Guda-Guda Here-Here! Shopping
Airdate: September 16, 2007

Miki shows the SouJyuto (Virtuous Beast Sword) to Gou, Jan, and Ran. ShaFu says it could end the fueding with RinJyuDen. He walks away. Miki wonders where Ken is and opens a case with buns which each selects. Gou thinks Ken lost the SouJyuto. Ran said he was definitely looking for it. Miki comments that he got so pale. She bites into a bun. Miki says that he even asked Retsu to go with him. Ran, Jan, and Gou nod.
Meanwhile, Retsu wonders why they are in Chinatown. Ken tells him because there is an antique store up ahead. Retsu yells, "Don't tell me you sold it?!" Ken pushes him off and explains that he was tired after training in JyuGenkyo and he exchanged it for 100,000 yen with an antique store lady. Ken gets a bun from a matron, bites into it and says it was just a trade. Retsu snatches the bunfrom his hand and tells him it is important to their future. Ken tells him he has no money and his card is blocked and that's why he brought Retsu. Restu is confused. Ken grabs Retsu. They head to the antique store called Hanyon's Den of the Occult, specalizing in the occult. They walk through it and find a Panda and it talks. Retsu is shocked. Ken says its nothing since they have hung out with talking Penguin and Gorilla. Ken approaches it. A woman appears from within a wardorbe. She says "That is my pet!" Both men back up and Ken bumps into a small statue. He dusts it off to show the woman it is not damaged.
At the dojo, Kata shows off Chouda, a Confrontation Beast Ostrich-Fist user. He says that the DoRinki has allowed him to obtain a secret Ringi. He runs around in rapid speed. Maku tells him to get rid of those annoying Gekiranger. Rageku says he is pretty condifent and asks him what exactly is it that he can do. He is about to tell her when Kata silences them, saying to wait and see. "He'll be unlike the coward that a certain someone brought. " He looks Mele's way and she is upset. Mele prepares to leave and Chouda bumps her as he leaves and she falls. The three Kenma laugh at her expense.
She walks out and finds Rio outside. She welcomes him back. He tells her to find the SouJyuTo, without it he can't enter JyuGenkyo. "Make sure Maku doesn't know. " She nods. Mele says "Understood" in a pout as Rio goes up the stairs. Back in the shop, Ken asks her to sell the SouJyuto back to him at the same price. Ken swipes Retsu's gold card from him. Retsu fights with the Panda for his card. She brings it out of a case. Ken reaches out for it but she bumps him on the head.
But she runs off with it, entering the wardorbe as it closes saying she won't sell it to GekiJyuKen users. She goes into the wardorbe and it is empty. Ken looks up and she is in the attic through a opening. She tells them to come and get it. Retsu asks Ken if she has a grudge against GekiJyuKen. Ken pushes Retsu up and Retsu climbs through the opening. Meanwhile, Chouda is causing havok around the city by rushing by and destroying things. GekiRed, GekiYellow, and GekiViolet enter the scene. Chouda is upset that there is only three and tell them that they are late. They fight. Mele watches from the sidelines.
Retsu and Ken get closer to the woman and she releases large pointy bars in their way. One crosses near Ken's crotch. Retsu falls on Ken's shoulders. Ken asks what is it she has against them. She says that GekiJyuKen users are liars that can't be trusted. Retsu and Ken are determined and keep climbing, avoiding the upcoming bars. Retsu leaps through. This excites the encentric woman.
She puts two marbles in a bowl. It creates smoke. She blows it and the smoke flies at Retsu and Ken when they reach the attic. They enter a dimension with red flares. They see the panda from before. They also encounter a Chinese Dragon. The Chinese Dragon attacks Ken and Retsu deals with the panda.
The three Gekiranger continue fighting Chouda and Jan calls him 'all talk. ' Mele joins in and attacks GekiRed. Mele asks Chouda why is he having a hard time and she is getting tired of looking at him. Chouda doesn't recognize her and pushes Mele aside. Mele transforms and fights GekiYellow. Mele asks for the SouJyuto, Ran is surprised she knows about it. Ran tells her that she wouldn't tell her if she knew.
Chouda shoves Mele aside and she crashes into the stadium nearby. She retreats. Jan comments to Ran and Gou that Chouda is strong. Gou says that he has that power, yet he gets beaten by them. Gou and Ran attack Chouda's center but are reflected back. Jan tries and is kicked back to. Gou says, "It can't be! He got hit by our attacks on purpose to modify himself so the same attacks wouldn't work anymore. " Chouda confirms it. Ran says they are in a paradox, damned if they do, damned if they don't.
