Zowangi-Zowango! The Gathering, Beast Origin Village
Airdate: October 07, 2007

Picking up where we last left off, Mele and Rio were headed for the Sacred Ground when they were confronted with Master ShaFu. He tells them they will not pass. He is joined by the six other Kensei. Mele is surprised. They present themselves: Elehan Kimpo, Bat Li, Sharkie Chan, Gorrie Yen, Michelle Peng, Pyon Biao, and ShaFu!
Rio says that the mere fact that all the Kensei showed up, he wants to get it even more. He dons his armor. Mele says she knows he didn't ask, but she will fight too. Mele becomes her Beast form and call their DoRinki. Pyon is surprised that they have their DoRinki. The Kensei tell them that they lack composure, which they have.
Pyon tells Sharkie, "Let's show them what Kensei really are. " Sharkie says he'll do his best. Rio wields the SouJyuTo and the two run forward. Meanwhile at SCRTC, the Gekiranger ask Miki if ShaFu really went to JyuGenKyou? Miki says ShaFu will not let Rio meet the JyuKen God. Retsu brings up their oath.
Jan is determined to help them and runs off. Ken stops him and explains to him that JyuGenKyou is really really far away. Ran says to have heart. Retsu thinks and tells them they do have that. They others are surprised. The five Gekiranger (transformed) fly to the village using GekiBatFire. Miki prays, hoping they reach their destination and worthy of JyuKenShin (heart).
Meanwhile, Maku paces around the dojo while the other Kenma state the obvious that Ron delayed them and that Rio must be at the village already. Maku makes a huge DoRinki and they all ride it out of the dojo.
The seven Kensei form color ropes around Rio and Mele, called Geki Waza Sei Sei Baku. Gorrie explains this is an alternative to fighting. Michelle asks for the SouJyuto back. The Earth then shakes. In the cockpit, Jan senses something. He calls it "Zowang Zowang. "
The Kenma DoRinki races past the GekiBatFire. The DoRinki crashes where they are and blows the Kensei away. The Kenma present themselves, Kata, Rageku and Maku.
Ron, from the Beast Confrontation Hall, somehow knows everything that is going on and can't believe Maku catched up with Rio, saying his DoRinki is amazing. Maku slams Rio, out of armor to the ground. He gets up and defies Maku, saying no one will get in this way. Maku asks Rio if he forgot who he was, ShaFu counters asking if he forgot where he is.
The Kensei get up and ShaFu continues that the like of them shouldn't be here. That this is the promised land of Bruce E, the creator of JyuKen, where JyuKen started. Rio asks who Bruce E is. Gorrie says that the ten of them became Bruce E's pupils.
The best of the students was supposed to be Bruce E. 's successor, Maku. Rio is surprised. Sharkie says that Maku betrayed their master. The three Kenma turned on Bruce E. and killed him. Splitting his mask. In present time, at hearing the story again, Maku chuckles a bit.
Michelle Peng walks forward, saying that they tricked many people into being their disciples of RinJyuDen... including Mele, pointing at her. Bat Li says they couldn't let RinJyuDen take over the world, so they opposed them. Rageku boasts that there was nothing they could do because they were stronger.
Elehan says that this was when the seven Kensei used the forbidden GekiWaza. This was the GekiRin Rebellion. Maku tells them, presently, that the GekiRin Rebllion will truly end today. He makes his battle pose, Kata stops him because he has one more lingering question.
Kata wanted to know what was the god that the Kensei were speaking about and what happened after the Kenma were sealed. Sharkie swore he wouldn't tell but Kata uses Shikkoku Hou, to draw the past from him. The others try to go to his aid but Maku slashes at them. In the past, the Kensei used Geki Infusion into Master ShaFu. He made a ball of energy and threw it at the Kenma.
They became three purple balls of energy and Master ShaFu trapped them in the bracelets. Afterwards, the Kensei returned to the temple exhausted. They cried over the mask of Bruce E.
