We Muni-Muni!
Airdate: September 30, 2007

Little boys play basketball in a court. Within the girls cheering, there is Natsume. The lead boy Shinichi doesn't pass the ball to his friend and he misses the winning shot. Everyone is mad at Shinichi. Outside, Natsume confront shim and tells him he should have pass the ball to his teammate. He doesn't believe in teammates, he believes in relying in himself. He blames the other kid Seiji and runs off.
Shinichi runs off and bumps into the Tsuneki, Fox-Fist user chasing people away. The boy confronts him. He takes off his napsack and hits Tsuneki with it. He teases the monster and runs off. He trips. Tsuneki shoots an arrow toward Shinichi. Jan saves him. GekiRed, GekiYellow, GekiBlue, and GekiViolet have arrived. Shinichi pushes GekiRed off him and tells them he was fighting him and to stay out of his way.
Meanwhile at the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo, the three Kenma walk in. Kata is impressed that Maku sent Tsuneki so quickly. Maku tells them that he is on to them. He hits both of them and strangles Kata. He wants to know when Rio and Mele are. Kata replies that there is only one path to take for greater strength. Maku heads off, to get to the duo, upset at their intensions. The doors open and Ron mentions that Maku has not changed. Rageku asks Maku who the boy was. He mentions he might have something to do with Maku. Maku asks why Ron is here. Ron tells him that Rio will rule for now on. Maku swipes at him.
As Mele and Rio get closer to the Sacred Ground, she asks him what sort of power it is that suprasses the Dorinki. Rio tells her he doesn't know but they will find out. Tsuneki hits the Gekiranger pretty bad. Jan tells Ran and Retsu to combine their powers and they perform the Geki Infusion Geki Waza Kon Kon Shou. GekiViolet prepares to attack, but Tsuneki jumps away.
Tsuneki takes the boy hostage. Geki Chopper arrives. He prepares to blast the monster but Jan stops him. Jan asks Ken what he will do if he had hit the boy. Ken tells him that he calculated it, so he would have not hit the boy. Tsuneki laughs at the prospect of comrades fighting. The boy bites him and gets away. GekiViolet then attacks Tsuneki with his Chou Ban Ban Chuu and he rolls to the ground.
Tsuneki shoots an arrow in the air and disappears. The five look up and they de-transform. Ken thinks the reason he retreated was because of his arrival. Gou, Retsu and Jan scoff. Ran runs to the boy to check on him. Shinichi walks past Ran to Jan, demanding to know why he didn't finish the monster. Jan explains because he captured him. Shinichi tells him that he would found a way to save himself. Shinichi punches Jan's gut, saying no one asked him to protect him. He runs off. Retsu wonders what's up with the kid. Jan runs after the boy. Ken stretches and leaves, saying he'll go eat.
Maku takes off his claws and does his big attack. Ron disappears. The other two are impressed with Ron's powers. Ron re-appears elsewhere and smirks at Maku. Rageku wonders what the 'boy' is overflowing with. Then at SCRTC, Miki is looking at footage of last battle with Tsuneki on her computer. Retsu asks for Master ShaFu. Miki is about to tell them when Natsume rushes in, saying there is a strange cloud spreading throughout the sky.
Jan managed to stop the boy by a maze-like fountain. Jan asks him he has a 'muni-muni' that makes him feel great. Jan tells him about his friends. Ken arrives, with a big bag of food. Jan says that Ken is his muni-muni. The boy asks if muni-muni means 'friends. ' Ken offers the bag to Shinichi. But Jan wants it. Shinichi thinks of Natsume and Seiji and he tells them he has no friends. Jan tells him his name and asks the boy his name. He tells him. He offers him his hand. Shinichi says its stupid and walks off. The big purple cloud becomes bigger and forms a forcefield dome around them.
Jan gets close to the forcefield and gets a shock. Ken comments that it like they are trapped in a cage. They then hear people screaming. Tsuneki hits the screaming people with arrows and they fall. They crawl in pain. Ken asks them what they are doing. Tsuneki explains they are energy for his large bomb.
