving it. The monster calls forth the wrecking ball. Hanto lets the ball go and it smashes the monster into a wall, taking the hold off the others. Renn asks Hanto about his job, Hanto comes clean, apologizing to him that it was a lie. I admited he did it for the girls. He syas he does want to be a Go-Onger, but he thought they could fight without him. Red asks why he is there then.
Hanto says that Renn was the only one that didn't distrust him. He felt he shouldn't lie to Renn since he was working so hard for him. He apologizes to them all. Red tells him to join them. The monster comes back and pulls the four towards him. Hanto transforms. He zooms past the four and hits the fiend with his Bridge Axe. He flips over him and slashes him again. The five do the roll-call. Green and Black form the Junction Rifle and have Birca attack. The monster becomes huge and the five Go-onger call their Engines.
They each attack the monster. Then Engine-Oh is formed. They call the sword and the monster calls for the sword. He uses the sword against them and the bad guys revel in it. The left arm is damaged. The monster is then shot at by the other two Engines. Birca suggests doing 'that' for apologizing for following Hanto. Speedor asks if it is Engine Arrangment and they create Engine-Oh Birca. They knock the sword out. Bus-on thanks Birca, even though hating his personality.
Sousuke has Hanto make good on his promise. Hanto frets and then apologizes, saying since he left the shop, he's not getting paid. Sousuke goes out to chase him and Renn offers a comprimise. The compromise to make omelettes with meat. They ask how much meat he has, he says just a bit. Bus-On tells the audience that Hanto was feeling lonely but thanks to Renn, he has become a real comrade. They all then chase after Renn. Bus-on calls him the Go-onger's mother.

  • Some sources has the title of the episode as "Sometimes a Mother!?"
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