Engine Trouble
Airdate: March 09, 2008

Two Engines head toward the Earth and Hanto is just thrilled to hear his Engine is on the way. Bomper says the signal is definitely Birca and Gunpherd. Gunpei says they can properly fight now. They set off to pick them up while the Gaiarc are not so thrilled about the two arrivals. Kegla says she has an assissian... her cute child, the clumsy Spray Bankin. He trips and the other two ask her if it is okay. She assures them. The two Engines land and make a boom. Gunpei and Sousuke look around for Gunpherd, Sousuke says he will give him his luck.
Sousuke is about to step on Gunpherd's Engine Soul, when Gunpei adverts it. Gunpei installs the soul to his Shift Changer and they introduce themselves. Gunpherd is not for being partners. Sousuke has Speedor chime in. Speedor suggests looking for his body. Gunpherd tell him to mind his own business and agrees with Gunpei to team up for now. Gunpei says whatever and spots children foot prints. Meanwhile, the others look for Birca and Hanto literally bumps into him.
Birca wants Saki as his partner but Bear RV clarifies that she is her partner. Hanto tells him he is his partner. Birca's body starts reacting them and explodes, splitting into the soul and cast. They cover and Hanto at least gets the soul but unfortuantely Spray has the cast. He throws acid at them, that melts a rock. Spray prepares to melt the cast but he is so clumsy, that he sprays himself. Spray blasts at them, which the three race out of transformed. Gunpei and Sousuke find the boy who has the Gunpherd cast.
Gunpei says he is no good with kids, Sousuke goes up to the kids but he bullies them and they run off. Back with the others, Green beats up Spray and the other two shoot him. The cast flies up but the three are attacked by Kegalesia who retrieves the cast. She introduces herself and the three are shocked to find out a minister has appeared before them. Yellow calls her old and she steams up, her face gets red. Spray closes her vaulve and she kicks him down.
The three avoid the spray and Green gets to the evil woman, who uses her weapon against him. Blue and Yellow get covered in goo. Spray takes out his weapon. Meanwhile, Gunpherd asks Gunpei how he would handle the situation if the boy was a gang member, leading him to approach the kid with a case full of candy in exchange for cast, like a drug dealer and the authorities are alerted of the stranger. Sousuke laughs but is alerted by the others about the foes.
A police man chases Gunpei on his bike.
Green, Blue, and Yellow get their butts kicked. Green begs for the cast and Kega steps on him. He attacks her with his axe, thinking he has the upper hand but she sprays him with smog. Red comes in and saves Blue and Yellow. They use their weapons against Scoop and then defeat him with the Highway Buster, using Speedor. Kega is upset that her child is down. He then grows huge, of course and Engine Oh is called. The ships are sent and help out beat up the trio.
Kitaneidas is in one of the Dohmas and tells one of the Ugats to take the other cast. Gunpei and the boy bump into each other and the boy runs away but some Dohma arrive and attack the boy. Gunpei transforms and saves the boy from a falling sign. Dohma continuing attacking, the cast falls out. Black places Gunpherd's soul int his Mantangun. He shoots out a bullet, taking down one Ugat, that takes down the other Dohma. Black picks up the cast and hands it to the boy. He asks him for a favor for the cast back for his partner.
The boy stresses because he thought of it as his treasure but gives it to Black anyway, saying it is a favor for the one who saved him. Meanwhile, Kega wraps her whip around Green and swings him from hither and there. Green stands up and is shocked once again. He goes down but stands up and Birca is touched and offers to help. Green inserts the soul inside his Mantangun and shoots Kega, freeing himself. Green takes the cast from her and goes to higher ground. He teases her and she blows smoke at him, bringing him down.
Black arrives and shoots her arm, revealing machinery inside. Black helps Green up, Kega fixes her wound, throws a kiss/heart attack at them and teleports away. Engine Oh is being beaten up, so the duo make their Engines big. They enter and put in their shift changers, the two introduce themselves and help fight the Dohmas. The two engines go near the big robo and monster. They do a group attack on Spray, disabling him and Engine Oh destroys the monster.
Later, the five Engines are gathered. Speedor asks the two why they were so late. Gunpherd says he hates crowds. Birca explains they got lost, but the five fight. The Go-Onger tell them not to fight. Red and Black then start fighting, Black asks Red why he is always following him. Speedor tells them not to. The five humans get closer to each other and Saki tells them to smile. Red and Green give Blue their helmets as they pull Gunpei's cheeks. They chase each other around as the Engines laugh.

  • Birca's Italian, French, and Spanish cliches include "Mama Mia!," "Bonjour," and "Amigo. " He says he is Latin, but it seems he is primarily Southern European.
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