Gyan-Gyan! Useless Arranged Marriage Interview
Airdate: November 11, 2007

A woman at SGS thanks Miki for taking care of her daughter. Ran, Jan and Ken rush in. Ran is surprised her mother is there. Her mother scolds her for not being lady-like. ShaFu comes in and explains Ran's family is local royality. Ran asks what she wants. She tells she wants to talk about a marriage interview. Everyone is shocked. Her mom says she allowed her to work at SCRTC to learn about the world but thinks it is enough. Ken objects, Gou and Miki restrain him. Gou asks if he likes Ran that much.
Ken says if Ran quits, it will only be guys. Ran tells her mom that she won't marry. Her mom then shouts, "Talk is futile!" which makes everyone stand in a straight line. Rio, Mele, Ron, and Sanyo stand in front of the dojo. Ron explains that there are thirteen Phantom Beasts and those schools form GenJyuKen. Ron points at a constellation.
The center one is the GenJyuOu (Phatom Beast King) star. It is not truly shining yet. The four stars around it are the ShinGen Shou (Four Phantom Generals) that protect GenJyuOu. The two stars next to them are the SouGenShi (Phantom Twins) that support them. Ron claims that Rio is the GenJyuOu. Mele is the last Phantom General. Ron says that when all the stars shine, it is when the world of GenJyuKen
really begins. Ron says he must carry through a blood oath ritual. Sanyo says he did it. He touches the coffin and says Suguu, the Chimera-Fist did it too. Sanyo starts explaining that he fell from the eternal Mugendou. When Rio asks what that is. Ron pushes Sanyo away, saying he is a blabber mouth. He gets up. Mele asks what it is. Ron says it is to bear human suffering. Mele is determined to go through it.
Ran's mom introduces her to a government official named Katsuji, that studied construction and electrical engineering. She pinches Ran to speak in a more gentle voice. The Geki men spy from outside. Ken says he will smash the marriage interview. Ran becomes distracted when she them and She excuses herself to go outside.
Jan asks if she is getting married and quitting the team. She tells them no but she can't defy her mother. Ken has a plan. He hands her a bag and whispers it in her ear. She refuses at first but they encourage her. At the dojo, the blood oath ceremony involves Mele releasing her Rinki and replacing, it with Genki. When she accepts his Genki, she will change. They release their Kis and they mix.
She repeats what he says and is engulfed with the energy. She says she doesn't feel anything. He tells her it will activate when screams and despair fill her blood. Ron asks for orders. He stands up and says he is giving orders as the head of RinJyuDen-- probably becuase he is not fully convinced by GenJyuKen yet. Sanyo calls his Twin Phantoms Shiyuu and Goyuu. Sanyo decides to send Goyuu.
Katsuji asks Ran about herself and puts a whoopee cushion under herself. She blows her nose harshly and shows off a stray nose hair. Katsuki stands up, all flustered. Ran is happy until he says 'how lovely. ' Mom and daughter are both shocked. He is touched by how honest and pure she is. She stands up and saying it is a burden.
Just then, Ken, Gou, and Retsu barge in dressed in different outfits. Ken pleads Ran not to abandon him. Gou says there is no life without her and Retsu says she is his goddess. Katsuki asks who they are. Their attention then goes to Jan shouting "Marriage. " He appears in his jungle outfit and a panda mask. Ran's mom is shocked Ran has four men vying for her love. Ran plays along, saying she can't pick one.
The mom shouts to stop it. Katsuki is unconscious on the floor. The mom is onto them, recognizing them. She orders Ran to quit immediately because 'the company' is not suitable for her. "Talk is futile!" Ran stiffs up again. Jan gets a Zowa-Zowa feeling. Retsu asks if it is RinJyuDen. He says it has a different scent. The boys run off. Ran has reservations but is quickly alerted when her mom blocks her way.
Goyuu lands with a vibrating clap in the city. The Geki boys arrive. He presents himself. Mele is nearby and comments her body shivering. It feels different then Geki burning her or the filling Geki Soul. Goyuu shows off his Genki, it deafens the Gekiranger. They are then shot down by a blow. Red says to attack so they fight Goyuu but he is way too strong. He grabs Red by the neck. He attacks Red directly.
