Hapi-Hapi! Merry Christmas, Osu
Airdate: December 23, 2007

Ken purchases a Christmas cake in the mall and rings his little bell. He is alerted by Pyon Biao, who crying his stuff, upset he must carry it. Ken says he is the Undying Body. Ken strolls off. Pyon goes after Ken and bumps into the ground. Ken is overwhelmed in the warm feelings of Christmas time. Pyon and Ken revel in how everyone is so happy. While they talk, a little boy approaches the cake stand and knocks all the cake boxes down. The boy tries running off and Pyon grabs him. He demands to be
released in English. The cake salesman is understandbly upset, seeing as many of the cakes are ruined. Ken calms him down. The boy answers that he hate Christmas. Pyon is taken aback. Ken thinks the boy wants a Christmas party because he thinks he can't buy a cake because he is poor, so he took out his frustration on the cakes. The boy says,"Who needs Christmas?" but Ken thinks he likes it. Ken dons a beard and Santa hat; and puts a red nose and antlers on Pyon. Pyon ponders about pulling Santa's sleigh on his own. As Ken and Pyon chatter away, the boy is plain confused.
Rio is mediating and Mele plans giving Rio a Christmas present. She wonders what to give him, screams, dispair or her love. Ron, Suugu, and Sanyo enter the dojo, saying Rio hasn't met Suugu's Twin Phantoms. Mele thinks Rio doesn't care but Rio stands and demands to meet them. Mele trips. GenJyu Hanuman-Fist master Shuen and Cerberus-Fist Kou fight over who is the best. They rush through the dojo from spot to spot. They finally stop when Shuen reaches the higher beam. Rio tells him to gather screams. Kou angerily kicks Mele when she is already down. She asks
what the big idea is. He plays dumb, saying 'nothing' and shifts his body to the left with a scoff. Mele is insulted. At SCRTC, everyone is preparing the Christmas party and decorating the place. The boy says he didn't ask for this. Everyone is excited. Natsume aks him to decorate the tree, but he can't stand the cherry Japanese's efforts and says, "Can't they be quiet?" Natsume wonders whats up with him. Ken flatters her. Ken picks the boy up and pushes him toward the tree. Gou is more perceptive than
the others. Ken grabs Jan's bell and puts it around Pyon. Jan puts a silver star on the boy's head. He remembers his mother with a similar star on her head. He brushes it off and aggressively pushes the tree down and wreaks havoc. He heads for the door, when Miki enters with champagne for everyone. She asks in English why he's spazzing. He announces he hates Christmas. She translates to them and Ken is surprised. Gou scoffs at Ken's understanding of English. Carl rushes by Miki to exit. Jan senses a
'zowa-zowa' and Ken tells them to take care of it and leaves with Pyon. Sha-Fu rings his triangle. Shuen takes off a tuff of hair in the mall and makes clones of himself. One clone replaces a priest in achurch and scares the patrons. Another pops up in the pews. Another controls a kid's toy car to chase a couple of kids. A clone disrupts a couple's shared drink. Another sets off fireworks. Ran, Gou, Jan, and Retsu arrive. Shuen's clones introduce Shuen, The Gekirangertransform. Meanwhilein the park, Carl
watches as a mother takes her kids away. He swings sadly. Ken and Pyon arrive. Ken says if he lets his sould be poor, it is the end and offers him a menchikatsu. Carl finally says he doesn't understand them. Carl walks off and this freaks out Ken and Pyon. A limo pulls up and a man comes out. Carl calls the man 'daddy' which Ken and Pyon don't know what it means. The man has an Australian accent and was worried about his son. The Gekiranger each fight a clone or two. They don't play fair. GekiBlue is
distracted and ambushed by a crowd of clones. One beats Yellow up. Another surprises Gou and two double team him. The four gather and are ambushed by more clones. Ran won't give up. Carl's father welcomes Ken and Pyon in their home, where they have a maid and butler. The house is pretty spacious for a home in Japan. Carl's father speaks Japanese, saying he is an international diplomat from North Korea. He has Carl apologize. Pyon is flustered and says it is alright, he takes off
his Christmas accessories. Ken asks why he hates Christmas so much, if he's rich. His father explains his mother died last year on Christmas Eve due to a car accident. A flashback is shown of Carl videotaping his mother. He requested she do something silly. They all watch the video. Ken pats Carl on the shoulder and nods understandingly. Carl wants Santa to bring his mother back. Ken gets the brilliant idea of dressing up as Carl's mother, which of course fails horribly. Carl's dad says 'oh my
