Head, Bakan! The Shocking Truth

Head, Bakan! The Shocking Truth
Airdate: December 02, 2007

Gou has lost Jan in the forest, when picking mushrooms with him. Jan enjoys the same kind of mushroom elsewhere and then notices he lost Gou. He hears a pleasant melody, jumps through the trees and finds Suugu. He comments that he is 'RinJyuDen' but he is not a zowazowa. Jan is swayed, saying he gets a fuwafuwa feeling whe he hears the music. Suugu has been making music from a leaf. Jan approaches him and asks him how he did that. He is intrigued that they are both tigers. Jan touches his shoulder and then feels a horrible feeling, aches from the pain. Gou arrives and
transforms. He grabs onto Suugu and they fall down. They land and continue fighting. Jan shouts down that he is not a zowazowa. Violet disagrees. He recognizes Suugu's moves. Suugu pushes Violet down and then has disappeared. Jan joins Gou, and Jan calls Suugu a shiny tiger. Back at SCRTC, Gou imitates Suugu's movements. Gou approaches Miki, she recognizes it as Dan. Gou says he was their Senpai, like their older brother. Master ShaFu is not for bringing up the past. Gou angrily clarifies that the GenJyuKen user was using the same stances.
Jan looks down and his brows moves in confusion. Miki says that is impossible. Master ShaFu clarifies that Dan passed away because of Rio, he is clearly still hurt by this as he won't look in their faces. Everyone is shocked. Gou tells the tale. Rio couldn't stand Dan's strength. In a flashback, Miki, Dan, and Gou are practicing as ShaFu watches and Rio apporaches. Rio demanded Dan face him to fight, everyone stops. Miki approaches Rio and Gou grabs him by the collar. Rio pushes Gou and Miki aside. Dan tells him he can come at him whenever he wants.
Rio gets mad, he says 'don't fuck with me. ' They fight. Dan bashes him into the wall, surprising everyone. He tells Rio that if he only thinks about the strength of his fist, he won't surpass him. Rio didn't get it. Rio is relating the story to Mele as well, he explains he couldn't stand the thought of a power he couldn't surpass. In the dojo, Mele calls Dan 'Suugu,' when saying he was important to Rio-sama. Suugu approaches. Mele stands and demands to know where he was. Suugu ignores her. Ron tells her that Suguu has no mind of his own. Back at SCRTC, ShaFu explains that if the body of
a talented GekiJyuKen user is destroyed, his GekiSoul will continue to exist. He deduces the 'RinJyuDen' might have used a method to control Dan's GekiSoul. Miki and Gou can't believe it. Ron explains that Suugu is just pure Geki Soul and will only obey the GenJyuOu. Rio says RinJyuDen is powerful enough without Suugu. Ron gets close to Rio, right hand to chest and disagrees. He steps down and approaches Suugu and saying that in Rio's heart, Dan continues to exist as a symbol of strength he cannot surpass. He explains that if he has Suguu follow him, then he will reach new
heights. Surpassing the past. But ofcourse he has to perform the blood oath ceremony, which he has yet to do. Suugu starts reacting, full of Genki. Ron explains his Genki is scattered because he seeks a master. Suugu runs past Sanyo. He says Suugu's body will be broken for a while. Suugu has become huge and blows up buildings in one wave. GekiFire and GekiTohjaWolf arrive. Gou still calls Suugu 'Dan-san. ' Gou holds Suugu but he flips him down and kicks him onto GekiFire. SaiDain pushes its horn on Suugu, syaing he is no longer Dan and they must fight him.
SaiDaiOh fights Suguu. Gou says he knows but how can he possibly just accept that. Ken says he has to. Suugu kicks SaiDaiOh and attacks them all. Ran says they can't let the city continue to be destroyed, she orders to use SaiDaiGekiFire. Jan is turned around. Both Jan and Gou shiver at the thought. Gou balls his hand into a fist. Jan screams. SaiDaiGekiFire is formed and tries destroying Suugu but he pushes it back and a big white light occurs. Suugu is down in human size again. Rio approaches him in
the ruins. The others, untransformed, arrive. Rio says to Jan, "Is this the destiny of me chasing the back of this man?" ShaFu arrives and asks why he still obsses over Dan. Rio glances at him. ShaFu asks why didn't it just end when he killed Dan. Rio is almost in tears, he says that even now, their fight is not over. Rio thinks back to the night he approached Dan in the forest under a full moon. That night it should have ended. Dan was playing a small instrument. He feels RinJyuDen in Rio. He says he means to destory lives if he dirtied his hands with RinJyuKen. He asked if he really
wants to bathe in the despair of others. Rio said it is to surpass him. Dan turns around and approaches him, saying that he must stop him tonight as his responsiblity as his Senpai. He did his stance. Rio says Gou said the same thing but he was defeated by him. They fought. Rio guts and bashes Dan with Rin energy. Dan falls down. Rio is amazed, he stares at his hand. He smiles and says he beat Dan. Dan struggles to breathe. He asks if winning by any means is really RinJyuKen. Rio's smile fades. Dan asks if this is really what he seeks. Rio approaches him and grabs him by the shirt. Rio
surprised to find Dan has bandages around his chest with blood. He is upset Dan fought him despite having a previous wound. Dan says he did a good job striking him in the dark. Dan lets go Rio and falls on the ground and confesses to having a son. Rio stands. Dan is sure his son will become a great GekiJyuKen user and defeat him. Dan reaches out to the moon. He says the righteous will surely be victorious. He lowers his hand and dies. Rio has't heard a word he has said. Rio then admitted this isn't how he saw it going and he wants a do-over. Rio grabbed Dan's limp body and screams his name over and over again, demanding him to wake.