This pushes him back to the ground. Red lifts himself off the floor but unfortunately Goyuu hits him again and it is a deadly blow. Everyone calls his name out. Ran tells her mother what she must be do is important. Her mom asks her what is more important than her family. She believes in a path for her daughter to achieve happiness and her to be good and follow it.
Her mother recalls when Ran told her she was switching from running track to Kenpou. Ran tells her she met a cat and wanted to live for someone else. Ran's mother said ever since she changed. In present time, she tells her if she is going to defy her, then she has to defeat her. She lunges at her as the boys are getting beat up. Ran holds the staff and brushes it off. She tells her marriage isn't her own path.
Ran tells her mother that her path for now, for her mother, her family, her friends, and the world is to protect the world. When she decided to live for someone else (the world), she wasn't able to explain it properly to her. She transforms into Super GekiYellow. She tells her to go with her to show her the path she has chosen. Her mom refuses. She repeats her moto, "Talk is futile!" Goyuu continues beating the boys, when...
Ran jumps in shouting "Heart!" She kicks Goyuu and then bashes him rapidly on his chest. He falls. She presents herself. Ken gives her a big hug. She brushes him off, saying they are patehtic. Her mom watches from above, Miki approaches and tells her that Ran is their captain. She supports and guides our comrades to protect people. Her mom says it is unbelievable because she was so docile.
Ran tells the other Gekiranger to follow her lead. They rush toward the villain and then jump in the air. The five perform GekiWaza GoGoKen, defeating him. Goyuu then grows giant. They call for GekiFire, GekiToujaWolf and SaiDaiOh. Bae says Mele's stomach is more unpleasant than usual. Mele asks if he noticed she changed. He says it doesn't matter. GekiFire is bashed down.
Ran's mom shouts "Heart!" She gives Ran an encouraging speech and Ran is more determined than ever. She calls for GekiFireElephant and wraps the Elehammer around the foe, lifts him up and throws him down.
Ken is about to do his SaiDaiOh finisher when, he is attacked by a Genki and falls heavily right through the street, getting chest deep in the cement. A portal opens from above and Sanyo lowers from there. He shows off his Genki. He bashes SaiDaiOh again. He controls gravity. He tells Goyuu to go.
Goyuu tells him that the Gekiranger aren't defeated yet. Sanyo explains they have gathered enough screams and despair. The Gekiranger are just play things. The Gekiranger refuse to back down. Sanyo bashes GekiFireElephant and GekiTouja Wolf back with one hit from his Ringi SouKeiKa.
Goyuu and Sanyo then leave. Mele grabs Bae. Back at SCRTC, Ran is determined not to loose, even though GenJyuKen is strong. Miki and Ran's mom enter the room, saying she now understands and that she should go down the path she wishes. She adds that she should be sure to come back to her mom. Ran agrees and hugs her.
Master ShaFu asks Jan if he is jealous of not having a mother. He denies it. Ken decides to have a group hug, which Jan objects to. He says they stink. They start smelling each other to check their odor. Mele arrives to the dojo and reports to Rio that she witnessed GenJyuKen and it is much more powerful than GekiJyuKen. She rediates in DoRinki, becomes her Beastman form and then her new GenJyuKen form.
Ron is amazed. Rio squints his eyes a bit. Ron mentions Mele has obtained GenJyu Phoenix-Fist power. Mele kneels in front of Rio and extends her hand forward, announcing that everything is for Rio.

  • This episode not only introduces Ran's mother, but that she comes from money.
  • Mele dons her GenJyu Phoenix-Fist form for the first time.
  • Some sources list the title as "Useless Arranged Marriage Discussion" and another as "No Complaining About the Marriage Interview," I like the former.
  • It is believed he harbors feelings for Ran, but it could just be that he is uncomfortable with being in a team without women. In the ending commentary, Ken says a all-male team feels dirty.
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