Mukyu-Mukyu! The Three Thief Sisters
Airdate: November 04, 2007

At SCRTC, everyone is eating ramen. Jan asks to use it. Ken refuses. Everyone teases him for giving away the SouJyuto. ShaFu tells him he is merely borrowing it. Miki thinks if everyone uses it, then they will get more power. Ken asks for Retsu. Retsu is helping Elehan move and Sharkie is there. He drops a box containing his 'treasures. ' A container holding a diamond worth 2 hundred mill catches Sharkie's eyes. It was a birthday present from a Hong Kong celeb he used to date.
A fishing hook drops down and a mask-wearing woman takes it. They start reaching otu for it. She tosses it to another woman and she tosses to another. They run after and the men chase after them and ask who they are. They are the Phantom Thieves Blossom Storm Three Sisters: Rose, Lily and Cherry. They pretend to shoot and the men pretend to be hit. The sisters proceed to fight the boys while a
'Charlie's Angels'-like theme plays. Retsu catches the diamond as Cherry passes it to her sister. Elehan teases them. Rose throws a bomb at them and the diamond falls back into her hands. Retsu is falling from the blast and almost to a glaive Elehan has outside. Cherry runs to the rescue. Retsu is surprised.
Rose hurries to return to her sisters and they line up. They blow roses at the boys and disappear. Sharkie and Elehan go to the rose petals and mourn the loss of the Diamond. Meanwhile at the dojo, Mele is quickly zipping back and forth gleeful that Rio is back in his rightful throne while he mediates. Her voice deepens as she thinks
about Ron, what he said about GenJyuKen. She is also curious why before he called her the endearing 'Mele-sama' but now it's just 'Mele. ' A Rinshi bumps in. She recognizes him as the one who flunked the Trial Room over a hundred times. He grabs her and mimes to her. He wants to be a Rinrinshi but she tells him he must give her a bribe.
The Rinshi sits in a playground and thinks about what he can do like stealing (illustrations are shown) but then he could end up in jail. So he shakes his head. He then hears female voices. He spies on the sisters who take off their disguises to reveal their kimonos. Cherry asks how much longer they will be stealing.
Her sisters won't have quitting, they are too obsessed with obtaining beautiful things. The Rinshi then jumps out and scares them. Retsu, Elehan and Sharkie reach the park and run to them. The girls fight off the Rinshi and he accidently bumps into Rose's breasts and looks up Cherry's skirt. Cherry strangles him and the diamond rolls off. She tries to get it but he restrains her. Retsu rescues her.
Retsu fights the Rinshi and knocks him into the air and away. Cherry admires his fighting skills and the other two are in awe when they see the chemistry between them. Rose grabs the diamond. The Kensei arrive and Elehan grabs it. They think they are going to get caught but the two think they are just pretty girls and start flirting.
The others eat meat buns at SCRTC. Each Gekiranger say why they think they will best suited for SaiDaiOh. Gou says because he has Shigeki, Ran says because she is the captain! Ken reminds them that they all have GekiBeasts already. ShaFu says not only that, they also got Kageki to form GekiGorilla, GekiGazelle, and GekiPenguin. As Ken gives Gou a massage, he says his GekiWolf is cool.
Meanwhile, Retsu, Sharkie, Elehan and the sisters have a feast in a resturant. They make a toast and sit. The sisters flirt with the kensei to distract them from the diamond. Cherry asks Retsu about his kendou, he tells her about the beauty of Geki JyuKen. Lilly dances with Sharkie while Rose feeds Elehan. She tries grabbing the diamond but Elehan won't let go. He is not aware of their plot.
Rose calls Cherry and she distracts Retsu with a painting. She then proceeds to sit and cross her legs for Sharkie and Elehan to salivate over. Lilly tries to reach for the diamond but Sharkie faints on top of her. Rose has had it, she goes for the big guns... bottled sake. She chugs down the liquor. She lights her lighter and blows, causing her face to cover in soot and to have a fro.
Meanwhile in a room full of Butoka solider armor, the lowly Rinshi puts on the armor. Mele sees this and enters the room. She bonks him in the head for touching it but it did the trick to put the helmet on. He bounces out. Retsu is sorta tipsy and asks what the drink is. Cherry asks if he is okay. Sharkie cries, asking if he worthy being a Kensei. Elehan tells him to not to worry if he couldn't beat his Elehammer.
