Pika-Pika! My Path
Airdate: January 27, 2008

Rio is distraut that Ron took Mele, Retsu tells Rio it is time they join forces. Rio gets up to leave. Ran is the first to go after him, she asks if he is going to get Mele. He relates that would be what Ron wants and he doesn't want to do that. Ken then runs towards him and grabs his shoulder, saying that Mele was caught protecting him. Rio moves a bit and grudgingly says that Mele is just a minion, knowing he is lying. Everyone shifts their feet. Gou then shouts if he is okay with that. Out of everyone, Jan
states whatever Rio is afraid of, that Mele loves him so much. Rio leaves, in the verge of tears. Rio walks through the bushes and this angers Jan. At SCRTC, Ran wants to know where the bad guy headquarters is. Ken says for now they will save Mele and will finish things with 'them' later. Retsu says if Rio won't do it, they will have to. Just then the door slides open and Bae comes in, startling everyone, he says he will show the way. At the dojo, Mele says Rio won't come even if she is his bait. Ron says
what she always wanted someone else to say, perhaps only Rio himself, that she is in Rio's heart. She is not pleased Ron says this. He teases her, saying isn't it what she wanted. She remains strong, saying she doesn't trust him. He then shocks her. Back at SCRTC, Jan says he can't stop thinking about Rio. Gou walks toward Jan and puts his hand on his shoulder, saying he can probably do something. Master ShaFu tells Jan that he was not able to save Maku, his old friend, but if he could save Rio
for him. Jan grabs ShaFu's paw and says he will. Ron says he won't kill Mele, but when Rio comes to save her, he wants him to see her suffer as she disappears. She shouts otherwise to her, saying there's no way he will come, he doesn't want Rio to save her. Rio walks aimlessly in the snow. Gou, Retsu, Ran, Ken, and Bae race toward RinJyuDen. It is full of Rinki, but if they believe in their Geki, the path will show itself. Bae sits on Gou's shoulder. Retsu rallies them and they jump forward and
start fighting the Rinshi. They reach the temple and face Sanyo. Ken tells Retsu and Ran to enter the dojo and they transform and hold off Sanyo. They run past the three. Jan finds Rio in the snow, while Ran and Retsu enter the dojo. Mele addresses them as 'losers. ' Ron says he didn't expect them. Bae asks Mele if she is okay. Mele thinks he came because if she dies, he will too. Ran clears up that Bae was worried about her, and Retsu says them too. That a lot has occurred, so they want to save her now.
Ron is mad and shoots fire at them. They transform, him too and they fight. Mele is touched. Back in the snow, Rio falls on his knees and wonders his reason for living. Jan makes his prescence known. Rio thinks he is there to rub it in his face. Jan says he learned that even if you run away (personal experience), your problems are still there. He says to overcome it, you must believe in your feelings. He then says Ron is being cruel to Mele, to go save her together. He says he can't. Jan says Mele is his kyuikyui,
important. He stands by what he said, that she is just a Rinshi. Jan tells him not to lie and grabs him by the shoulders, reminding him that Ron killed his family and took everything important from him. He pushes him off and says that the strength he thought he obtained--hatred, weakness... how could he understand being a cog in a machine? He hides his face. Jan brings him down and punches him. Rio then punches Jan and grabs him by the collar. Jan says he made him angry by punching him. He asks him if
he is angry by himself. He doesn't exist because of Ron. His feelings belong to him alone. Rio falls to his knees with this notion. Jan reveals to him Ron not only took his father, but his mother as well. His path is to stop Ron from making people suffer. He asks what is Rio's path. Rio is energized by this. Sanyo and Ron keep beating up the Gekiranger. Ran and Retsu are out of their armor and still keep fighting, even injured. Ron wraps them up in gold tape to a collum. Bae fight Ron to no avail. Ron approaches
Mele to keep toturing her, when Rio and Jan jump in and kick Ron to the back wall. Jan frees Retsu and Ran, while Rio frees Mele. Mele asks Rio why he came to recue her. Rio hugs Mele, asking her if he has to tell her. She looks at him and then cries, he holds her tighter. Ron tempts Rio once more. The five group up together, ready to fight Ron. Ron reminds him he is already the GenJyuOu. Rio says he will overcome up with his power, will and his path. He says 'Pikapika,' Jan smirks. He becomes
GenJyuOu and then forces it off. Jan is touched. Mele says she will join him too. This process makes the others sheild their faces. For some reason, Ron is shocked Mele is doing it too. They peal off their Genki and become their RinJyuKen forms again. Like Rio's path, Mele says it is her love. Ron runs outside to tell Sanyo that there is a change of plans. Mele and Rio kick down Sanyo. The Geki trio go to the aid of Chopper and Violet. Black Lion extends his hand for Violet to get up.
