Gyawa-Gyawa Memories

Gyawa-Gyawa Memories
Airdate: January 20, 2008

Gorrie enters SCRTC with crates of bananas. He has recently published a best seller and was given two dogs and he named them 'Best' and 'Seller. ' He laughs but is not joined in by the glum group. He bids them goodbye and bumps into Gou, who has bandages around his torso. He puts his jacket on, saying he couldn't sleep. They have no idea what happened to Rio. ShaFu suspects a great unknown power behind it. Jen senses something and stands up abruptly, saying it is 'Gyawa-Gyawa. '
Jan starts sniffing around places. Ran remembers Jan said 'Gyawa-Gyawa' when Rio became big and going beserk. Jan says it is the same feeling, he finds the scale ShaFu found in Episode 42. Jan says he doesn't know what it could be. He says it feels like he has seen it before. ShaFu suggests searching Jan's mind. Jan is shocked by the idea. Gorrie says he will do it with his powers. Jan frets. Rio awakes from experiencing when he is unable to control his GenJyuOu form. Mele is
concerned but unmoved by this. They are in a warehouse. He asks if he became a monster. Mele grips her lips, her silience answers all. Rio says his body remembers the feeling from before, it was the same from the monster from his childhood nightmare. Rio remembers what Mele said about Ron and grabs her, demanding for an explaination. She stresses that he is his enemy, but the wall is broken by Sanyo. Sanyo says it is Ron's order for them to come to him. Mele protects Rio, saying it is
10,000 years too early for him to lay a finger on him. She shoots fire at him but he bats it off. He is about to attack here until Hiso (Mele's Phantom Twin) comes to their rescue. Hiso bows to the two. Hiso shoots her Gengi Shinken Shouku attack at Sanyo and when Sanyo looks, Rio, Mele and Hiso have disappeared. Back at SCRTC, the lights are dimmed and Jan is in a chair. Gorrie is in his doctor lab coat and performs Geki Waza Min (sleep) Min Ken. Jan falls into a hypnotic state. ShaFu gives Gorrie the
scale and Gorrie tells Jan to think of when he first saw it. Jan starts acting like he was back then, a child and there is rain and he mentions his mother, which shocks everyone. Also a gold pika dekadeka monster. ShaFu believes it the storm that destroy his parent's village. Jan says the monster became a person. Everyone suspects Ron. The flashback starts, Jan and his mom. His mom asks why Ron is doing this. Ron explains he is bored and he has plans, saying Byakko was very useful.
He said that he is destroying all related to Dan to make sure no problems will happen later. Apparently she didn't know Dan was dead. Ron told her the less she knew, the better and transformed into his beastman form, saying to be good and die with her son. Jan cowered. His mom performed a indistinguishable feline GekiWaza on Ron, it backed him up. She put Jan on a log. She mentions his path, that he is strong, even without his mom. She grabs her necklace and asks Dan to protect Jan.
She dropped him in the river made from the rain. Ron believed she killed him. He kill Jan's mom, saying he is avenging him. Back in present time, Jan laments his mother's death and looks at the necklace. Miki figures the shock of being in the stream made him loose his memory. Jan won't forgive Ron. ShaFu is worried that there is something to this, he storms off and the others follow him. The six walk into a forest, where ShaFu met Rio. He explains it the starting point that made Rio who he is now, this
is the place where Rio was attacked by a mysterious monster, the source of his nightmare. Just then Rio arrives. Mele and Hiso get ahead of him to flank the GekiJyuKen. Gou stands in front of them, telling them they didn't come to fight. He asks Rio if he is right. Rio demands to know why they are there. Jan tells Rio that he was also attacked by the same gold monster. Gou says it attacked Dan's village. Gou shocks Rio that it was Ron. Hiso starts laughing. Mele demands to know what is so
funny. Hiso pushes Rio and Mele away, saying she is caught. Hiso becomes Rio, shocking the others. Rio and Mele demand to know, Ron says to figure out what his remaining attachment is. Even though your fated battle with Jan ended, he still isn't the God of Destruction, he wants. Ron says some attachment remains in his human heart. Rio demands to know his goal. Ron wants him to become a god to destroy everything in the world. Rio doesn't take this well. At Ran's questioning, Ron
answers unlike humanity, he is immortal and immortality is boring, he wants excitement. Jan is about to go at him, but Rio stops him to ask him if he indeed was the one who killed his family. Ron chuckles and doesn't answer. Rio demands an answer. Ron blames him, relaitng that he chose an existence that only occurs once in 1,000 years, after that incident. In the flashback of what happen that day, Rio and his family visited the forest and ran for cover from a sudden thunderstorm. The family heard a
