The Sei-Sei and Dou-Dou Woman
Airdate: September 23, 2007

Mele races up the steps of the Confrontation Beast Hall Dojo. She is shocked to find when opens the doors Rio and Maku battling. Maku wants Rio to admit he is plotting against him. Rio dons the Black Lion armor. The Kenma and Mele are shocked to find that Rio has obtained his DoRinki.
Mele is about to go to Rio when Ron stops her. He talks to her from outside the doors. He whispers that Maku is powerful and Rio might die. That they need the SouJyuto. He leaves with a smirk. She is befuddled. She looks back at the fight to find Rio on the floor. She goes to him to defend him. Sje whispers to him that she knows where the SouJyuto is and to calm the situation down.
He stops. He walk/crawls to Maku, asking for punishment. Mele thinks to herself a message to Rio, that she will get the SouJyuto. At SCRTC, Ken hands ShaFu the SouJyuto. He tells him to hold on to it. Everyone is shocked. Miki explains that the master chose him as a Gekiranger because he has the power to unleash SouJyuTo's true power. They want him to awaken the SaiDaiOh. Ken is pleased.
Jan tries to grab it but Ken doesn't let him. Ran brings up the point that he sold it. He backs up and bumps into Gou and he says, "It's clear you don't have enough resignation for fighting the RinJyuDen. " Ken scoffs. Retsu then chimes in that he screws around too much. The whole group surround him. Ken suddenly slips away from them. They see the elevator doors close as he says that his little sister is waiting for him. Ken's sister Sachiko is indeed waiting for him outside. He hands her a small red gift bag for her birthday. She thanks him and reaches in. Mele is watching them from behind a pole.
Ken has spotted her and tells his sister he must take care of her. Sachiko wishes him luck and runs off. Ken addresses Mele. Mele comes out and tells him she wants a one-on-one for the SouJyuto. She says that she wants to take it fair and square. She transforms and bumps him over the bridge, he transforms as he falls. They fight and The SouJyuto flies into the air. Mele reaches out for it, when GekiViolet attacks her.
All the Gekiranger arrive. Ken tells the others to back off because they are having an one-on-one. Jan comments on him and Mele being fair and square. Ken reassures Jan. Mele leaves. Jan feels a zowa-zowa feeling. Meanwhile, Rio is dropped in a small cage within a prison cell by Kata and Rageku. Kata tells him to cool off. Rageku tells him not to mess with Maku and that he overflows with DoRinki. Kata comments that a new Chouda will be reborn. They laugh and leave him alone.
Out in the city, near a reflective wall, Ron talks to Mele. He says that her straightforwardness is not adorable enough. That RinJyuDen prides itself in ruthlessness. He mentions for 'one's love,' and tells Mele to kidnap Ken's sister. She contemplates doing 'the sneaky thing. ' Ron says she might have to do it if she wants to save Rio. Ken's sister Sachiko sees what he gave her... a necklace. She is happy. She is an area of many red poles. She then squeals and starts to be attacked by an unseen force. She drops the necklace on the floor.
The Earth shakes and a giant egg hatches from the ground to reveal Chouda. The Gekiranger gather around him. Jan comments that his voice is deeper than the last Chouda. Chouda explains his power, reborn from the secret Rinki. He has the power to defect all their attacks. He throws objects at them and they fall. They sit up. Chouda does another attack and brings them down once again. Violet attacks him first and they fight. Chouda brings Gou down. The first trio then goes after Chouda and are knocked down.
Ken tells them that this is first time fighting Chouda. Gou says it is true, he is so easygoing that he arrived last the last time they fought Chouda. Ken tells Gou he should be greatful he is so easygoing. Ken shows off his SaiBlade and knocks Chouda down. They run to where he landed. Ran tells Ken that he can defeat him. Ken then sees his sister Sachiko walk into the building in a daze. The other Gekiranger run past him to get to Chouda but Ken stops. She looks at him and enters. Ken tells them he has to go pee and they stop. They are surprised.
Ken enters the building. Chouda laughs. The trio prepare to fight but Gou can't stop but look at where Ken went. They are surprised when he tells them he will go after Ken. Gou leaves them. Chouda attacks Ran. The others fight him. Meanwhile inside the building, Ken (out of armor) calls for his sister. She appears but she talks in Ron's voice. Ken knows she is not his sister. Ron as Sachiko says that he did well to realize that and that he is filling in for Mele. He tells him that he must go alone to the warehouse near the canal if he wants to save his sister. That they must trade the SouJyuto.
Ron/Sachiko then reappears behind Ken and flips the necklace into Ken's hands. Ken is surprised. Ken sits down. Gou (out of armor) appears. Gou has overheard the conversation and tells Ken he will go with him. Gou tells Ken he is being naive if he thinks they will be to their word. Ken looks down. Gou picks Ken up. Ken punches Gou in the gut and Gou falls. Ken aplogizes but says his little sister's fate is at stake. Ken leaves.
