Wasshi-Wasshi Moving On!
Airdate: December 16, 2007

Mele un-transforms and looks down aas Jan and ShaFu hang on the mount. She blasts at them again and Jan can barely hang on. Mele can't take it that Jan is the only one Rio has eyes for. Jan suggests she do something if she likes Rio that much. She shouts back that if she could, she would have. Rio burns up with energy and then blasts at them. Jan and ShaFu then slip into the darkness. Meanwhile, Chopper and Violet go down as Dorou has Yellow and Blue by their necks. He tosses them. Sojo sprays the dust
on them. The Gekiranger sparkle and then glow and try not to disappear. But, they do vanish. At the dojo, Ron reports to Rio that the Gekiranger are finished. Learning Red is on his own is news to Rio. Sanyo thinks Rio should fight him. Rio says not to under- estimate Jan, because he will never die... until he defeats him, he says as he stands. ShaFu awakes near a river and then notices Jan wet and unconscious and wakes him up. Jan stands up. He says he is more confused that before. ShaFu asks if he thinks he can
still continue. ShaFu offers to go to the village, Jan says he will go and puts ShaFu on his back again. He stuffles the whole way up a mountain and almost slips but keeps going. Meanwhile, Ran, Retsu and Gou wake up in a foggy place where Ken has already awaken. Gou gets up and the whole palce shakes. Dorou is poking the gourd attached to a tree, which they are inside. He explains all the missing people are inside the gourds, so they can continue screaming. The fog covers the four.
Gou still believes Jan will come back. He says he will not forgive Jan if he does nothing. Jan and ShaFu get to the top of the mountain and Jan is proud. He is surprised to find out there is no village. ShaFu explains a large storm made a landslide that wiped the entire village, it happened after Rio killed Dan and Jan is the only survivor. Jan then notices a pendant hung on a tree. It opens to reveal a picture of him, Dan and his mother. Written inside, says may Jan walk a bright path. Tears roll down
Jan's eyes. Back at the dojo, Ron believes Rio should get over his whole Jan rivalry and just because he is Dan's son doesn't mean anything. Rio gets mad and turns into GenJyuOh and Ron turns into his beastman mode, just to recieve Rio's punch in the face. Ron backs up and then kneels. Rio says he will become stronger, Jan will appear before him before and he turns. Meanwhile, Jan is comforted by ShaFu,
whose leg is better. ShaFu asks Jan why he didn't let him go when Mele attacked. He thinks it is because he is important to Jan. Jan thinks about this. He wonders what he will think about his father now. Even though his mission is heavy, but as his son, he shouldn't flee from it. ShaFu makes him realize his father's feelings are nothing more than his hopes, because he was walking the path he wanted anyway. He has to decide for himself. He stands up, more detemined than before, he will do it. He will call it
Washiwashi. Jan then hears everyone's voices, transforms and leaves, with his mission that may not be fun, but it is improtant. ShaFu hears a scraping sound and finds a scale item lodged into a mount. Red arrives in the cave and fights Dorou. He slashes the gourd with his GekiSabers and releases his friends. He then releases the other victims and they fly off in color lights, returning to where they were vanished. Jan smiles, the others congrulate him. Gou says he beleived in him. Sojo is shocked the
citizens have been released. Dorou reunites with him, they are confronted by the five Gekiranger. Mele watches from the sidelines and is disappointed Jan is back. The five transform and introduce themselves. Red upgrades and takes on both. He beats Sojo with his claw and beats both with his GekiSaber. He then uses his tiger. Yellow and Blue upgrade and claw at the two. The other two gekrianger blast the duo. GekiRed makes Super SaiBlade and defeats the duo. The others celebrate Red. Ron arrives in his
Beastman form. They wonder who he is. Retsu comments he remembers his name is Ron. Ron un-transforms and says he doesn't like his human form. He points at Red and heads toward him. He spins around in gold around GekiRed. Jan says it is gross. Ron becomes his human form again and sends power toward his Phantom Twins and exits. They become huge and the robos are formed. Bae, Ron, and Mele watch. The evil duo seem to be loosing until they do a spin attack and split GekiFire up. They call
their other GekiBeasts and the Legendary GekiBeasts fight the duo. All eleven GekiBeasts blast at the duo and Ron is shocked. Sojo survives and spins around the eleven beasts. They then form SaiDaiGekiFire and create a tornado that knocks Sojo's spinning out. Jaguar, Wolf, and Cheetah then slash at the foe. Rhino finishes Sojo off. The five celebrate, Red more than anything. Later, Jan shows the gang his mother and his father. Jan says he will continue to fight. Everyone smiles, but
Gou leaves first. ShaFu and Miki watch from a corner, Miki says everything is okay but ShaFu warns there might be something stronger looming, he shows her the scale. Jan hugs them from behind. He demands a tasty food reward. Miki and ShaFu laugh. Ken runs up to them, saying he is hungry too. Retsu suggests a feast. Miki says why must she always pay and runs off laughing. The others chase after her.
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