He appeared to them in spirit form. He nodded and then his energy went into the tree in the village. ShaFu took the SouJyuTo and cut a huge rock, embedding Bruce E's soul into it. Geki Soul is immortal. Kata let go Sharkie and said SaiDain is the god, the statue.
Gorrie says even after death, Bruce E guides those learning JyuKen. SaiDain is capable of unlocking hidden abilities in those who learn JyuKen. He goes on to explain that such a blessing doesn't touch those who used JyuJyu Zenshin. If you walk the path of JyuKenDou, it's for you. Rio is intrigued. It unlocks an hidden ability. In GekiBatTouja, Ken is explaining this to them. Ken explains the reason he had to train in JyuGenKyou was because his Rhino-Fist is the same as Bruce E. 's. Gou brings up that Ken played hooky and didn't complete the training.
Jan smells his forest. Ran detects they must be at JyuGenKyou then. They pass by a forest full of pandas. ShaFu doesn't understand why Maku betrayed their master. Maku explains he wanted all the power for himself. ShaFu says what good is strength, if you loose it? He looks at Rio. He has enough of his prattle and becomes huge. He aims to step on the seven but they run. So does the Kenma, Rio and Mele. Maku points his claws on them.
GekiBatFire fights him off. Sharkie and Elehan warns them that Maku is too strong. Rio looks at the SouJyuto and tells Mele to go. Mele runs off after him. Rio says he must surpass Maku.
Maku slashes at our heroes. The Gekiranger call for GekiShark and form GekiSharkFire. Maku stops them and blasts them. They fall out of the robot without armor and in great pain. Kata and Rageku gather around Maku and Maku shakes them off.
Maku feels insulted by them. He aims to destroy the world, starting with them. He is then grabbed by the ropes by the Kensei. Master ShaFu tells Jan to stop Rio, not let him meet SaiDain. The Gekiranger look around for Rio and see he is gone. Jan senses him and knows where to go. Gorrie tells Gou that they will stop the Kenma. Sharkie tells them he is counting on them.
Elehan tells Ran not to over do it. Bat Li tells Retsu to protect god. ShaFu tells Ken that Rio is not the one that should inherit Bruce E. 's soul. They tell them that it is their mission. They nod and accept their duty. They run off.
Rio and Mele are getting closer. They race through the village and end up at the tree. There is a a place under the tree. As they near, they are blasted with the forcefield of colors. It is the Nanai Nanase stones. The tree itself is the JyuGenKyou. Rio raises up the SouJyuto and the forcefield lifts. The doors opens and Geki blasts out. Rio tells Mele not to falter and they go.
Inside, they walk up steps bathed in blue light. Rio is excited that they are closer to god. The Gekiranger race to the palace and stop at the door. Rio and Mele end up in the top part of the tree with the giant stone Rhino, SaiDain. Rio holds up the SouJyuto and its horn and eyes shines. Water runs through the Rhino.
Mele says it the pure Geki makes her feel sort of sick. Rio wonders if this affects her because she is a Rinrinshi. The five Gekiranger gather behind the two. They say the energy purifies them, makes them feel good. They seven face off. They circle around each other.
Rio and Mele transform. The five Gekiranger transform. The three become super. Rio and Jan fight while the others fight Mele. Ken says he wants payback. Rio and Jan are equally matched and have their weapons at each other's necks. Rio says being around Jan, stirs somehting in him. It always makes him stronger. Jan agrees. They then let go. Rio says in the end, he is the strongest. Rio brings out his DoRinki into a ball and hits Rio. Mele has the others in ropes.
Rageku appears, she appluads Rio. She laments he overdid it a bit. She tells them that they all have angered Maku very much. Rageku does her Secret Ringi Jireppa, it brings out thunder and lighting and laughs. "May you wonder forever. " The sky breaks and a time warp pulls them all in.

  • This episode is the first appearance of Bruce E. and SaiDain.
  • The JyuGenKyou tree has appeared since the first episode.
  • This episode finally explains the GekiRin Rebellion in more depth.
  • The episode is the first to feature all the Kensei together, other than the opening sequence.
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