Gowan-Gowan's Dain-Dain! Juken Giant, Kenzan
Airdate: October 21, 2007

As the seven Jyuken youth returned from the past, the JyuGenKyou is on fire. Retsu wonders if SaiDain is also under fire. Ken won't beleive that, he says a vow to keep. He runs off. Rio says he has to see it with his own eyes, he tells Mele to follow him.
Just when the other Gekiranger were about to follow them when Kata arrives and calls them fools. They blame him for the fire. Kata kicks down a huge ball. The Gekiranger discover to amazing horror that the Kensei have been transformed by Maku using Ringi Doukokugan into a living rock.
Their life force is being squeezed out into Maku's bowl, so he could drink them to become invicible. They will die by the time the rock is squeezed. Jan runs over to Kata and punches him. Kata shoves him down. The Gekiranger transform. He says for once and for all, this will prove which is stronger.
Rageku revels at JyuGenKou being destroyed. Ken arrives. She asks how it was possible he returned from her time hole. Mele and Rio arrive. Mele boasts that Rio did it. Ken corrects her, saying GekiRinTouja did. Rageku says it is shock Rio aligned with GekiJyuKen for the likes of SaiDain. Ken is insulted.
He transforms and fights Rageku. She says this is the final part of the GekiRin Rebellion. Meanwhile, the Gekiranger are being beaten by Kata. The Gekiranger upgrade, they and GekiViolet shoot Kata with the GekiBazooka. He flies out and shoots them.
Kata tells them that they fight blindly and that GekiJyuKen is for mere children. Gou says what is so right about RinJyuDen making other suffer to make themselves stronger. He bashes Gou. Jan fights Kata. Kata puts him down and steps on him. He says he'll show them that what really causes chaos is people like them who don't know their place. He kicks Jan toward a hill.
Kata conducts his Ringi GenShiRou. They finds themselves in a dimension. Jan thinks he sees Kata and hits him but it turns out to be Retsu. Kata strangles Jan. Retsu hits Kata off Jan. Jan and Retsu hit Kata but it is Gou.
Kata appears again and takes hold of Gou from behind. It turns out to Ran. They all see Kata and turn out hitting each other. Kata explains they will all die if they don't fight and attacks them with more illusions.
Ken tries his SaiBlade Finger attack on Rageku but it doesn't hit her, because of her jelly power. She appears close to him and shoots him down. Ken falls down to another area. She becomes a jelly substance and slithers around his legs and engulfs him. She tells him RinJyuDen is stronger.
He says he won't give up because of his vow. He thinks back to when he trained in front of SaiDain. He grew tired of it. He collapsed on the ground. He didn't think training was suited for a genius like him. He got up and set off to play, saying there are cute girls in the village. He stopped and thought if he really was okay with that decision.
He then hears a voice. "Don't think about it. Feel it. " Ken takes the message as he should do whatever he feels. Before he left, he made a vow... Saying he will return and be stronger. Ken is snapped back to reality by hits by Rageku. Ken manages to get up. He repeats the mantra.
Kata kept beating up the Gekiranger. Jan thinks "What would Master ShaFu do?" Jan thinks back to a non-specific time when ShaFu told them not to think and to feel it. ShaFu said his teacher taught him that and Jan was surprised he had a teacher. Miki explained. Retsu asks what the mantra means. ShaFu says you need to leave it to your body.
Jan stands up in the mist of Kata illusions. Meanwhile, Kata struggles to get up and says the mantra. Within their helmets, Jan and Ken close their eyes. The Katas disappear and everything goes slow. Jan opens his eyes and strikes the real Kata, snapping them back to reality. Kata is surprised and Jan explains.
Meanwhile, Ken powers up. He says this is Bruce E. 's soul. Kata grows huge and the Gekiranger call their gekibeasts. Ken tries slashing at Rageku but she goes jelly. But he elbows her and slashes her once again.
Ken conducts a new attack on Rageku, knocking her down. Mele is shocked. Rio asks where he gets the power. Ken says it is the power of the vow. SouJyuTo then flies out of Rio's hand into Ken's hand. Ken says he doesn't know what is going on but he now has the power. Rio is pissed.
They hear rumbling. SaiDain then rises out of the rubble. Ken is happy that it is not burned. It then becomes metal. Ken jumps on top of SaiDain as it moves. GekiFire and GekiToujaWolf fight Kata and he climbs on top of them and slashes at them.
They try their finishers on him and he slashes them back at them, knocking them down from their robos. They get up. SaiDain arrives. Kata jumps and SaiDain's horn becomes bigger and knocks Kata off. Ken greets to his friends. They are surprised.
Mele and Rio arrive, Mele says the Geki is overwhelming. Ken says it is the JyuKen God. Just then energy showers down from the rhino's horn. Gou says this is Bruce E. 's Geki Soul. It also hits Rio and Mele. Mele says she feels something gushing forth.
Rio says it falls upon GekiJyuKen and RinJyuKen alike. Ron arrives and identifies this as the Beast Power Bloom. Ken says he feels more power. He makes SaiDain stand up into SaiDaiOh. Bae announces this.
SaiDaiOh square off against Kata. Kata says the JyuKen God is inferior to him. SaiDaiOh blocks off Kata's attacks with protection and shield.
SaiDaiOh then kills Kata with its finisher, Sai Dai Saidai Giri. Kata warns them that Maku will kill them. The Gekiranger celebrate. Mele is shocked Kata was defeated. Rio is surprised that the power of SaiDaiOh surprasses the power of a Kenma. Mele grabs Bae and asks Rio about the future of the GekiRin Rebellion. Rio says he doesn't know. They leave. Ron says that things have finally gotten interesting.
Retsu says the droplets stopped. Ken is disappointed that destroying Kata didn't restore the others. Ran thinks the only way to restore them is to defeat Maku. Ken says that with SaiDain, nothing can stop them. They all nod. Rageku returns to the Akugata dojo to tell Maku what he already knows. He says he only needed one more drop but the victory is a sure thing. He drinks the bowl and tosses it aside.

  • Beast Power Bloom (Juriki Kaika) emitted from SaiDain powered up not only the Gekiranger but Mele and Rio as well. It is said to unlock hidden abilities. Master ShaFu said in Episode 32 that only those who didn't use the Body Transformation Forbidden GekiWaza could obtain it. But Gou did. Perhaps it is that Gou is no longer using it. Mele is a Rinrinshi, and still obtains the power.
  • Miki mentions JyuKenShin (Beast Fist Heart) in Episode 32. There is talk of heart in that episode and this one as well.
  • Ken still seems like a flake, not worthy of inheriting the power of the creator of JyuKen.
  • Miki only appears in a flashback in this episode.
  • This episode marks the beginning of Jan's maturity.
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