Uro-Uro! The Children Don't Return
Airdate: November 25, 2007

Jan gets a surprise visitor at his apartment room #306 of the SCRTC apartment building late at night. Natsume settles down and says from now on, she is living there... in his small room. She tells him she is running away from home. Jan demands she leave but she is too busy checking a forehead pimple on her hand mirror. She kicks him out into the hall because she is changing. Miki talks to him through his GekiChanger on her phone. It happens to be that she got mad because Miki ate the last of her favorite egg tarts. She asks him politely if she can stay at his place just for that one
night. He protests but she says she is counting on him. Jan goes back inside to find Natsume already fast asleep. He wonders what it is with parents and children. Natsume mumbles that why her mom had to take her last egg tart. A little horn starts growing on her forehead. At the dojo, Ron revels in Rio staring at Suugu. Mele is presented to her Twin Phantoms Haku and Hiso. She is quite pleased she finally has her own personal guards. Haku has already started, he scattered Genki that should start
reacting already. Mele calls him a 'quite capable boy. ' Mele tells Rio she is leaving and exits with Haku, to see his work. Hiso bids her lady Mele a safe trip. Rio thinks to himself, dwelling about Suugu's Ki energy. The next morning at SCRTC, Retsu, Ran, and Ken are shocked at Miki that Natsume slept at Jan's. She trusts her daughter, saying she is like an adult. Gou says trusting her is just like Miki. Ken protests. He can't even
phantom his sister leaving her home. ShaFu says it is between Miki and Natsume and calls it training. Retsu then says he hopes one day to have 'that training' with a pretty lady. Gou asks what he is imagining. Retsu shakes it off, denying it in a stutter. As Jan comes in, Ken grabs hold of him. He calls Jan a 'sex-crazed man. ' Miki asks if Natsume caused trouble. Jan says she was so violent, he couldn't sleep. Miki says she has never been violent. He says she covered her head and was sleeping. She is surprised
she didn't go to school. Jan takes Miki to his apartment to find no one there. Miki searches through Natsume's stuff. Jan and Miki search through the city. Miki calls the school through her phone to find she didn't go. Miki and Jan's attention is directed to the news. The caster says there are several missing children. That the children had horns coming out their foreheads. Miki wonders if the RinJyuDen are behind this.
Jan tells Miki how Natsume look at her forehead. They then spot children with horns walking in a trance. They set off to follow them. In the dojo, Rio walks towards Suugu. He asks him if they ever met before. Suugu doesn't respond and walks away from him. Rio balls his hand into a fist. Rio tries punching Suugu and is projected
off. Ron explains Suugu can't talk, or more accurately, he has no mind. All that there is there is his Ki power. Rio says that he will then ask 'that Ki,' he takes off his shall, donning his Black Lion armor and fights Suugu. His moves reminds Rio when he fought a man in the past. He believes this confirms that they met before.
Miki and Jan arrive at a castle and Mele confronts them, saying they arrive fast. Mele says her 'cute follower' is about to show her a beautiful nightmare. She jumps up to kick Miki but does Jan instead because he interferes. Miki and Mele combat. Miki conducts her Geki Leopard Ken. Mele goes down. She recognizes the Leopard. They fight. Jan is surprised she is strong. Mele becomes her beastman form and throws fire towards Miki. Jan transforms and gets her.
Violet and Chopper jump up and blast Mele down. The other Gekiranger have arrive. They fight Mele while Jan and Miki run inside. Red and Miki attend to the kids. They don't move. Natsume doesn't evne budge. Haku says adults aren't allowed in his 'Unicorn Palace. ' He bashes Red down. He asks who he is. He presents himself.
Haku says the children don't want to return because they love him. The horns work as antennaes. Children are the fastest to be affected by his Gengi Mugenshouraiha. His plan is that their antennae will amplify the signal and hypnotize other children around the world. When that happens, the parents who have lost their kids will be in great despair. GekiRed upgrades to Super GekiRed.
Super GekiRed rushes past the kids to get to Haku and Natsume gets in his way. He stops. She kicks him off. Haku sicks the kids on them. Some kids hold Miki and Natume punches her mom in the face.
Mele meanwhile is wiping the floor with the other four. Ran and Retsu upgrade to super. They seem to have the upperhand but she kncoks them down. She avoids Violet and Chopper's attacks and wipes them down again. Kids rush past GekiRed and then knock him down to the floor. They step on GekiRed. Natsume keeps beating up on mama. Haku says they are no longer related, they can only hear his voice.
Miki is knocked down and asks Natsume if she is really alright with what he is saying. Miki takes out some egg tarts, saying she got them to prepare for their makeup. Miki sits down and starts eating snacky cakes to tempt Natsume. Jan can't believe it. Haku starts chuckling. By the last tart, Natsume gets mad, the horn disappears and runs toward her mom. Her mom stuffs a bit of the tart in her mouth. She hugs her.
The group of kids see the touching scene and remember their moms and their horns disappear. Natsume doesn't know what's going on. Miki jokes that they were saved by her gluttony. Miki, Natsume and the kids run off. GekiRed faces against Haku. Haku spins around, hitting Red. Red calls his GekiSabers and defeats Haku using an attack.
Haku grows huge and breaks out from the castle as the children run from it. Mele is upset at Haku's actions. Haku rationalizes that he can't forgive those who dirty up his palace. He steps down. The original trio call forth GekiFire.
Miki gets mad. Miki tells Gou to take the kids to safety. Ken pulls out the SouJyuTo and Miki grabs it. Natsume is surprised by her actions. She calls SaiDain. Mele wonders what went wrong. Bae starts announcing. GekiFire falls back on the newly formed SaiDaiOh. Miki scolds Haku wiht the sword on his head, scolding him on using children, saying that he crossed the line.
Bae comments that SaiDaiOh is moving better than usual. Haku attacks SaiDaiOh wiht the side of his shoulder. Natsume encourages her mom from below. She does a spinning attack and holds on to Haku, then lifts him up and tosses him down. Miki then destroys Haku in the air. Natsume celebrates with GekiViolet. Mele is upset and leaves with Bae, admitting she believe in Haku and is disappointed by his failure.
Rio and Suugu continue fighting. Rio remembers his great opponent's attack moves. Rio changes from his armor, he says there is no way he could forget. Rio approaches Suguu and says he is the man who possesses the White Tiger's Geki. He says that when he was studying GekiJyuKen, Dan was like his brother.
Back in front of the castle, Natsume tells her mother that she overdid it. She asks how she could run away. Natsume blames her, that is mean for eating all the tarts. Miki takes out an egg tart and Natsume asks her just how many does she really have. Jan says that even when a parent and child fight, they can be real good warm feeling. Everyone agrees. The two clasp hands. The others smile and follow.

  • With this episode commences the Character Songs, from the Character Song Album, at the ending sequence. Today is Jan.
  • Miki's husband is seen briefly in this episode, his face is not seen and is only referred to as 'Papa. '
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Haku, Hiso, and Dan (through flashback).
  • Even though he is seen in brief contrast-y flashbacks, Dan is protrayed by the legendary Kenji Oba.
  • It is insinuated, perhaps very bluntly that the others think Jan might take advantage of Natsume sexually.
  • It is rather silly that Natsume ran away from home just her mom is a glutton. Also Miki being a glutton seems out of character, like there should be more to it than that. It seems they did it like an excuse to get Natsume out of the house.
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