Biba-Biba! Another Retsu
Airdate: November 18, 2007

The gang is eating lunch. Retsu puts away pieces of the pork to the side of his bowl. Gou finsihes his soup and grabs the pork and eats. Retsu gets mad. Gou gets up. Retsu grabs Gou, saying he was saving it, looking forward to eating it last. Ken makes a bad pun. They keep fighting. Ran breaks them apart. Gou says, "Men should act on instinct. What'll you do if the RinJyuDen appear halfway?" Gou and Retsu get in their faces again and Ran breaks them apart. Master ShaFu believes there is training in sibling rivalry.
Ron steps near Rio, bows and tells him it is time for his blood oath. Rio stands and says who gave him the idea he would do it. Ron and Mele are shocked. Rio smirks and says he doesn't trust Ron yet. Rio ignores Ron and asks if anyone can collect screams. Sanyo calls for Shiyuu. A boomerang blade goes near Rio and then materalizes as Shiyuu. His Genki touches the Mirror World. Mele follows him and wonders what will happen to her now that she has taken the pledge. Ron says if he doesn't trust him, just see the power of their sect.
Shiyuu appears in the city and is hit by the Geki Fan. GekiBlue then knocks him down to the ground. Shiyuu is mad he dented his armor. The Gekiranger present themselves from a higher tier. Before they can engage in battle, Mele rushes past them, knocking them down the tier. She shows them her new form. Jan compares it to their 'Super Beast On. '
She throws fire at them and they are literally on fire. She says she was a bit worried by what Rio said but now she feels pretty good and then rushes toward them. Shiyuu watches as she bashes them. They gather, beaten. Gou says she is stronger than before.
She does another attack ("Kisshou Kigan!"), burning them more. They all jump to the ground. Shiyuu jumps in and targets GekiBlue, as revenge for scaring him and hits him with his Genki TenShinhan.
Blue doesn't see a change. Shiyuu says his enemy is himself. Shiyuu teleports away. Mele issurprised that he left and tells them Rio will get them and retreats. The Gekiranger admit Mele might have beaten them if she stayed. Retsu takes a shower. Gou arrives and asks if he is okay from the attack. Retsu shrugs it off, saying Shiyuu wasn't so tough. He puts a towel on the shower door, saying he is a stupid spoiled baby and then proceeds to take off other towel and puts it beside the other one.
Retsu wants to know what he means. Gou says there is always something behind an attack, if it isn't visible, it doesn't mean it won't hurt later. Retsu is upset, takes one towel, wraps it around himself and another and leaves the stall. Gou sighs. In the restroom, Retsu talks to himself, saying Gou treats him like a baby. He fixes his hair, he notices something, he turns around and his refleciton moves. He touches the mirror and energy crackles. His reflection pulls him in.
Retsu lands in the mirror world. Retsu and the other one make stances. The Mirror Retsu doesn't talk. They are evenly matched. Mirror Retsu punches the real Retsu in the stomach. Mirror Retsu leaves the Mirror World. Retsu finds himself in the other side of the mirror. Mirror Retsu teases him.
Retsu tries grabbing him but Mirror Retsu beats him to the punch. Retsu is pushed back into the mirror world. He wonders if he has become him in the Mirror World. Mirror Retsu notices his uniform's logo is backwards and will never pass as the real one. He switches uniforms in the locker room.
Gou is out of the shower and Mirror Retsu just smiles at him. Gou asks what he is grinning. He doesn't answer and leaves. Gou wonders what is up. Retsu in the mirror world, can see Ran looking at herself through her compact mirror. Miror Retsu comes into the main room. Ran asks "Retsu" what is wrong.
The real one sees this and is sure he won't pass as him because he can't talk. The fake one indicates to the others that he has lost his voice. Gou enters. Mirror Retsu gathers Miki, ShaFu, Jan, and Ran to play charades. Ken gets that it is a shell. ShaFu gets that it is a sweet potato. Miki takes Kara-Imo-No and makes Karai Mono (Spicy Food).