Sharkie bumps his head, he and Elehan fall asleep. The sisters gain custody of the diamond. Retsu realizes the three girls are the trio from before. They tease him as his vision is really blurry. He looks at them hard, tries to get up but falls asleep.
Cherry is concerned but her sisters laugh. Cherry runs with the diamond, grabs Retsu and throws a bomb. Jan won't give up bugging Ken as they eat desert, asking if they could give him one of their Legendary GekiBeasts.
ShaFu clarifies they have them because of their daily training and their own personal Gekiwaza, nothing they can lend. They all try to grab the SouJyuto and Ken calls out for Retsu. Cherry and Retsu rest on a bench under a statue of a woman and she returns the Rasberry Diamond. She explains today she found something she couldn't steal, his fighting form.
She wants to quit being a thief. He is drunk, he gets up and falls on her. The sisters arrive then. She tries reasoing with them. They put up their dukes, Cherry is ready to fight but Retsu pushes her aside and fights them. He dodges an attack and they hit each other. They knock him down. The Kensei then arrive with more sake.
Retsu flips and joins them and starts drinking more sake. He eggs them onand they fight. He calls this style Sake Colored Dance Jaguar Drunk Ken. He mimics like he is drinking from a glass. Cherry is much more enamored than before. Rose drops on Elehan and he tries feeling up her breasts. She quickly gets up. He gets two bottles and chugs on them. The two sisters grab two staffs and start flipping them around. To their surprise, Retsu is sleeping...
with great balance. They think this a chance but he dodges them and fights off their advances sleeply. Just then the Rinshi stumbles in and grabs the diamond and hops away. Retsu faints and the Kensei restrain the sisters. The Rinshi arrives to Mele who is waiting for him at the playground. She punches him as he gets too close and the diamond falls in her hands. He falls over the railing. She asks if it is for her. He nods as he struggles to get up.
She drops down to her and changes into her beastman form at the same time. She conducts her Ringi Mugen Rappa on him. He grows huge but she says she hit the wrong tsubo. Back at SCRTC, the four Gekiranger are sitll fighting over the SouJyuto. Jan gets a Zowa-Zowa feeling and Ken rushes out, determined to prove himself. Both Miki and ShaFu sigh.
The others watch as the large Rinshi's destruction. Retsu smiles and then faints on top of Cherry. Ken rushes past them, barely noticing them and knocking th Kensei down. He transforms and calls for SaiDain. Bae is out and narrates. Ken is pumped up. SaiDain grabs the Rinshi with its horn from its crotch and knocks him down. SaiDaiOh is formed. Ken says he is not giving SaiDain to anyone and beats Rinshi up.
Bae notices he has gone beserk. Lilly is afraid of all this and tries to draw Rose's attention. Jan, Ran, and Gou run in calling for Ken. They watch as he slices Rinshi mercilessly. Jan spots Retsu and asks what is happening. He sleeps happily. Gou goes to the drunken Kensei. Ran asks Cherry who she is.
The sisters figure they better be getting out of there. Cherry thanks Retsu and kisses him. Everyone is shocked. They disappear in a flurry of flowers. Sharkie and Elehan faint. Retsu continues sleeping contently.
SaiDaiOh performs the finisher attack on the Rinshi and he explodes in a black and orange fire. Ken falls on his back in celebration. Bae jumps back into Mele's mouth, she becomes her human form again. She marvels at the diamond but drops it and it breaks. She is upset that it was just glass.
Back at the dojo, she is shocked to find Ron and asks where he was. He explains he was gathering comrades. Sanyo comes in dragging a dirty coffin. Ron explains his other comrade is sleeping there. Ron tells Mele that she will part of a quartet along with them. Rio is called the king, they bow to him as he stands.

  • Lily was played by Sanae Hitomi, who is the suit actress for GekiYellow.
  • Even though this episode has been called a 'Clip Show,' very few clips were shown and when they were shown it were pretty brief.
  • First appearance of Sanyo, the GenJyu Basilisk-Fist Master.
  • It is not known if the Rasberry Diamond was really just glass or if it was a decoy Elehan planted.
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