Zun-Zun! Juken Will Continue…
Airdate: February 10, 2008

The Gekiranger transform and face off against Ron. Ron transforms into his Beastman form, having lost his God of Destruction form and causes a huge explosion, scaring Miki and Bae. Ran has the five run forward but the original trio are held back by Rinki energy. All three un-transform and faint into a coma. GekiChoper and Violet go to the trio's aid. ShaFu approaches them. The trio find themselves infront of the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo in an astral plane. Many
Rinshi are practicing their fighting. They wonder where they are. Jan explains RinJyuDen was burned down. Retsu puts his hand through one of the Rinshi. Retsu thinks it is a shared dream. ShaFu explains in the real world that it is Ringi ZenRin Denji, he is sure it will show them the path to defeat Ron. The three notice Rio and Mele, the two lead them inside without saying a word. Meanwhile, Gou and Ken go off to protect the world until the trio come back. Ron steps on people's faces and
stomaches. Violet and Chopper arrive and present themselves. Ron says he was going to let them witness the destruction and there is no need to rush. The two boys start the fight. Meanwhile, the triad enter the building, it is full of clear white viels. The Kenma bracelet glows. Three silouttes talk to them through the viels on the altar. They are Kata, Rageku, and Maku. Rageku explains this is where their Ringi lays dormat and the door opens for those who wish to obtain Ringi. Maku says they will
give them their ultimate secret Ringi. The three look at each other and nod. Meanwhile, the fight continues with Ron, Gou and Ken, but the two are beat up. Ron glows with energy and shocks the duo. The trio in the meanwhile perform the different styles, perfecting them. Retsu performs Rageku's Jellyfish-fist style, Ran does Kata's Hawk-fist style and Jan practices the Bear-fist style. Gou and Ken un-transform and are stomped by Ron. Ron is about to kill them when two ropes wrap around him.
The seven Kensei have their multi-colored cloths around him. They introduce themselves. He brings up the point of their oaths to not fight. They say helping others is part of Jyuken. Ron relates that helping others just legthens their pain and he will never age or die. He teases them for being able to die, even though they cna never age. They won't falter. He grabs them and spins them around in a tornado and hits them all. He then blasts all nine of them. They groan in pain. ShaFu sits up, saying 'they' made
it in time. Ron turns around to find the trio. He scoffs. They explain they have recieve RinJyuKen techniques and will use their hearts. Using all JyuKen, the trio transform and presents themselves. They leap down and run toward Ron. They deliver their blows and fight Ron. They back him up and continue fighting. He is shocked as they continue beating him up. Ron tries an attack on Yellow but it fails. She knocks him up and Blue knocks him down as he runs up the wall. Red delivers the next blow taking
him down. Ron gets up, mocking them. The trio do the Kenma stances and the Kensei recognize them. They blast at him. , Ran explains they realized they can't destroy him so they created a technique to seal him. He becomes a simple golden ball. It falls to the ground. All 12 of them celebrate. ShaFu collects the ball. At SCRTC, Elehan and Sharkie uses the Ron ball as a Billard ball and Retsu berates them. Michelle comes in with food. Ken and Jan eat some. The ball falls in the food and Gorrie swallows it.
Pyon tries, but it is Bat Li that snaps the ball out. It falls into Miki's tea. She wipes it clean as Bae comments on it. ShaFu wonders what to do. Ken suggests selling it to Hanyon, Bat Li says he will not allow him to cause any more trouble to her. Gou grabs the ball and Jan offers to protect it. Ken wonders what Jan will do when he will be old. Gou is concerned about the future. Ran taps Jan's shoulder, saying it is alright. Retsu taps Jan's other shoulder. They all smile. Jan says they are 'zunzun. '
The others are intrigued. Three months later, Ran and Retsu are seen training young JyuKen users as masters. Natsume is Retsu's student. They use the word 'Juwan,' which is Jan-ish. Miki and ShaFu watch from above. They think back to when the trio explained Zunzun, being Jyuken will always be passed down. Master to student to master to student. Everyone nods. Jan lookd at his bracelets and ball. Miki says in present time they are all forming a bond. ShaFu says they learned things he didn't
teach them. They notice Jan enter and he is off to leave. Retsu is a bit upset he has to watch home base as his brother Gou and Jan go off on journies Jan says he will find new JyuKen users. Ran says Jan taught her a lot, she plans to learn and cange. They all say their triangle is eternal, they put their hands together. They nod. Miki and ShaFu nod as well. Jan thank them for everything. Natsume tells her to be careful too. Meanwhile at SCRTC Miesters, Ken fixes the GekiBazooka, but Elehan is pushing
him so hard that he threatens to strike. They fight, Ken's sister tries stopping them and ends up punching them both. Jan enters. Elehan faints. Ken calls Jan irresponisble and Jan tells him he is too. Ken mentions 'cute girls' and Elehan comes to them. Ken's sister grabs Elehan's ear. Jan tells Ken 'Osu. ' Elsewhere, Gou and Bae are walking in a clearing and Jan tosses him an apple from a tree. Gou says he leaves to the wind and Bae. He says he plans to recover the time he lost wandering around crused. He
bites into his apple. He asks Jan where he is going. He says it doesn't matter, it is his path. They bid each other farewell and part ways. Jan stretches. The end credits roll as Jan walks. Clips of past battles are shown. Later in Hong Kong, children run to see Jan perform JyuKen. They speak catonese. A boy appraoches him. Jan senses a Ki and believes it is Rio. He tells the boy he knows someone really similar to him. The boy
doesn't respond. He mentions Rio being in love with Mele, he imitates her hairstyle with his fingers. Jan says Rio was his best 'munimuni' (friend) and that he promised to fight him again. Jan puts his fist up and the boy does too, touching his. Jan asks if he wants to learn JyuKen. The kanji for 'end' appears.

  • The transformation sequence and modified narration were used for a short opening sequence.
  • The voice actors for Rageku, Kata, and Maku return in this episode.
  • None of the GekiBeasts were used in this episode.
  • Rio and Mele had no speaking lines in this episode.
  • Bae lives on because when Mele release herself of her Genki, Bae's Geki released him from being dependent on her.
  • Many past characters appear in this episode such as the Kensei, the Kenma, Natsume and Sachiko.
  • Hanyon of Episode 29 is mentioned.
  • Clips of GekiRed, GekiYellow, GekiBlue, GekiViolet, GekiChopper, Rio, and Mele's battles are shown during the ending credits. Also are Rio and Jan's battles and their team-up against Ron.
  • Jan returns to Hong Kong in this episode.
  • The boy resembling Rio wears the same clothes young Rio did when Ron killed his family.
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