Mirror Retsu then starts like he is picking up stuff. Gou thinks it is stupid and says he is going to Gorrie's to return his book. Jan is upset the brothers are still fighting. ShaFu gets 'Ta,' Ken gets 'Be. ' Ran gets the whole thing he wants to say, that he ate something spicy. Mirror Retsu congratulates Ran. The real Retsu sees this and is upset he got away with that excuse, it is suspicious because they just ate.
Ran asks what spicy food did he eat. Miki suggests Mirror Retsu use the computer. The gang notices he uses his left hand. Just when Mirror Retsu will get caught since the real Retsu is right handed, Master ShaFu believes Retsu is ambidextrous.
Mirror Retsu lifts up his right hand as if he has mastered the left. He writes that he ate chinese curry. Everyone marvels as the real Retsu screams. Mirror Retsu walks by a hall that has a wall mirror and Retsu grabs him.
They fight in the mirror world. Mirror Retsu now can talk because his body has gotten used to be in the outside world. The real Retsu is starting to loose his voice. Mirror Retsu informs the real one that in a hour, he will become a resident of the Mirror World and he will be the real one and he will spend the rest of his life copying him. Retsu looses to the evil one again. The evil one leaves.
Shiyuu grows huge. Bae starts speaking in a different funny voice, saying he is doing well. Shiyuu says he is back to normal and he will trap everyone's screams in the world's mirrors. Jan, Ran, Mirror Retsu and Ken respond. Ken asks for Gou. Ran says she called Master Gorrie but he said he didn't arrive yet. Mirro Retsu talks. Jan is surprised. 'Retsu' says from now on, he will be wild. They transform.
SaiDaiOh and GekiFire are formed. They seem to be beating Shiyuu. He gets up and tells them they will go to hell. With their guard down, Red and Yellow get beaten down and tied up. Mirror Blue takes control. He seems to be aiming for Shiyuu...
but turns around and hits SaiDaiOh. Retsu tells them he is not Retsu they know. Mirror Geki Blue reveals himself as Shiyuu. Yellow wonders how this can be, if Shiyuu is giant. He says his an offshoot seperated from his main body. Red demands the real Retsu back, Shiyuu says the only way to save him is to enter from the original mirror.
Gou hears all of this from Yellow's changer. He is in the restroom and his reflection talks to him, saying he can't enter that easily. Gou enters the mirror world and sees Retsu. He faces his doppleganger, kicks it and it becomes Shiyuu's offshoot.
Gou transforms into GekiViolet. Violet fights him and smashes him to bits with Gon Gon Ken. Violet picks up Retsu. Retsu asks him how he knew, in a faint voice. He explains how when he went to dry himself from the show, he was a bit different.
He says from this, he knew Shiyuu took him into the mirror. It because they are brothers. As they escape the mirror world, Mirror Retsu wallows in pain and is destroyed, Jan and Ran are released and GekiFire is disarmed.
Jan and Ran are sure Gou saved Retsu. They watch from below as SaiDaiOh is beaten by Shiyuu. GekiBatToujaWolf jumps down, bringing Shiyuu down. They know what attack to use: Dai Kyoudai Kyaku 9Great Brother Kick).
SaiDaiOh takes care of the finisher and destroys Shiyuu. Mele says it doesn't matter to her. That night Gou and Retsu eat the same sort of Chashu noodles as before. Retsu takes Gou's beef this time.
He repeats the same thing he said before about following his instincts. Gou says he should stay they way he usually is. Jan says brothers sure are good, he wants a brother. Ken tells him to sit down.
Rio makes fun of the GenJyuKen again. Ron says they merely revolve around him and his blood oath is important. Ron says he will use his trump card to convince him. Suugu's coffin rumbles and breaks open and out arises Suugu. Sure enough, Rio recognizes something familar about Suugu, his ki?

  • Manpei Takagi's real life twin brother Shinpei Takagi plays Mirror Retsu.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Suugu.
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