god. ' Ken requests a kiss. Carl pushes Ken down as he says, "Don't kid me!" and runs off. Carl's dad checks on Ken, he is fine. The Gekiranger destroy a bunch of clones and single the real one. Shuen attacks them with his staff. The original trio upgrade. All four call their animals and beat Shuen with a new attack. Red and Blue wonder where he went. He appears and calls them idiots and rushes off. They follow. Ken runs after Carl and catches up to him at the lake. He holds him and Pyon arrives. He says his mother
probably wishes the best for him up from heaven. He shares with him that his mother died when he was his age from a sickness. Ken shows off his fighting moves. It helps him with tough times. Carl watches. Shuen arrives with more destruction. Ken tells Pyon to take care of Carl. Ken makes his SaiBlade appear and trasnforms. Carl watches in amazement as GekiChopper fights Shuen. Carl imitates karate moves. Ken beats Shuen up until he teleports away. Shuen teases Ken as he jumps away here
and there. He shows off his butt and slaps it. Shuen brings Chopper down, which irks him and causes him to send his finger shots toward Shuen. The other Gekiranger arrive. They make their fighting stance and Ken grabs Red's Super GekiClaw and forms Super SaiBlade. Shuen makes his staff super huge. GekiChopper runs forward and jump up high, and slices the staff in half. It sparkles in beautiful rainbow colors. A huge explosion emerges high up in the air and it glows as a Christmas tree. Carl thinks it
looks wonderful and shows double thumbs up to Ken. Chopper returns the sentiment. Carl makes a fighting stance. The other Gekiranger run toward Ken and Jan wonders where that power came from. Pyon tells Carl that he can make the bad feelings go away. He kneels and places his hands on Carl. Carl nods. Shuen rises from green flames and grows huge. The Gekirangers call their GekiBeasts and form GekiFire, GekiToujaWolf, and SaiDaiOh. Carl and Pyon watch on, Carl cheers them on.
Bae MCs the battle as always. Mele is in a cute Santa outfit and only thinking about Rio-sama. She wants to give Mele-Santa as a gift. An anime-sweat drop falls down on Bae's face, that Mele is not interested in the battle. SaiDaiOh tries its finisher but Shuen dodges it. He also dodges the finisher of GekiFire and teleports around GekiTouja Wolf's boomerang attack. Shuen then bats it back. Bae does his own disappering act on a
tree. Shuen then jumps around and over the three robos. He then lands in front of them and sends a fire attack that makes them to feel extreme heat. Pyon and Carl are understandly concerned. Within the flames, Ken can't take it and decides to do a new icy attack called DaiHyouKaizan. Ken then slashes forward the ice attack from the flames and freezes the flames all the way to the source. Mele's attention is finally caught by the battle. Bae blocks her vision. The ice then freezes Shuen completely. SaiDaiOh
becomes SaiDain once again and the GekiBeasts split up to become SaiDaiGekiFire. All the GekiBeasts slash at the frozen Shuen. With all his rage, Ken slashes at Shuen with SaiDain and then GekiGorilla delivers the final blows. Shuen is propelled into the air and is now mobile even though still be frozen solid. He then smashes into little ice pieces. The Gekiranger celebrate, especially Ken.
Bae is mournful, especially when Mele captures him in a big white sack and scuffles away, saying she is going to have a wonderful Christmas Eve with Rio. That night, Ran rolls the Christmas Cake into Carl's living room where everyone has gathered. Natsume and Ran are happy. Carl's dad thanks them all and proposes a toast. They all clap. Retsu wonders where Ken is. Master ShaFu tells him that he said he is preparing a present. Gou and Jan wonder what it is. Mikitells Carl it is for
him. They then hear SaiDaiOh's stomping. GekiChopper addresses Carl and does the ice attack again on the lake. Everyone walks outside to see the event. Ken then commences carving Carl's mother withthe star on her head. It snows over them. Ken in his Santa getup stands on SaiDaiOh's right shoulder. Pyon jumps in with device. ShaFu tells them all to celebrate. Carl does "Osu. " Pyon's device sets out like a rocket on a sleigh, spelling out 'Merry Christmas. '

  • When a character speaks English in this episode, it is followed by subtitles. Of the main characters, only Ken and Miki attempt English.
  • Even though Japan is a Buddhist country, Christmas has no religious meaning. They imported only the fun parts. Christmas in Japan has also developed into a romantic holiday for couples, explaining Mele's actions. Christmas cake, traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve, is simply a sponge cake, frosted with whipped cream and decorated with strawberries.
  • Sotaro, who protrays Ken, was born in the U. S. and went to high school in California and speaks English. But his character Ken doesn't speak or understand English fluently, explaining the language barrier in this episode.
  • The family in this episode seems to be from Australia.
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