Miki explains that Tsuneki creates a 'fox sky,' using Ringi trapping the enemy. This is his hidden Rinki. Ran and Natsume make faces. Miki tries calling Ken and Jan but it is no use. Gou tells her that they are with the boy. Tsuneki explains that with the human screams of despair make the forcefield fill up until it explodes. He tells them they can't stop it unless they defeat him. They both transform. Super GekiRed tells him to try the power of KaGeki. It doesn't make a difference according to Tsuneki, that within the fox sky they only have 1/9 of power. Jan asks what that is, Shinichi explains he is nine times stronger. Ken tries but it is no use.
Tsuneki then blasts at both of them, knocking them out of the armor. Tsuneki to aims his arrow at Shinichi, wanting to hear his screams. He then aims the boy. Ken holds Ken off and tells Jan to leave the monster to him. Jan takes the kid and runs off. Tsuneki then shoots at Ken. Jan and the boy reach a warehouse and hide. Shinichi has given up hope. Shinichi looks at the basketball there and slings a rock at it. He says that if he dies, no one will miss him. Jan gets the ball and throws it at the boy. They toss the ball. Jan tells him not to talk about dying. The boy throws it off to an empty area, saying he has no friends.
Tsuneki arrives, aiming at the boy and the boy screams and runs away. He reaches a dead end and the monster hits him with the arrow. He slips with the ball he throw previosuly and falls and Jan grabs him. Outside the building, the energy field gets bigger. GekiViolet, Blue, and Yellow have arrived. The Rinshi appear and they fight them.
Jan and the boy talk as the boy dangles. Jan tells him not to give up and he is his friend and he defend him. Jan pulls him up. Tsuneki throws another arrow at them and Jan slips down. Ken grabs Jan and tosses the two to a bunch of boxes using GekiWaza Kajiba no Kuso Chikara. He picks them up and they run out. He tells them that he calculated them to buffer on the boxes. Tsuneki is upset.
They end up in a parking garage. The three sit in a hiding place. Jan tells Ken he is reliable. Ken tells him he is helpless without him. Ken and Jan play. The boy thinks about Muni-Mini and has an idea to beat him. Tsuneki appears in the same building. The eyes on his jacket move around. Ken and Jan approach him and tell him they are different from before. They transform.
Ken opens up his SaiBlade and Jan places his Super GekiClaw inside it. This makes the SuperSaiBlade. Jan shouts "KaGeki Infusion!" If individual attacks don't work, so combining their power might. Jan infuses his Kageki energy into Ken. Tsuneki shoots arrows at them and they miss. "Ei Ei Kageki Zan!" Ken swipes at Tsuneki, destroying him. Shinichi approaches and high-fives Jan. The fox sky forcefield then melts away.
Super GekiRed, GekiChopper, and the boy run to the others. Ran asks if they are okay. Ken says that he is so great. Jan bumps Ken's bakc with his chest and says that Shinichi is also amazing, bumping him with his butt. Ken then pushes Jan. The Earth quakes and a huge Tsuneki appears from above the trees. Ken gets the boy to safety. The Gekiranger form GekiFire. Gou forms GekiToujaWolf. Shinichi gapes. Ken tells him they are capable of amazing things when they munimuni. The boy nods. Tsuneki puts a leaf on his forehead and makes multiple selves. Gou kicks his boomerang at the copies and they disappear.
Ken suggests to Jan to call GekiElephant. The three form GekiElephantFire. They toss the Elehammer ball like a basketball and play 'keep away' from the mosnter. Tsuneki trips. GekiElephantFire leaps into the air and destroys Tsuneki with the ball. Ken and the boy celebrate. Back at school, Natsume cheers for Shinichi as he plays. He passes the ball to Seiji and they win. They celebrate. Shinichi thinks to himself, "If I can't win alone, if anyone works together, a great power will appear. Jan, they are my munimuni. "
Back at the Confrontation Beast Hall, Ron is a gold ball that Maku can't beat. Ron materializes and Maku is upset. He teases that Rio might be at the Scared Ground by now. He then disappears in gold dust. Kata and Rageku look at each other. Maku growls. Rio and Mele reach the Sacred Ground with the SouJyuto in hand. Master ShaFu stops them, telling him he will not let him pass. They three stare at each other.
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