Gyuon-Gyuon! Beast Power Bloom

Gyuon-Gyuon! Beast Power Bloom
Airdate: October 28, 2007

Rio and Mele walk up the steps of the hall. Rio stops. Mele bumps into him and feels bad. She looks around and there is a bunch of Rinshi fighting. They enter and it is real tense between them and the remaining two kenma. Maku asks Rio if he still wants to fight him. He shows off in his DoRinki but Rio stops his fist.
Maku says he will finish the GekiRin Rebellion. Rageku offers to go but Maku tells her he doesn't need her. He tells Rio to watch him well and learn what it means to plot against him. He exits. Meanwhile at SCRTC, Miki is scanning the Kensei rock. She says there is a pulse. Gou asks if the Ringi will go away if Maku is defeated. Miki says she can't guarantee it. Ken is sure they can defeat him.
Ran says they might have a chance because of the Beast Power Bloom. Retsu is not sure they have become stronger. Miki tells them, they have expanded ten fold. Jan shakes his head and runs out. Miki thinks he can't wait. Rio makes a fist. Mele wonders what is wrong. Rageku comments Rio is like Maku. She does a Ringi move for them to see the past, why Maku betrayed Bruce E.
They are in the JyuGenKyou back long ago, Rageku tried to stop Maku but he went to ShaFu. He was angry at ShaFu because Bruce E. asked ShaFu to be his successor and he refused. That is why Maku was chosen and this insults him. He grabs ShaFu. ShaFu defiantly says that everyone knows he is strong. Maku knocks him down and it starts raining. Maku says he will never forgive ShaFu and surpass all humans and JyuKen. With his own JyuKen, no one will be stronger than him.
They return to reality and Rageku says Maku killed Bruce E. after that. Rageku comments that Maku is the strongest and that Rio can never defeat him. Rio smirks, saying 'let's see about that' and leaves them. The Rinshi march through the city with Maku and attack everything and everybody. GekiViolet jumps in and fights. Super GekiBlue fights some.
Jan runs and stops at a bridge crossroads, with four paths. He senses many Zowazowa. He tries to hone down the biggest one and thinks it is Maku. Super GekiYellow helps a mother and child get away from the Rinshi. Jan runs off.
Rinshi crash into windows of the SCRTC building. Ken fights the Rinshi. He then looks out the window and sees the destruction. Miki pleads to the Kensei rock to give the heroes power. Ken runs outside and reunite with the others. They encounter Maku.
Maku says he stands on the top. He blows them away with his DoRinki. Jan arrives at an area and believes he found Maku but finds Rio. It tickles Rio that Jan thought he was reaching the strongest and found him.
Rio and Jan have become stronger. Jan says he will defeat Rio. Rio tells him to try and they both transform. Jan instantly becomes Super GekiRed. Jan slices his DoRinki. Jan runs to Rio and has great ability, movements. Rio bashes Jan. Rio stops fighting and tells Rio to defeat Maku. Jan asks why.
Rio tells Jan that their masters' old rebellion will end if he defeats Maku and they can then continue their own rebellion. Jan thinks about this. Rio leaps away and then leaves, saying he must be strong enough of an opponent. Maku is beating up the other Gekiranger. He grabs the Fukami brothers by the necks and throws them down. He shows off his Dorinki. Rageku is watching from a roof top.
The Gekiranger are loosing hope. Maku bashes them into a wall with his DoRinki and they all fall down. He throws another attack but Jan stops it.
Jan bashes Maku with his GekiClaw through a building. Jan asks Ken for his SaiBlade and form Super SaiBlade and does KaGeki KenSan.
Maku struggles to walk, on the other side of the destroyed building. Jan meets with him and they pace. They fight and Jan bashes the Super SaiBlade through Maku's body.
Jan asks the others if they feel the power through their body. They realize they do. Gou says it is the Beast Heart. This is JyuKen. They form Super GekiBazooka and all of them use their KaGeki, ShiGeki, and Ken San against Maku and blow him up. It is not over yet, he grows huge.
