Saba-Saba! Crucial Fist Judgement

Saba-Saba! Crucial Fist Judgement
Airdate: February 03, 2008

At SCRTC, Mele confesses to Rio that not even in her wildest dreams she would have imagine him being here. Ken smirks. Gou hands Rio the cracked picture of them and Miki. Miki wonders if this is Master Bruce Li's will. ShaFu says life is interesting. Mele smiles. Miki puts her hand on Rio's left shoulder. Mele gets jealous of Miki and interogates Bae aggressively about who she is. She swats Bae on top of RoboTough, which activates. Jan asks her if she wnats to use it, he presses a button and it comes after
her. Everyone's attention is drawn to Mele as she cornered by the machine. She punches it and it blows a fuse, causing Jan to cover on the floor. Jan and Ken blame Mele. Jan pleads for help from Retsu and Ran but he notices they are quiet and in the corner, deep in thought. Retsu and Ran ask Jan if they should just forgive Rio and Mele just like that. Everyone's attention then turns to the three. Ran reminds them of their sins, while Jan brings up that they all saved Mele and everyone defeat Ron together. Retsu
acknowldges it but says what they did was different. Ken asks what to do, but Retsu shouts that he doesn't know. Rio walks over to Retsu and says if he has a sin to pay for, he must do the KenDan. ShaFu explains Ken is Fist and Dan is judgment. In JyuKen, it said that the just ones will risk their lives to bring judgment to the sinners. The 'just ones' being Retsu and Ran. Jan is not for his friends dying. He grabs Rio and tell him to stop it. Retsu and Ran agree to it, shocking to Jan. ShaFu makes sure they are for it.
Rio says to meet in three days, using that time to improve. Mele and Rio exit. Later, Retsu and Ran train in the room Jan first met them as Jan watches them. Bae, Ken, Miki and Gou have a junction. Gou comments on Bae being away from Mele. Bae figures out that when Mele got rid of her Genki, it caused his Geki to excess. He flies away and bumps into a concerned Jan, who enters the room. Ken and Gou says it can't helped that Retsu and Ran have chose to judge the duo, Gou says they can't interfere.
Meanwhile at the Confrontation Beast Hall, Rio walks in with a torch. Mele reminisces around, especially the spot where she attacked Rio in Episode 1. Rio tells her she has no obligation to follow him into the KenDan. She disagrees, Mele says she is resolute in following him. He steps forward, Mele acknowledges Jan as he enters. He walks toward them asking why they are doing the KenDan. Rio says RinJyuLen will disappear from the Earth, Jyuken won't be Geki or Rin, just JyuKen. Rio explains
KenDan is just for that. Jan takes this in. Rio says he brought RinJyuKen back, so it is his job to take back into the abyss. Jan asks, hopeful, if Rio and Mele will return to JyuKen. Rio says he will merely change. He turns back to Jan, says perhaps they already have changed, thanks to him and the others. Mele agrees, using the Janish word 'sabasaba. ' Jan scraches his head. Rio throws the fire into the alter and the whole RinJyuDen building burns to the ground. The next day, everyone is gathered as Rio,
Retsu, Jan and Mele face off. ShaFu starts it, they duel. It gets to the point where they all transform and the four clash, making a boom of energy. Everyone shields their faces. ShaFu notices something in Rio, which he does not share with Jan. Rio and Mele tease the two into fighting 'for real. ' Retsu and Ran ready their secret GekiWaza, Rio and Mele stand still, ready to die and this shocks everyone. But they are all interupted by Sanyo. They all snap out of armor. Sanyo explains he is immortal and will always be...
because he is a part of Ron. Ron's appearance shocks everyone. Ron licks his lips and says with his eternal life, nothing can stop him. Sanyo spit Rio out as a gold liquid and was revived. Ron shows off his true form and swallows Sanyo. Rio says he knows what it is... Mugenryuu. ShaFu wonders if Ron is behind the dragons of legend. He blasts at tem. They all roll down a hill. The mutiple heads of Mugenryuu unravel and one nears Jan, upset that he is the only loose thread that led to his defeat.
