Zushi-Zushi! No More
Airdate: December 09, 2007

GekiRed falls in a dream from the blast Rio delivered from before. GenJyuOu lands from leviation behind him. He turns around in fear. Rio asks if his body remembers the fear of him becoming GenJyuOu. He kicks him back to Jan. Rio says to accept fate and fight him. Jan says who cares about fate. Suugu lands behind him. Suugu lifts Jan's hand and speaks, saying he can see he, his son, will be defeated. Jan wants him to have his own free will. He tries to break free, but is hold back. Suugu pulls Jan's shirt to show
the mark proving they are father and son. Jan yells for him to shut up and wakes up in a cold sweat. It seems he has been in the same spot of the battle until dark. He is sitting on a huge rock. He says it is the first time he feels this way. He yells that he doesn't know what to do. At SGS, Miki tells ShaFu that Jan ran away. Ran says fate is too powerful. Retsu says only Jan can carry on Dan's will, as he punches RoboTough. Gou is lost in thought, can't answer his brother. Ken says it isn't easy, using
Takoyaki maker as an example, as he holds takoyaki (a cuisine dish) in his hand. Retsu is insulted. They spat, Ran breaks it up. ShaFu comments that Dan sent an unexpected ripple through time. At the dojo, Mele is thrilled her man has become king. Ron says for one's own ambition, the gryphon's power surpasses the power of the devil. Rio enters. The four bow. Ron demands to be sent to battle. Rio closes his eyes, then opens them, sends energy towards Ron. Rio smirks that devlish smile
again and says if he wants him to act, he must first show him his power. Ron is upset but goes with it anyway. He says he will have his Phantom Twins do it. In a cave with a strange tree isnide, Dorou uses his Carpicorn-Fist technique to make formulas appear. Sojo enters bouncing. Ron and Mele enter, they bow to him. Mele admits she was wondering what amazing Phantom Twins he would have, but is dissapointed. Ron says not to judge a book by its cover. Mele asks what is their plan, Dorou leads
her on and then says it is a secret. Sojo exits at Dorou's order. Jan is punching the air by himself. The others approach. Jan drops to his knees and the others tell him to clam down. Retsu tries to reassure Jan they know how he feels. Jan says he doesn't want to fight anymore because it isn't fun anymore. It is too much of a headache. This is too much for Gou to hear, who has balled his hands into fists. He punches Jan and tells him as Dan's son, he is Rio's destined foe. Gou grips on Jan too tightly, Ran and Retsu
try to pry him off. He brushes them off. Gou says no one take his place. Ken manages to take off Gou's left hand. He says that just because he is being hard on Jan because Rio didn't pick him as his rival. Gou pushes Jan off and punches Ken down to the ground. They have it as Jan is on the floor. The others try to pry off the two. Miki then contacts them that the baddies are attacking. Gou grabs Jan by the collar and tosses him to Retsu, they both fall. Gou says to take Jan, even if they have to do kicking and
screaming. He runs off, Ken follows. Sojo spin around the city, and lands, saying the Gekiranger are late. Gou and Ken attack him (with archive footage from ep 30). The others arrive and transform, except for Jan, who is on the floor. They fight Sojo. He is too fast. Yellow tries fighting him but fails. Ken shoots Sojo and he absorbs his Geki in his teeth. He then absorbs Violet's Shigeki, he fights him with. Blue forms GekiBazooka, Jan just runs off, stressed and tried of fighting. Yellow juns after him.
Violet orders Blue and Chopper to fire and to forget them, this angers Chopper, Blue gets them to do "Special Geki Geki Hou!" The Addanc-Fist master is blast down and his tooth flows. Sojo leaves in a spin, saying he is full. Blue thinks about his buddies. Ran finally ctaches up to Jan in an alley. Jan says he quits the Gekiranger. Jan drops down his GekiChanger and climbs up the building, away for Ran. ShaFu watches
from behind Ran. Meanwhile in Ron's Twin Phantom's cave, Mele physically scolds (in the form of a noogie) Sojo because she thinks he lost. Dorou boinks her on the head with a fruit. He shows her a giant white ball. Sojo gives Dorou Geki and Shigeki, he mixes it up with Genki andblasts it into the ball and it makes it into powder called Dorou Grain. Sojo swallows up the powder, and is order to spread among the humans.