roaring. Rio gasped. The dragon monster shot fire at them and everyone died, except for Rio. Ron says if he were to protect them, the flame of his power wouldn't have been lit. He wiped out his family to cause his desire to become stronger. The monster became a gold dragon mist and left. ShaFu contines the story, explains he sensed an unknown evil Ki and responded to it, finding young Rio. He only found Rio. Ron added that he had become his human form and watches from the bushes. ShaFu asked
the boy what happened. Rio simply said 'they' were murdered and he has to become stronger. Ron points at ShaFu, telling him he let him raise Rio for him. Ron reveals Maku was his pupil as well, saying ShaFu sealed him before he could become the God of Destruction. ShaFu is very angry about this notion, that Ron lead to the start of RinJyuDen and in a way, killed his master Bruce E. Ron teases Rio saying he was obedient and easy, compared to the stubborn Maku. Ron approaches Rio and
this whole revelation shakes Rio to the core. Unlike Jan who must decide his own path, Ron had decided Rio's path. Ron turns to Jan, saying Dan was supremely convenient. Back to the flashback where Dan killed Rio. Dan says 'you' did good at striking me in the dark. Ron was the one who harmed Dan before Rio did the final blow. Ron is superemposed over a flashback clip of Rio and Gou from the last episode, he says how bad humans are. Ron says he got rid of Rio's human feelings, so he could be his
puppet. Rio is crushed that his desires weren't his own. Mele shouts Rio's name in agony as Rio falls to his knees. The Gekiranger are disgusted. Jan even more, that his parents died for Ron's own amusement. Ron smirks in his amusement. Jan screams 'bullshit' and runs toward Ron, but Hiso stops his punch. Hiso then throws Mele along with the GekiJyuKen sect. Hiso spins around the seven and takes them to a quarry for a fight. Rio demands Rio gets up and grabs his head up and asks his
attachment. The Gekiranger and Mele transform among an explosion sent towards them. Mele fight Hiso and accuses her of betrayl, Hiso claims Mele is the true traitor, for opposing Ron. The Gekiranger tend to ShaFu but he demands them to fight. Hiso knocks Mele down and Yellow attacks her. Hiso attacks the five and they fall. Mele punches Hiso down. She tells the 'losers' to deal with her and exits. Ron in beastman form is beating Rio up and approaches him. Mele attacks Ron with fire and tends to Rio.
Mele apologizes to Rio, she feels guilty. She says if she realized what Ron was when he first appeared to her... Ron hisses. Mele gets up, determined to kill Ron. They fight. Ron folds her arm behind her, saying manipulating her was fun too. He says he no longer needs her and she should return to the dirt. He glows and smacks her away from him. She glows and becomes her human form again. Mele sits up and says Rio is the only one who commands her. Ron teases about Rio being a puppet.
Mele gets up saying she refuses to beleive that because Rio revived her and if he was looking for somebody strong, he could've choose anyone, but Rio chose her. She relates back his hand touching hers and says it wasn't Ron. She takes out her sais. Meanwhile, Hiso beats up the Gekiranger. They use their united attack and then the three do the Super Triple Geki. They call the GekiBazooka and use all the five GekiWazas and defeat Hiso. She rolls and stands up and says she is a warrior given
the unbeatable power of a GenJyu. She grows huge and SaiDain comes at her. He knocks her up, she flies and the GekiFire beasts knock her down. Wolf attacks her and then the other GekiBeasts are called and all 13 destroy Hiso. Meanwhile Ron knocks Mele down with electricity. Mele says it isn't over yet. Rio nears her as she gets up. The Gekiranger arrive but Ron shocks them, saying fighting them isn't interesting. Mele comes at Ron but he circles her in his dragon form. Rio wakes up. Ron is about to
kill Mele (saying to die in front of her beloved) but Rio stands in front of the attack, holding it back. Everyone is shocked. Rio faints. Mele tends to him. Ron finally figured it out. He punches Mele unconscious and tells Rio this was in his blind spot, that his human connection is Mele. Ron leaves with Mele over his shoulder, saying he will be waiting for him in the dojo, sure that he will become what he wants. Rio trips over himself. The Gekiranger are astonished. Rio punches the ground.

  • The end credits are back to normal.
  • The full flashback of Rio's family's death is revealed in this episode.
  • The actor who played Jan in Episode 15 reprises his role as 'Young Jan. '
  • A lot of past episodes were refrenced in this episode. Rio reviving Mele (Ep 7), the scale and locket found in Episode 32. Other than new flashbacks, clips of Ep. 40 and 45 are shown.
  • All the Twin Phantoms have now been defeated.
  • Ron's true form is called Mugenryu (Infernal Dragon).