Reckless Guys
Airdate: February 24, 2008

Kegalesia introduces the Gaiarc ministers to her Pipe Bankin, who has their special energy. Meanwhile, the bus is parked somewhere and the G-Phones are hooked up to Bomper, the three Engines can talk to their partners. Bear RV says they thought the Gaiarc were wiped out in their world. Speedor gets mad that Sousuke is sleeping. Renn walks out of the bus with food. Sousuke wakes up to the food, the three Engines reprimand the humans, Saki apologizes.
Sousuke thinks the engines let the baddies get away. The three engines turn around in shame. Bomper detects evil and Sousuke takes Speedor's Engine Soul out of his Go-Phone. Pipe Bankin jumps out of water and pollutes a small dam. The three heroes arrive. Blue writes his name on his notepad. They get their Magtanguns and the Ugats arrive. They break them into pieces. they go towards Pipe and he throws smoke at them. The three fight with their weapons and take him down. Pipe says his test is done and leaves.
The three take off their helmets once again. Blue wants to contact the dam office to let them know not to use the polluted water. Red leaves to Blue, who whines that he has to do it himself. Yellow pulls Blue's cheeks, telling to smile. Back in the bus, Bomper is working on the Engine Casts. He looks at the green and black flags and wonders if 'those guys' are lonely. Bomper supposes new drivers will have to be found. A man in black enters the secret area of the bus and Bomper thinks it is the trio. The man grabs a bag and puts Bomper under it. It is Gunpei.
He then notices the Engine Casts. Gunpei runs away with Bomper and the case containing the casts. Hanto is on his scooter and stops, noticing Gunpei. In an isolated area, Gunpei interogates Bomper. Bomper explains he was created to their navigation robo. Hanto arrives, blaming Gunpei for geting fired from his pizza delivery job. Gunpei pushes Hanto down and pulls out a screw. Bomper is scared and pleads not to be disassembled. The trio arrive to the bus to find Bomper and the casts gone.
Sousuke asks Speedor and he suggests tracking Bomper's signal which Renn does. Meanwhile, Gunpei asks Bomper what the casts are. The small robots explains the Engines would decay if they remained in their regular form in the human world. The only way to survive is to split the soul and casts. Hanto grabs the Speedor cast and Bomper grabs it, berating him. Gunpei stands up and asks why the Engines need the 'those idiots. ' Bomper explains they need a human to set the soul in the cast.
Gunpei says there is one more thing he doesn't understand and the trio arrives. Back at the Gaiarc base, Kelga proposes Pipe pollute the water under the bridge. Back with the five, Renn accuses the two of lacerny. Gunpei shouts at Bomper, demanding to know why he can't be a Go-Onger and why those 3 are. Sousuke tries get the case with the casts but Gunpei pushes him down. Gunpei says he is a man more qualified to be a Go-Onger.
Bomper gets altered, as the monster is huge and attacking the bridge area. The trio transforms. The three race off and arrive at where the Pipe Bankin is. Kelga demands him to get the trio. They form Highway Buster (with Bus-on locked in) but of course it doesn't work. Gunpei, Hanto and Bomper arrive. Bomper explains when he recruited the three, Sasuke was arace car driver, Renn was a bus driver, and Saki was a food vender. Renn dreamt of racing and Saki told him to keep smiling. Sasuke makes a pit stop and is attacked by Ugats. Everyone runs away, except the trio.
Bomper observed the three, as Sousuke fought the Ugats with a wrench and the other two helped people out and then helped fight. The Ugats shot at them and Bomper's eyes flashed, making a white glowy area around the three, they were wondering if they were in heaven. The Engines appeared in front of them and Bomper gave them the Go-phones. Back in current time, Pipe attacks the three and they go down. Gunpei starts feeling bad and closes his eyes tightly. He opens his eyes and walks forward. Hanto adverts him.
Hanto tosses a helmet to Gunpei and they jump on the scooter to give them the casts. Bomper stops them. Pipe readies his attack and when he spots the duo heading their way, he throws it on them. Red considers them try to deliver the casts dangerous And notice they have gold braces on their wrists. The Pipe Bankin throws another explosion and the two new Go-Ongers leap out of the explosion. Their transformation is then flashback to. The three are upset at them being thieves. They return the casts.
Green suggests fighting together. The five then presents themselves. The main three make Engine Oh. Green wonders if they have vehicles. The calling of their sword is prevented by Pipe throwing the Engine Oh down by one of its pipe tentacles. The Go-Ongers let the traffic go through their arms, bridging the gap of the bridge. Pipe keeps attacking Engine Oh. The next car to go over stops and clings half-way. They fight Pipe and he ends up in their previous position.
But the mom and son inside the car are still in trouble, and the duo save them. Pipe throws acid on the robo. The mom and son are taken to safety and Yellow says her outlook on those two is better. Pipe is killed by Engine Oh. Bubbles fly around the robo. Kegalesia is mad and throws a fit in the Gairac base. The five reunite and then Bomper arrives, hopping in. The trio run over to Bomper.

  • What does this shows kids? That if you want something bad enough, steal things and risk your life, you get what you want?
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