Pikin! Showdown of Destiny
Airdate: January 13, 2008

Gou is training with Michelle Peng to learn the Geki Waza Tenchi Tenpen Da. His shigeki appears and then fills with it and makes a huge water epxlosion. He spins around and the waterfall goes up. Michelle congrulates him as they look at a rainbow formed by him. The others arrive at where Jan and Suugu are. Ken is happy things worked out. Suugu stands up and starts to walk away. He then makes a battle stance. Retsu wonders if he is asking Jan to finish him off. ShaFu comfirms it, saying Dan
wants his son 'show him the way. ' Jan is stressed out once again about what his father asks of him. Suugu growls. Jan stands by his refusal. A tear rolls down Suugu's eye and the thunder cracks. Jan slowly gets up and transforms. Jan yells andrushes toward Suugu with his jets and stabs him with his claw. Suugu explodes and Jan un-transform in the explosion. A voice calls him, it is the Geki Soul as Dan. He tells him to continue without fear, that is your path. He disappears and Jan gasps. ShaFu says he is
proud Dan is his student and hopes he rests. Jan ponders about his 'path. ' Meanwhile, Rio opens his eyes from his mediation. Rio angerily gets up and Mele stops him from leaving. He says he feels a powerful Ki calling him out. There is noting than can wipe the silly smile from his face as he believes it is time for his destined battle against Jan. Mele can't stop Rio and he exits. She says what she wanted to tell him, that Ron is up to something. Sanyo approaches and teases her. She turns to him
and wants to ask him something. He scuffles and prepares to leave. Mele's chameleon tongue comes over to wrap him around and pull him towards her beastman form. She asks what Ron is scheming. Elsewhere, Rio arrives to where he sense the great Ki. He is surprised to find Gou and tells him he has no business with him and leaves. Gou is clamly laying on the ground with a flower in his hand. Gou quotes, "If you haven't seen [young men] for three days, you should've looked more carefully. " Gou
gently puts his flower in the rings of Rio's suit and says he came for their friendship. Rio flicks the flower away, intrigued. Gou turns from him and is astonished that he forgot. He then turns back at him, making his battle stance, saying he has no choice. Rio puts his hand up, but then Gouyu jumps in, attacking Gou. Gou dodges it. He remembers his name. Gouyu says he will take Rio's place. Gou transforms and tells Rio to count to 3, that the battle won't take long. Michelle arrives. Rio agrees.
At 1, Gouyu blasts Gou and he counters, knocking him down. Rio counts to 2, Gou calls the new GekiWaza. He spins in the air and knocks Gouyu down. As the explosion killing him as he screams in pain occurs behind Rio, he says '3. ' Gou says his GekiWaza exists because of his friendship wiuth him. In a flashback, Rio is practicing in the woods and Gou throws him water bottle, saying he should take a break. Rio said he wanted to surpass Dan, Gou thought he was reaching too high. Rio shouts that
Dan is his rival. Gou goes to the bonfire and playfully asks if isn't he his rival. Rio says he is his friend. Rio continues practicing. Gou says he must work harder so he can be worthy of being his rival. Rio says he will always be his friend. Gou smiles and touched with the 'always. ' In present time, Gou says he plans to set him straight from straying from the path of light. Rio agrees to it. He steps on the flower and becomes GenJyuOh. They square off. Meanwhile at SCRTC, Miki looks at a photo of Rio, Gou,
and her and wonders what went wrong. It then smashes on its own. Back with the others, Jan wonders if his father is happy now. ShaFu says he is sure his dad is proud of him. Jan says he said he would continue his path, so he will. ShaFu puts his hand on Jan's shoulder and asks what he should be doing. Jan runs up on a hill and shouts that he doesn't want to forget his father. He says he will punish Rio, not let anyone feel suffer thanks to him again. Gou and Rio fight continues. Rio knocks Gou down and asks
for the GekiWaza that killed Gouyu. Gou does it and Rio tries to stop it, but is pulled back. Michelle cheers on from the sidelines. Rio stops Gou, saying by showing him it, he was able to break it. He throws Gou up in the air and knocks him in the water. Rio un-transforms, saying Gou is never a rival for him. Gou gets up from the shores, yelling it is not over. Rio asks for him not to show his face again. Gou rests on the rocks. Before Rio leaves, Jan arrives, bringing a smile to his face. The others arrive to tend to Gou.