Rageku, watching from the building, can't believe this. She exits. Mele arrives on the same building. Rageku arrives on a dock and is disenchanted. She wonders what will happen to RinJyuDen. A familar voice says in a confident voice that it is over. She turns around to find Ron.
He claims her role as a Kenma is over. That Rage, Jealously, and Hatred are no longer needed, being that Rio has already obtained them. She asks what he is. He transforms into his golden form, which Rageku cowards in fear. She claims she saw him before. He says there is nothing else to learn from the Kenma.
He says that as a farewell gift to show his gratefulness.... With one simple touch, she becomes jelly. He then bashes her stomach and she melts. Her staff snaps in half and falls to the floor. She asks what he will do to Rio. He grabs the staff pieces and says Rio no longer needs these symbols of the past and that he will venture into the unexplored.
Maku fights against GekiFire and GekiToujaWolf as Mele and Bae watch on. Maku bashes the two robos. Bae says it is a climiatic battle. Rio arrives and asks if Mele feels the Beast Power Bloom. Mele says she feels something big is happening to them. He says their duty is to see Maku's end.
Maku unleases big rage that generates a huge Dorinki and knocks GekiToujaWolf and GekiFire down. Ken forms SaiDaiOh. Maku runs forward and fights the robo. Maku says RinJyuDen was to surpass JyuKen. The two robos generate power into SaiDaioh and knock Maku through a row of buildings.
All the GekiBeasts split up and make SaiDaiGekiFire. GekiGorilla swings its arms, so do the five Gekiranger. The other GekiBeasts bash Maku and SaiDain's horn slashes at Maku.
Maku is full of electricity and can't believe he is finished. He blows up and is gone forever. The Gekiranger celebrate. Rio says that Maku sought power and aimed for the top and he never let that power from the top leak out. He pulls Mele and they leave.
Gou comments that Ken is still steaming. He says it is the power of the Beast Bloom. Ran gets a call from Miki. She tells them that the Kensei are just fine. ShaFu thanks them. The four celebrate, except for Jan.
Ran tells Jan they won. He says Rio is also stronger and wonders about the new rebellion. The sunsets. Rio says he had a brutal relationship with Maku and Kata where their lives were at risk. He sits down and says there is nothing for them to regret because he acquire their teachings.
Ron tells Rio not to feel sentimental and drops the broken staffs on the ground. Mele is shocked at thought of Rageku being dead. Rio, without turning, asks who he is. Ron repeats the same thing he said to Rio in the rain back in Episode 28. Rio acknowledges this. Ron says he obtained the Beast Power Bloom.
He has surpassed humans, he has also surpassed beasts. "Beasts?" Ron says the old JyuKen is no longer needed. Ron tells them about GenJyuKen, Mystic Beast Fist, it surpasses all of JyuKen. Ron puts Rio's fur back on his back.
Ron says he knew Rio would be the one to surpass it. He kneels to Rio, and Mele instantly does as well. Rio smirks and stands up. He says, "Tell the world a new era is coming. "

  • Ron finally shows his true colors, but perhaps not his true intentions.
  • It seems un-characteristic that Mele mourns the death of the Kenma if she never liked them in the first place.
  • Jan has grown serious, a drastic change from the first episode.
  • GenJyuKen seems to have the same empty promises as RinJyuKen, to surpass JyuKen.
  • What Rio says about Maku never letting power from the top leak out, seems very insightful-- even for Rio. Will he learn anything from Maku's defeat?
  • This episode is similar to Episode 34 of Magiranger, where the original villains are defeated and the game has seemed to be changed. The episode that followed that one was a clip show and after that, the new villains--the Gods appeared. The next episode of Gekiranger is a clip show and the one after that has the first GenJyuKen 'monster of the day. '