Violet is touched. The seven face off to Sanyo and Ron. They present themselves. The five Gekiranger call themselves Gekiranger. The seven glow. Yellow commands them, which leaves Mele and Rio surprised. Yellow, and Blue upgrade, them with Chopper and Violet fight Sanyo outside at a quarry, while Red, Rio, and Mele fight Ron in the same basic area. Sanyo makes the four not move. Just then, he is stopped and they are saved. Mele's tongue appear on his head. She stopped the
flow of his Ki. She says she repaid her debt. Ron attacks Jan and Rio and sends them flying up in a flow of energy, Jan thinks back to when he was floating on a log, yelling for his mom. Rio thinks back to the dark day. They gain their power back and fight back, shocking Ron. They lower down and run toward Ron, yelling. Meanwhile, Gou and Ken beat Sanyo up. He falls and Blue and Yellow attack him, by jumping on their others' shoulders. The four then propell Mele up to defeat Sanyo. Jan and Rio send
Ron back with a blow. They then attack with their felines and attack themselves by in the air. Jan calls his GekiBazooka and the two blow Ron up. Jan is so happy, Rio is still withdrawing. Everyone reunite, Mele knocks Jan out of the way to get to Rio. Ron is now big. Rio and Mele call their RinBeasts and SaiDaiGekiRinTouka is formed, making Baevery very happy. Ron mocks them, saying JyuKen is merely imitating animals. He shocks them with electricty. Rio and Mele then do a
RinJyuKen double attack, with barrages of the RinChameleon tongue. SaiDain's horn brings Rio up and Cheetah, Jaguar, and Wolf slash at Ron. They their finisher (Sai Dai Geki Rin Zan), spinning around and slashing at him. With a weakened and distressed voice, Ron says JyuKen is interesting. He stands up and then explodes. The GekiBeasts are gather. In the cockpit, everyone celebrate. Mele goes to Rio. The sun is setting, the Five Gekiranger are gathered in acircle and congrulate each
other. Mele and Rio near them. Jan smiles at them. Mele is thrilled Rio feels the same about her. Bae tries comforting her but as always, she knocks him over. Mele, flirtious, asks Rio about living like they were in the Edo Era. He tells her to be quiet. She giggles. The Gekiranger near them and Gou asks Rio what he will do now. He says he doesn't know, but he thinks he will be on his own path from now on. Bae tells Mele blushing doesn't suit her in the background. Jan thinks he's got it, he grabs the two from
behind and tell them they should join SCRTC. Gou and Ken near them, but Ran and Retsu remain behind. Jan says that from now on, they are 'Geki Black' and 'Geki Green. ' Ken and Gou laugh. Ran and Retsu are not for it. Not even Bae is sure. Jan grabs the two and push them forward, against their will. Mele tries to get Jan's hand off her shoulder. Elsewhere, Sanyo rises from the ground, saying it is not over yet, he is immortal and he starts coughing, like he is vomiting.

  • This is the last appearance of Rio and Mele's GenJyuKen forms. It is also the only appearance of the SaiDaiGekiRinTouja.
  • Rio finally reciprocates Mele's feelings, but it seems what they share in common is unable to express some feelings. They both lie in this episode to protect their true emotions. Mele can't even see Bae's love when it is right in front of her.
  • The stick that holds the Bae puppet is obvious in the teaser segment, when his back is shown.
  • ShaFu relating Jan saving Rio to him unable to help Maku, touches my heart.
  • I don't know how far fetched it is Ran and Retsu really wanting to save Mele. Maybe with the revelation from the last episode, they feel for them a bit. But wouldn't that fall under forgiveness and a blank slate?
  • It is strange Retsu was the first to mention teaming up with Rio, but just when Jan wants Rio and Mele joining SCRTC, he and Ran have a fit. Good enough to fight together, but not enough to join your precious SCRTC?
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