Retsu asks why he did it. Gou says it is his way. Ken is not happy. Gou says his power wasn't enough to beat Rio and asks Jan to defeat Rio from him. Each Gekiranger gives him words of encouragement. Jan says for Gou, his dad, everyone... ShaFu tells Michelle all they can do is watch. Miki prays Jan to suceed. Rio asks for Suugu, saying he shouldn't be surprised Jan defeated him. He then gets serious. Rio runs toward him first, they run to each other. They fight. Rio thinks back to when Dan
died, about what he said about Jan. He thinks abck to when Jan confronted him before and how he beat him up when they recieved the KaGeki. Rio gets Jan by the neck and Jan pulls off but Rio kicks him down. Rio bashes Jan back and asks for his power, to hit him with all the Geki he's got. Jan breathes in, they both say they will defeat them. Jan powers up and so does Rio. Rin Lion and Geki Tiger appear above them and fight and becomne beams that hit the ground and cause fire everywhere. Rio
and Jan become their fighting forms and battle. Rio knocks Jan down the cliff. He jumps down and they keep bashing each other Ron is there and he laughs. His smirk goes away when Mele arrives, calling for Rio. Everyone moves to see the battle closer. Rio punches and knees Jan and glows. More explosions occur. Jan is down in the water but kicks Rio. Jan's helmet has cracked but he sends a similar attack his dad used to do and un-transforms Rio. Rio grabs Jan for balance and then pushes him off,
smiling and laughing, amused in his defeat. But then he glows and crackles in energy and explodes. Jan falls to his knees, exhausted. The GekiJyuKen sect celebrate. Mele falls to her knees, devastated. Jan meets with the others, but then they hear a roar. GenJyuOu gets up. Everyone is surprised. Rio struggles as he can't control the form and grows giant. Mele is not happy. Ron explains the battle with GekiRed has freed the attachment to Rio, saying he has become the god of
destruction. Mele's reaction changes to anger. Ron revels in destruction. GenJyuOu sends fire towards the gang. Ken calls SaiDain. They fight. GenJyuOu is too strong. SaiDaiOh tries the finisher but GenJyuOu stops it. GenJyuOu then punches Ken, knocking him back to normal. Everyone tends to Ken. Jan calls for Rio. Ron laughs crazily, Mele pushes him out of the way and yells for her lover. Rio then
stops and glows. Ron is shocked that GenJyuOu is Rio once again. Rio returns to normal, on the beach, not knowing what happened. He sits down, saying it was scary that he had no control whatsoever. The GekiJyuKen but Ron blasts at them. Ron approaches Rio and wants to know the cause his plan, of using Rio as a puppet, tofail, asking what caused him to become Rio again. Rio is upset and about to question
him but Mele (in her Beastman form) kicks Ron down. She tells Rio that Ron was just using him. This is news to Rio. Mele grabs Rio and become green energy. Ron says he can't afford to loose Rio and becomes gold energy. The gold and green streaks bump into each other and then leave. Michelle wonders what is going on. ShaFu has a theory. Jan seperates from the group and looks to the sunset. He then says Rio's name outloud.

  • A bit of a song from the Character Song Album at the ending sequence. Today is Rio, the last one.
  • In the flashback with Gou, Rio speaks with a softer voice.
  • I love that Mele's voice was the only one that was able to 'tame the beast. '
  • It's funny how Gou remembered Gouyu's full name (what Jyuken he is), but everyone from GekiJyuKen still refers to the bad guys as RinJyuDen. Although fans have said GenJyuKen is not a real sect, the Gekiranger don't know that.
  • Clips of Episodes 4, 21, and 40 were shown.
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