He tries munching on Jan but he transforms and avoids the beast. Retsu and Ran transform and help Red. Four heads fo after them. Another head comes up behind the trio. It comes towards them, but they don't notice. Mele notices this and shouts to them to watch out and transforms, kicking the trio out of the way. The dragon head then bites Mele, taking her up in the air. He blames her, munches on her and drops her down from his mouth. The trio runs toward her. Gou and Ken consider this unforgivable.
GekiToujaWolf and SaiDaiOh fight the beast. Jan picks Mele up and she transforms into her human form. Jan asks why she did it. She continues teasing them. Ran, regretably brings up that the KenDan isn't over. Mele admits she wanted to be defeated by them. Retsu had his suspicions of why they accepted to do the KenDan. Jan is shocked, repeating what they said to him in the doho. Rio approaches, feeling guilty. Mele tells Jan she is greatful to him for showing them the path. Rio touches Jan and
Jan makes space for him. Rio crouches down to Mele, she apologizes to him. Their hands meet. She says she is going first. He says he won't let her go alone. She agrees, they embrace and a tear rolls down her face, but it becomes like fuse and dissolves into dust, in Rio's arms. Jan shudders. Everyone cries. Rio stands up, punches into his chest with his right thumb, activating his Rinki. He promises Mele he will be with her soon. He kisses his fist. GekiToujaWolf leaps on top of Ron and grabs one of the heads.
Ken does the SaiDaiOh finisher on the monster as GekiToujaWolf leaps off it, but I doesn't take. He blasts at them and melts SaiDaiOh's sheild. Jan asks Rio what he will do. He says he will hit him with all his Rinki. The trio tries stopping Rio. Rio explains it is too late because he has done the Ringi Chou Mugen Reppa, acupuncture from Episode 16. Jan asks Jan to let him do it, because it is the path he has chosen. Jan lets him go. Rio makes a ball of Ringi and it showers upon the trio, as a last favor. It is
all of the RinJyuKen's left-over Ringi. He says if heart can be used with what Kata, Maku, and Rageku started, then it would give a bit of meaning to the RinJyuKen legacy. Rio looks at each of them and tells them to take them into the future with them. Jan protests to yet another repsonsiblity. He grabs Rio by the shoulders and tells him to be the one to carry it. He says if he doesn't, then he will become stronger. Will he be okay with never being able to catch up with him? Rio smiles and leaves him, saying he
doesn't feel like loosing. In a feeble attempt to get him to stop his kamikaze effect, Jan challenges him to a duel. Jan puts up his right fist and Rio taps it, promising Jan to it and surprising him, having him raise his head. He says he looks forward to that time. He transforms into Black Lion, saying it is the end of RinJyuKen. The beast blasts at Gou and Ken, powering them down. Ron teases Rio. Rio says he has finally become strong, his comrades has gave them their power and will to do this. He leaps into him
with Ringi, destroying the beast and killing himself. Rio finds himnself in the dark raining forest. He looks up as the rain clears and there is bright sunlight. Mele walks forwward and offers her hand. He holds her hand and they walk way in the afterlife. Everyone mourns Rio as Jan grbas the three Kenma rings. ShaFu mourns in his own way, saying Rio lived his life as a true JyuKen user. They all then hear noise. Ron laughs, in his human form. He teases them. Retsu is shocked. Jan grips on the bracelets. He says with Rio and Mele's feelings, the Gekiranger will defeat him.

  • In the closing segment, Bae claims he didn't announce the big robo battle because he was shocked due to Mele and Rio's death.
  • Ringi Chou Mugen Reppa was first introduced in Episode 16.
  • This is the last appearance of the Black Lion and Mele's Beastman forms.
  • This is also the last appearance of Mugenryuu and Sanyo.