In present time, Rio says the battle isn't over because his form has changed and his son stands in his way. ShaFu is surprised to hear Dan had a son. Rio wants ShaFu to stop kidding because he is sure he already knew. He points at Jan. ShaFu turns to Jan quickly. Rio says he is the only man who can create a stir in his blood. Rio says there is no doubt Jan is Dan's son. Everyone is shocked. Jan thinks about it. He says he doesn't know hsi father. ShaFu explains that if father and son both possesses Geki, then when they tough, the proof that they are related should appear on the body. Jan thinks back to how when
he touched Suugu, he felt a pain. Ken rushes to Jan and lifts up his shirt, revealing the mark. Jan can't barely stand and saying how he got the mark. He grabs ShaFu and demands to know what the symbol really means. Rio says it is proof. Jan approaches Suugu slowly. Jan closes his eyes, lowers his head and clutches his head, saying his head is going 'bakaan' with all of this new information. Suugu rushes at Jan and grbas his neck. Everyone tries to take him off. Everyone falls off. Suugu and Jan take it elsewhere. ShaFu goes to Ran. They all get up and run off. Rio stays there standing.
Then Ron, Mele and Sanyo approach Rio. Ron is surprised by the new revealation. Rio wants to do the blood ceremony to become GenJyuOh. In a quarry, Suugu beats Jan up. Jan goes down. Gou and Retsu grab him. Gou asks if he has forgotten everything. He brushes Gou off and Ran and Ken grab onto Suugu. ShaFu goes to Jan and helps him up. Jan watches as the four try to grab onto Suugu but are brushed off. They all fall down. Jan can't take it anymore. he gets up, runs toward Suugu and screams.
He grabs onto Suugu but he punches him off. He grabs onto his foot once more. Suugu steps on Jan's back. Everyone has stand up and watch. Jan says father and son, family, they are supposed to be happy, right? Jan thinks back to Ran with her mother (Ep. 37), Retsu and Gou (Ep. 38), Ken's sister (Ep. 28), and Miki and Natsume (Episode 39). Jan struggles to get up and says he enjoyed his upbringing with pandas, anteaters, and tigers. Everyone has been kind to him, he says all their names. But when he sees them and even though he has them, he wants his own family.
He looks up at Suugu. Suugu punches him down and then steps on his chest. Jan says his dad isn't nice. Jan grabs his chest. Suugu grabs his neck again. He asks if he is his dad. He lifts Jan up. Jan demands an answer. Suugu pushes Jan off. Jan runs Suugu toward again. Ken says he can't believe this. Ran says it is too sudden to hear that he is his father. Suugu keeps punching Jan. Meanwhile Rio and Ron are conducting the Blood-Oath Ceremony in a warehouse. Rio smiles and all the Genki goes inside Rio and he glows. Rio arrives at the quarry, glowing. This catches
everyone's attention. Jan says Rio's name and he smirks. He becomes his Black Lion form and then his new GenJyuKen form. Suugu jumps up and joins Rio. Jan sits down in shock and awe. Ron says they must prepare to fight to pretect their GenJyuOu. Ron, Mele, and Sanyo arrive. They all present themselves. Ron speaks for Suugu. Jan lowers his head. Ron claims the whole world to Rio. Gou balls his hands into fists, he is upset and transforms as he runs. He says for making Dan and Jan suffer, he doesn't give a damn about GenJyuOu. He screams for Rio but Suguu fights him. The others transform. Mele fights Ran, Sanyo fights Retsu and Ken.
Sanyo lifts them up in the air, swings them around and have them bash each other. Mele attacks Ran with fire. Suugu conducts his white tiger on Gou. Everyone is down. They jump up back at Rio. ShaFu wonders how this could be. Rio says GekiJyuKen is now meaningless before GenJyuKen. He says it would be easy to finish them off... but, he shakes his head and points at Jan. He addresses him as GekiRed again, explaining that the fight between the man he tried to surpass and him will soon be
finished with him. He says it seems that they are connected by fate in every way. The camera focuses on Ron. Ron looks up but doesn't say a word. Jan tries to assess this, his fingers move slowly. Rio says Jan is not worthy of being his opponent now. So he will give him time. When he has said his prayers, then he can appear before him. He says their fated battle will end at that time. Jan repeats 'fated battle. ' Rio gives them all a taste of his power. In admist of the explosions, Jan is reactionless and still. He is already numb. The GenJyuKen leave. Mele giggles. All of them, untransform struggle. Jan says Rio's name, then 'dad' and sits up. He then screams.

  • A bit of a song from the Character Song Album at the ending sequence. Today is Ran.
  • Even though Miki and Rio are main characters that have appeared since the first episode, this is the first time they interact with each other, albeit it being in a flashback.
  • Other than the 'Character Song' segment, Bae is not present in this episode.
  • With this episode, begins Jan disillusionment with GekiJyuKen, leading to him wanting to quit.
  • This episode also ignites Gou's anger, especially when Dan is involved.
  • Either Dan was really optimistic or he really was clairvoyant.
  • How Dan was injured is yet to be explained.