Mele says she is still vexed, saying 'that guy' is hiding. GekiShark jumps out of the water and disappears as Jan lands on ground. ShaFu greets him, he was fishing. Jan jumps near him. Jan realizes he is near his home forest. He smirks, asking himself what he wants to do. ShaFu says there is training in running too. He says he sprained his ankle, in doing some dangerous bsuiness. Jan carries ShaFu, telling him he shouldn't apologize. Jan, then goes on to ask what kind man of his father was. Jan says that his
dad decided on his own that he would defeat Rio, that is too much for him. ShaFu reasons that he had faith in his son. Jan then asks why he abandon him if he felt that way. ShaFu reminds him he was killed Rio, he had no choice. Jan says he had no family like the others. He believes his dad didn't care about him. ShaFu says he doesn't know enough about Dan's family to respond. Up ahead maybe the answer, because Dan lived in a village near JyuGenkyou and JyuGenkyou is near Jan's home forrest.
Sojo rushes around throwing the powder on citizens and they all disappear. Soko lands in the empty plaza and Violet attacks him. The four Gekiranger arrive. Miki informs them that he created the powder from his Geki. Sojo spins around the four and throws powder on them but they don't disappear. Blue explains it is because they have trained their bodies daily to Geki. They are about to fight when Dorou arrives, huge. Chopper
and Violet volunteer to fight Dorou. Chopper tosses his SaiBlade to Blue. The others call GekiToujaWolf and SaiDaiOh. SaiDaiOh gets in front and they start fighting against each other, bickering. Dorou pushes them off and they all start fighting. Mele attacks ShaFu and Jan. She teases Jan, saying he is out on a picnic while his friends are being beaten. Mele wants to test him to see if he really is Rio's destined opponent.
Jan stands by saying he doesn't care. Mele screams in anguish that Rio only 'sees him. ' She says she won't forgive him unless he proves to be worthy. Mele transforms and says she will defeat ShaFu too. Sojo takes the fight up on the roof. Yellow and Blue fly up with their jets and fight. Blue tries the KaGeki Kensan finisher on Sojo using the Blue Super SaiBlade. He beats Sojo up but he uses his Gengi. As SaiDaiOh and
Super GekiBlue (Fantastic KaGeki Zan) do their finishers on the two Twin Phantoms, they explode and are seemingly defeated. But amonst the explosions, they switch places. Ron is elsewhere and smirks, saying his twins are that easily defeated. Dorou explains it was a illusion done by Sojo. Sojo beats the Robos up and Dorou spins the other two's arms, so their weapons are knocked out and so are they.
Meanwhile, Mele has Jan and ShaFu cornered. ShaFu tells Jan to put him down, so he can run away faster. He refuses and continues fighting. He jumps on a ledge and balances. He says if he lets him go, he will be killed. Mele says Jan is tougher than she realized. She calls him the White Tiger kenshi. Jan is insulted. He denies having connection to Byakko. Jan shouts that Dan and Rio shouldn't have decided his fate for him. Mele throws fire at the two of them, saying he is pathetic and unworthy.

  • Sojo is based on an Addanc, a Welsh mythology lake monster. Its appearance changes varies from resembling a crocodile or beaver, hence Sojo's beaver teeth. His teeth are also to meant to resemble a rat, for the Chinese Zodiac theme the GenJyuKen possess.
  • This is the first time someone other than GekiChopper and GekiRed use the SaiBlade, also the first GekiChopper and GekiViolet use the GekiBazooka with GekiBlue instead of GekiRed and GekiYellow.
  • GekiShark makes a quick cameo in this episode.
  • One part of unique recycled footage in this episode is Ken and Gou jumping and attacking at the same time. This is taken from Episode 30.
  • Finding out your father was a legendary fighter and killed by your rival and now is one of the puppet to the bad guys is a lot to take.
  • I can't help but agree with Gou. Gou plays the tough parent, if you were going to start something, finish it.
  • Jan's dream can be construded that Rio and Suugu could have done in telepathically.
  • My translation of Kenshi is swordsman or heart of sword, which doesn't make sense.
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