Wafu-Wafu! Father's Melody
Airdate: January 06, 2008

The gang reach a temple, all the Gekiranger are dressed except for Gou. Ken, Retsu, and Ran make a wish to god for the new year, while Miki explains it to Jan. Retsu wants GekiJyuKen to get greater, Ran hopes they use heart to get rid of RinJyuDen, while Ken wants girls and him to be happy. It is Jan's turns and he runs up to the alter. Miki asks Gou why he doesn't pray, he explains he doesn't ask God for favors. He leaves to train, explaining he will be working seperately from them for a little while.
Ken is upset at Gou's actions. Jan says his wish is for Suugu to be his dad. Everyone gets somber, it concerns ShaFu, in which he replies to Jan that it is impossible. At the dojo, Rio is practicing and Mele is enchanted. Ron scoffs, saying it is a pity because he is so close. Mele gets upset at Ron's assumption. Rio tenses up as Ron says his true power is being restrained. He says it is his attachment to GekiRed. Rio says it is fate he defeat him. Ron suggests letting Suugu kill Jan. Mele is concerned.
Ron says Suugu is his father but he doesn't have Dan's mind. He explains he gathered up Dan's Geki Soul after he died into a coffin. The coffin closed up and he went through slumber. Rio agrees to it, but he is still dellisional. He sees it as a test to see if Red is a worthy opponent for the GenJyuOu. Rio purs on his mantel and leaves. Suugu and Ron leave. Sanyo says to become the true GenJyuOu, a new consciousness is needed and a new Rio must be born. This catches Mele's ear and
demands to know what he means. Sanyo scatters as he said too much and exits. Mele looks worryingly at Rio's seat. At SCRTC, ShaFu explains what we already know about Suugu and Jan is dissappointed to find out Suugu is not really his father, just a puppet. Miki says Suugu must be defeated and Dan's GekiSoul can be released. Jan accepts this and exits. Retsu and Ran try to follow btu ShaFu stops them. Outside the dojo, Mele wonders if there is more to it about GenJyuOu. Suddenly a spiked ring
comes at Mele with a shout, "revenge for my father!" She spins up to kicks it back with her knee and it slices a tree. GenJyu Cereburus-Ken Kou approaches and says it is impressive. She asks what he meant. Kou informs him his older brother was Braco. He gets closer to Mele and makes a fighting stance which she blocks. She remembers killing Braco. Kou then says he is joking about revenge and who cares about his brother. He says he wants to be a Phantom General. he won't settle for being just a
Phantom Twin to someone like Suugu. Mele is intrigued that both brothers are ambitious. She then heads off to the dojo, saying why not just collect screams. Kou actually agrees and leaves. Kou puts a ring around a couple's heads. Kou juggles rings and throw them toward a crowd. GekiChopper, Blue, and Yellow arrive. Jan is running in the forest and hears his father's song and goes to it instead of Kou. Ron watches from the sidelines as Suugu calls Jan out. Elsewhere, Michelle Peng is on the phone in a
hotel dining/confrence room. She eats a little fish and then get a huge fish in her face, a present from Gou for New Years. He sits down next her, saying he wants her to teach him the Geki Waza Tenchi Tenpen. Michelle asks him how he knows about it. Dan told him about Bruce E. 's Geki Waza. She knows in theory how to get the technique but she hasn't obtained it. Gou is for defeating Rio even if it causes a disaster to heaven and Earth. She says he wanted to know to defeat Rio, she gets up and leaves.
The Gekiranger fight Kou, while Jan reaches Suugu. They start fighting and Jan is pushed down. He gets saying he will defeat him and becomes Super Geki Red and continues fighting. Red is knocked down the hill. Ron says Suugu is whom even Rio can't make light of. Suugu imitates Maga's Toad-Fist Oily Body-Armor. Suugu then does Sorisa's Scorpion-Fist Crimson Lotus Vermillion Whip Kick, Red says if he does Toad and Scorpion, why he doesn't do Tiger? Ron explains a Chimnera is a life
form that is made of out of various animals. Mele arrives in her inviso-mode and becomes visible again. Ron continues saying Suugu is a combo of Rin and Geki, born as a combo of life and death. Mele is sure Ron is hiding something. Suugu then does Hiwa's Crocodile-Fist Mudbank Torso Snapping to Suugu. Red says if he looses, his father's Geki Soul will be a tool for making everyone miserable. He gets up slowly. Meanwhile at a waterfall, Michelle tells Gou to maximize the Geki in his body
and compress into his fist. If he releases this, the waterfall will reverse and flow from bottom to top. It requires tenacity. Gou believes the power to believe nothing is impossible is brimming within him. Gou takes off his jacket and shirt and starts punching the waterfall. Back with the fight, Kou hits the three with his rings like a boomerang. He then puts them around their necks, sucking their Geki. Red goes toward Suugu and he stops his fist, full of yellow energy but Red bashes it off. He then
punches Suugu endlessly. He then kicks him down. Jan's eyes open from within and he says goodbye to Suugu. His jets start up and he rushes toward Suugu but stops by his gut. Jan wonders why he can't defeat Suugu. He lowers his claw, saying Suugu isn't his dad, his dad is already dead and he is already alone. Red sits down and Suugu attacks Red. He becomes Jan again and Suugu approaches him. Ron says Jan dying will give them the strongest scream and the finest despair. Suugu starts punching Red.
He continues punching Jan's face and gut but stops when Jan calls him father. He sees Suugu dizzingly and requests his song. Jan says even though he is just a Geki Soul, then why dad isn't his dad. Jan hugs Suugu. Ron wonders what is going on. Gou continues punching the waterfall, falls and then gets up again. Meanwhile, the other three ar ekncoked down and teased by Kou. Ken gets up and uses his finger attack on Kou. He then slashes him. Blue and Yellow get up and the three rush towards Kou with
Geki Waza San Zan Zan. He explodes above them and then grows huge. SaiDain knocks Kou down and then transforms into SaiDaiOh. Kou still stays by his ambition and throws rings toward Ken. Ken destroys Kou with his finisher. Back with Jan, he falls and looks up at Suugu and asks if it is his dad. Ron becomes his Beastman form and mentions 'my ambition. ' This interests Mele, as she thought it was all about Rio.
Ron forms an arrow and bow and aims it towards Jan. Suugu notices this and knocks Jan out of the way and takes the hit, that shocks everybody. Suugu attacks Ron back. Ron realizes it is Dan, that his GekiSoul overcame the blood oath. He leaves and so does Mele. Suugu gets up, and walks toward Jan. He falls and struggles towards Jan, reaching out for him and hugs him. Jan returns the hug and calls him 'father. '

  • It seems strange to me that Kou gave up his 'vendetta' towards Mele. I still say it could have been used for more episodes. But just like Kou says, who cares about Braco?
  • Gou begins his road to learn the Geki Waza Tenchi Tenpen (Heaven and Earth Turning Transformation Strike).
  • I like it that Michelle Peng is the one Gou goes to.
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