Ken races outside to another part of the city where Sachiko is unconscious and tied to a bridge-like extension on a building roof and Mele waits for him. Mele akss for the SouJyuTo. Ken shows Mele the SouJyuto. She drops down to him. Mele asks Ken to hand it over. Ken suggests an one-on-one match. Mele asks if he thinks he will win. He is sure of it. She says very well. Ron watches and calls her naive.
Ken runs toward Mele and prepares to kick her, but she bats him away. She becomes her beast form and fights him, beating him up. He rolls down. He still has the SouJyuto in his hands. Ken gets up and sees Sachiko tied up. She tells him to give up. He then comments on how fair and square she is. She asks what he means. He says, You're a bad guy, but somehow you still play fair and square. " She shouts to him to shut up. He throws the SouJyuto in the air and he hits her and gets the SouJyuto again.
She asks what is fair and square anyway. He threatens her neck with the weapon. "An opening," he says. She de-transforms. She says he win. He lets her go. He is exhausted and falls to the floor. She says that one day she will get the SouJyuto fair and square. He says he is looking forward to it. He heads for Sachiko. Ron appears, but Ken doesn't see him. Ron tells Mele to kill the girl. At the moment, there is an opening to get to Ken. That she must swallow her pride and steal the SouJyuto. Ken goes over a rail to get to Sachiko. Mele says, "But... " Ron smiles.
He says, "To accomplish your goals you can't be picky with your means. Isn't that the RInJyuDen way?" Mele thinks. Ron turns into Rio, which startles Mele. "Rio is waiting, didn't you want to get it in a hurry?" Ron/Rio smiles and touches her. He disappears in a gold glow. Mele is shaken. Ken gets closer to Sachiko. Mele brings out her sai, she bites her lip as tears runs down her face. She throws it at the structure. It shakes. Ken falls and the structure creaks. Sachiko is still unconscious. The structure falls.
Ken, all bloody, watches as the structure falls. Mele punches Ken and steals the SouJyuto. She kicks him down. He calls her a coward as he leaves. Mele whimpers. She hears clapping, she looks up to find Ron. Ron says, "What a tough way to win. " Ron licks his lips. Mele is distressed, then she glows Dorinki force. She squeals. Ron is happy to find that Mele has obtained the Dorinki. "It is fitting for a RinJyuDen woman. "
Ken is downstairs and takes off his jacket. Ken is about to jump into the river to fetch his sister until he hears Gou. He turns around to find GekiViolet with Sachiko in his arms. Gou de-transforms. Ken sits down and is releaved. Ken apologizes to Gou when he mentions him hitting him. Gou stands Sachiko up and she wakes up. She asks about his wounds. Ken shows her the necklace.
Back with Chouda and the original three, he is beating them up. Gou and Ken come to the rescue. Chouda attacks them. They appear, all fully transformed, from a rail. The original three have become super. They presents themselves and race towards him. He misses, explosions occur behind them. Each of them attack Chouda. Chouda is down. Ken jumps into the air and attacks Chouda with his attack.
Chouda blows up and then becomes bigger. Ken faints saying how stubborn Chouda is. Gou and Jan help him. The original trio call for GekiFire. GekiFire fights Chouda. Chouda falls. Gou helps Ken up. Chouda runs fast over GekiFire, beating it up. Chouda does another attack.
Retsu holds him and flips him around and around. They throw Chouda down. Ken encourages them. They destroy Chouda. They all celebrate. Back at SCRTC, Ken pleads for forgiveness to ShaFu. ShaFu stands up telling him not to worry about it, that the Kensei will deal with it.
Ran says, "It's Mele's fault for kidnapping Sachiko and stealing it. " Retsu and Gou agrees. Jan says,"She seemed to be a fair and square person. " Ken says it wasn't his fault. Miki and Gou tell him his attitude is inappropriate. They all encircle him again. He falls down and yells. Back in his cage, Rio is thinking of his worst memory. Mele comes in and uses her Dorinki to break down the cage Rio is in. Mele breathes hard, she looks like she has been through a lot. Mele having Dorinki pleases Rio. He smiles and gets up. He says, "Your Body is clad in black rage. "
Mele tells him that she will overcome any obstacle for his love. She kneels to him. He smirks and looks to the side. She brings up the SouJyuTo to his eye line. His eyes grow huge at the sight of it. She smiles. He grabs it and she stands up. He walks past her. He then stops to look back at her, to say, "Let's go to the Beast Origin Village. " She is very happy and agrees. They exit. Ron appears. He smiles and laughs wickedly.

  • Even this episode has elements from Episode 29 such as Chouda and SouJyuto, this episode is technically indepedent from it.
  • Other than Mele's pride, this episode actually shows she has heart not to kill an innocent.
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