Back in the other dimension, Ken is knocked into becoming GekiChopper and Retsu becomes GekiBlue. GekiChopper destroys the chinese dragon with his SaiBlade. It suddenly comes back huge and with just the head. Ken destroys it. They are then back at the attic, un-transformed. Retsu notes it is from a spell she did. Ken finds a picture in a case. It is of a young woman with Bat Li. Retsu is surprised it is Bat Li. He then appears, but with a mask on and starts sparing them.
At the Beast Confrontation Hall dojo, Maku notes Rio's arrival. "You went somewhere, didn't you?" Rio denies it. "You are planning something aren't you?" Maku asks as he sits down. Chouda keeps kicking the Gekiranger's butts. GekiYellow and GekiRed power up into Super Gekiranger. With the combined power of the Super Gekirangers and the Shigeki, they create a triangle and destroy Chouda.
Chouda is full of electricity and becomes giant. Jan and Ran can't make a giant robo without Retsu. Gou calls for GekiWolf and the other two GekiBeasts and form GekiToujaWolf. Ken is surprised by Retsu's skills fighting Bat Li. Ken then slices the mask Bat Li has and it was really the woman--Baa-san.
Ken and Retsu reason with the woman and she gives up the act. Baa-san doesn't want to talk about it. Ken is sure she was in love with him. She then confesses that he betrayed her. In a flashback, she explains some men were attacking her and Bat Li came to her aid. He was wearing the mask. After the war, she lost her family and home.
She was alone and she thought of dying because of all the pain. He took the mask offd. She later gave him a trinket. "For me?" "Will you always be there for me?" He pat her on the head. She hugged him. "I thought he would always be there for me," She says. She takes off the garment she had on and smashes her foot on it. She says that he disappeared and he said he wanted to master his GekiJyuKen skills. She angrily punches her bed. She calls him a cruel man, that she was in his way and that he is a liar.
Retsu gets closer to her, vouching for Bat Li and she pushes him away. Ken and Retsu get a call from Miki. Ken tells Retsu to go. Ken grabs the woman and puts her on his back. They run off. Bae narrates the battle between Chouda and GekiToujaWolf and comments on Mele's black eye.
GekiGazelle comes to Gou's rescue. Retsu tells Ran and Jan to call their beasts. They form GekiFire. Ken and the old woman reach Bat Li's cave. Bat Li is surprised. Ken presents himself. The woman doesn't want to show her face.
When she does, Bat Li comes up to her, showing her the trinket he gave her and thanks her. She cries at seeing it and falls to her knees. Ken finds the same kind of potion she used on them and blows on it. Bat Li and the woman are returned to the past.
Bat Li explains that his life is GekiJyuKen, that she would unhappy if they were together. "But no matter how far apart, our hearts are together. " That he lived thinking that. She asks for forgiveness, gets up, and hugs him. The spell doesn't last long, which surprises Ken. He finds her hugging Bat Li, she lets go. She asks Ken why he did what he did. "My dream is to erase women's tears, except for the ones for joy. " She asks him "Even an old woman's tears?" He says it doesn't matter, that a person in love is beautiful. She thanks him and gives him back the blade.
Back in the giant battle, Chouda jumps in the air and kicks GekiFire. GekiToujaWolf does an attack that slows him down. The Gekiranger form GekiBatFire and fly up in the air. They do the finisher on Chouda. Chouda glows and releases an egg and then blows up in flames. Mele smirks and leaves. The egg burns in the fire.
Retsu, Jan, Gou, and Ran walk under the sunset and Ken runs to them. He shows them the SouJyuto. ShaFu appears to them and he is very angry. "Selling a GekiJyuKen treasure for your ease is eternal punishment!" Ran and Gou are upset at Ken. "But for freeing Hanyon-chan of a hundred years of pain, I'll forgive you. " His deamenor changes and they all walk away happily. Mele appears, she was there the whole time, listening.
Master ShaFu's demeanor changes and they all walk away happily. Mele appears, she was there the whole time, listening. Back with Maku and Rio, Rio kneels to Maku. Maku demands to know what Rio is up to. Rio tells him he won't turn on him. Maku tells him that his eyes shows someone that is determined to get the RinJyuDen back. Ron watches from high above. He smiles and then disappears. Maku brings out his claws, asking for a fight. Rio looks at him darkly.

  • The SouJyuto's origin and powers won't be revleaed until Episode 32.
  • In the toy line, SouJyuto comes with SaiDaiOh. This is just one of SouJyuto's connections on the show. SaiDaiOh doesn't appear until Episode 34.
  • Ron doesn't make his presence known to Maku and the other Kenma until Episode 31.
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