Fure-Fure Gatchiri! Kung Fu Chushingura

Fure-Fure Gatchiri! Kung Fu Chushingura
Airdate: October 14, 2007

Rageku sent the Gekiranger, Rio, and Mele through a time warp. They all got out of armor. Mele holds on to Rio. The SouJyuTo suddenly glows and then Rio ackes with pain. Mele calls out his name again. The seven are sucked into the portal once more. The five Gekiranger land in a grassy field. Ran asks if everyone is okay. The people are dressed differently and walking through a cane bridge. Ran is asks where and when they are. They are in Genroku year 15, twelfth month. Ken, Retsu, and Gou say in a manly unison, "Edo Period?" Jan pops up asking what that is.
The five walk through the small town as the townspeople point at the strangely dressed strangers. Jan shouts and runs to Ken and Gou. He reminds them about Rio and Mele and the SouJyuTo. They run off. Elsewhere, a man in yellow has another man at his mercy. The man holds a purple parcel. He refuses. The yellow man is let go by a Mukoua, a Confrontation Beast Anglerfish-Fist user, he possessed him.
The Gekiranger arrive. Mukoua strikes the man and grabs the purple parcel. Mukoua identifies them. He tells them Rageku sent him. The Gekiranger transform and fight Mukoua. Mukoua picks up the man in yellow, says his name is Kira and he was nearby. He says he needs a host to survive in the era. Mukoua possess the man again and then blinds the five. He disappears.
Jan and Retsu go to the fallen man. He hands Ran a package, telling Ran it would an honor for her to deliver the package. To go to Miyoshi Fiefdom Daimyo's residence. And give the package to someone called Youzein. The man faints, Gou and Retsu picks him up. Gou says he is still breathing.
They go to a temple where they meet Youzein. Jan thinks she is Miki. Retsu says she just looks like her. They hand the package to the woman and it is a long scroll. Ran knows the backstory. Youzein's husband as bullied by Kira (the guy the Rinrinshi possessed). He was tired of it and tried to kill Kira.
He was ordered to commit seppuku, the bully was not punished. The followers decided to take revenge. The letter shows that everyone stakes their life to killing Kira. Youzein is touched by all the men who died for her late husband. They combined their hearts to carry the honkai (working together to carry out a wish) out.
Jan is encouraged. Gou warns them that it is harder than before, since Mukoua possessed Kira. The men have no chance. Youzein says their only chance to strike is tonight. She pleads to them to save Kira from the monster. Ran says that before the samurai attack to kill Kira, they have to attack to get Mukoua.
The male Gekiranger are in disguises. Jan says Ran sure is excited about what they must do. Gou says Mukoua might be the key to returning to their time. Jan and Ken tease the brothers about their dresswear. They notice a girl get kicked out of a house. The man says he doesn't remember being married to her. They are surprised to she is Mele. She says she worked hard to sew their kimonos.
They peak into the house and see it is Rio. She doesn't let them in. She says that the shock of being taken her cause him amnesia. Ken tells Mele she deserves that for stealing the SouJyuTo. Mele thinks they have it, she woke up and it was missing. Gou and Ken don't believe she doesn't have it, they try to look under her dress. She tells them that if she had it, she wouldn't be dressed in such a way. Rio calls out to Mele. She goes inside. The four men are puzzled.
They go back to Ran, who is eating soba noodles. She tells that the purple parcel Mukoua took, it must be the SouJyuTo. That Mukoua might have swiped it from Rio in the time warp and Koheta, thinking it belonged to Kira, stole it. Ran tells them they are to go on a raid. They nod. That night, the five run in new fighter outfits through the snowy city. They reach Kira's stronghold. Ken and Jan jump in to open the gates for the others. Ran is wearing a captain outfit and blue pants. She knocks a gong and the men run in.
Other men run out of the houses and fight the Gekiranger. An old man comes out with two swords, he fights the brothers. Jan is upset at his katana, saying he gives up using it and fights without it. Ken does the same and fights many warriors by other means.
The old man gets rid of the brother's swords. Ran punches a man rapidly. Jan uses a fist technique. Gou punches the old man, telling him to go to sleep and he falls. Jan goes in opening doors and find men and fights them off. Retsu looks around. Ken looks in containers. Ran bangs her gong.
Meanwhile at Rio and Mele's house, Rio is sleeping. She wonders what she should do. Mele is about to kiss Rio. Then Ron appears, once again ruining her time. She goes to the window and asks how he got there. Ron has good news, he teleports inside.
He tells her that the SouJyuto has the power to return to their time. He says Rageku sent a JyuJin--Mukoua. Ron gets close to Rio and licks his lips. Mele gasps. Ron blows on Rio and Rio glows. Ron smiles and disappears.
Rio is back with his memory. He asks why he is dressed like this. Mele is happy. Back with the five, they hear a sound and think it is the samurai. The door opens to reveal Rio and Mele.
The Gekiranger are surprised. Rio says he wants to kill Mukoua to get the SouJyuto. Mele boasts that it will return them home. Rio and Mele walk in and face Mukoua/Kira. He identifies Rio. The Gekiranger enter and are behind Mele and Rio. Mukoua tells them that Rageku told him not to let them return. Mukoua lets go the man he possessed.
Mukoua rushes past the seven. Ran tells Gou and Ken to take care of Kira and they will take care of Mukoua. They nod and they all part. The three Gekiranger, Rio, and Mele are transformed and outside in the snow. Mukoua blasts at all three. Mele, Ran, and Retsu fight Mukoua.
Then Jan and Rio fight using their powers against Mukoua. They look at each other and then look to the opposite sides, too much pride. Mukoua swallows the SouJyuto and grows big.
Rio suggests fighting together. Mele asks if they are doing it together. Bae appears and says, "So that means...that!' Retsu asks, "That? You meanthat?" Jan asks, "Nei-Nei! Ho-Ho?" Ran is for it. "Goetsu Doushuu! JyuKen Gattai!"
Rin Lion and Rin Chameleon form with GekiTouja to create GekiRinTouja. Mukoua and GekiRinTouja hit each other with their respective weapons as Bae narrates.
Mukoua then blinds them, attacks them and knocks them down. He has them at his mercy and brings out a fan and teases them with the fan. He rubs the fan in the left eye of GekiTouja.
GekiRinTouja gets up. Mele says an attack, "Ringi Tsubushi Gatame!" Rin Chameleon picks up Mukoua with the tongue whip as they smack him with the sword. Bae wonders if Mele learned the move during her time as a wife.
Mele then swings Mukoua away. They do their finisher attack, "GekiGeki RinRin Zan!" They slice and dice Mukoua. The SouJyuTo falls to the ground.
Gou and Ken have put Kira to sleep. He wakes up. He thought it was all a dream. He yawns and goes back to sleep. Ran, Jan, and Retsu, in their regular outfits meet up with Ken and Gou, in their normal outerwear.
Rio picks up the SouJyuTo and the portal opens behind him and Mele. They go inside. The five finally notice and rush toward the portal. The four boys jump in and Ran stops to look at the samurai thump a drum and enter Kira's stronghold, to complete the honkai.
Youzein thanks the Gekiranger, "With this my followers will probably succeed. " The seven kids return and are shocked to find the Sacred Ground burning in fire. Mele shakes her head. Rio is shocked.

  • GekiRinTouja first apeared in the 'Movie Edition Juken Sentai Gekiranger: Nei-Nei! Ho-Ho! Hong Kong Decisive Battle,' it seems the events from the movie are canon, since it is alluded in this episode that this is not the first time they form GekiRinTouja.
  • None of the Kenma or Kensei appear in this episode.