Allies of Justice
Airdate: February 17, 2008

Six months ago in the Machine World, the three Engines chased after the three generals of the Gaiarc inside their Barbaric Dohmas. Speedor chrases into them and the three fly up inside a dimensional wormhole. Cut to a wedding in Japan... Which the narrator says that the Gaiarc have entered our world. The three heroes are in their bus. Saki gives herself a pep talk after her hair doesn't stay straight. Renn cooks his omeletes and Sousuke's coin smashes her mirror.
Shoukyaku Bankin breaks in from the ground, attacking the wedding. He smogs up the place. everyone runs. He uses their stuff to pump up his smoke. The three heroes get in his way and fight the Ugats. They set their Change Souls into their Go-Phones and the opening sequence starts. After the opening and the commercial, the three Go-Onger present themselves. They take out their Magnaguns and add their Engine Souls. The Engines talk and the monster wonders where the voice came from. The three turn the guns into rods and performs their special attacks.
They use their glove and boot cuffs as wheels. A Ugat Yellow hit, falls in front of a pizza delivery boy's scooter. He notices the battle and goes to it, amazed. A man in a black jacket and glasses is there too. The 3 shoot at the monster and he teleports away. The three think they destroyed him and they take off their helmets. The two strangers are amused and the man in black walks over to them, insulting and interrogating them. Blue tells them it is a secret. Yellow grabs the boys and go.
Later in the bus, the two eat while Sousuke is driving and upset about the questioning man. Renn tells him it's nothing. Sousuke stops the bus for kids to cross. He waves goodbye to them. The two comment that he is at least nice to kids. At the Gariac base, all three ministers berate Shoukyaku Bankin about failing and he tells them about the pests. Kegalesia sits down taking a drink, saying they should have already polluted the world if it wasn't for them and she steams up.
Yogostein shuts down her valve and says they have a new weapon. The two men show a new machine they got. Shoukyaku doesn't want to go in. Kegalesia flirts/tricks him and kicks him inside. He protests but they infuse him with energy, making him energized. He then goes on to attack the city with smog. Bomper detects this and shows the three the location. They run off. Meanwhile, Gunpei notices the destruction. Hanto goes up to him, saying he is the one who addressed the heroes. Gunpei doesn't pay him no mind and steals his scooter.
The three arrive to a warehouse and surprised the monster is back. Renn says he has to change the time they finished the monster on his notepad. The three yell and transform. They call their weapons and run towards the foe. Red performs the Sabre Straight attack with his Road Sabre. Blue does the Launcher Starter with his Garage Launcher and Yellow does Bullet Crash with her Racing Bullet. The monster is launched outside and the three weapons are combined to make the Highway Buster using the Speedor soul, defeating the monster.
Back at the base, Kega thinks they are done for but Kitaneidas says the energy they put in him will power him up. Yogo sends the Dohma, who attack everything. The three Engine Souls pop out of their hostlers telling the three they are needed. Bomper sends them a case with the Engine Casts and each ranger takes their respective partner out and insert the Souls inside the Casts. The three Engines become huge and the three enter them. They set in their Go-Phones and the seat belts come on.
The three Engines fight the evil robots. Speedor pulls out its wings and flies up with two arms from its bottom. The claws hook on the foes and explode them on building. Just then the two witnesses arrive. Buson goes faster but Bear RV goes forward but finds more of the foes, so she does a U-Turn. Buson takes them on but gets rocks covered on him. Bear RV goes back and chumps on the baddies. Buson escapes the rocks and shoots at the baddies.
The monster wakes up and becomes big. The three combine and become Engine Oh, the ministers freak out. The two fight and Yellow calls for the V sheild. They decide to block his pipes and stuff junk in it, making his pipes huge. The sword pulls out of their left leg and they perform their finisher Engine Oh Go-On Grand Prix and destroy the monster. The three take off their helmets once again. They return to their bus, when Hanto arrives on his scooter.
He makes a big deal of them but they deny it. Hanto drops Sasuke's helmet by jumping up and down on him. Sousuke shoves him off. When picking up his helmet, Sousuke spots Gunpei on the reflection of their bus hubcap and he tells them he wants to be a Go-Onger, that he can help them. Bomper watches from inside the bus. Hanto jumps on Gunpei, saying he wanted to be one first. Sousuke says they should take the opportunity and they jump inside the bus and leave. Hanto runs after them.

  • The three Go-Onger sure are stupid to be taking off their helmets all the time, it is probably to emulate race car drivers who take off their helmets.
  • Go-On Green and Go-On Black are already featured in the opening and closing sequences, without the helmet and in those jackets, kids should already know the two will become Go-Ongers anyway.
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