With Bishi-Bishi Pikin Osu!
Airdate: September 09, 2007

Kentaro Hisatsu is busy drilling something, while his daughter Sachiko brings him tea and asks him to take a break. He tells her that mechanics never complain. She tells him that he is excited that her brother is back. The phone rings. She thinks it is her brother and runs to answer it. It is Miki, she asks for Elehan, the manager of "SCRTC Meisters," which is the Special Items Development for SCRTC. He thinks Miki wants to ask him out on a date. Miki tells Elehan to tell 'him' to show up at SCRTC as soon as he makes contact.
While Miki talks to Elehan, Retsu, Gou, Ran and ShaFu are gathered at SCRTC. ShaFu tells them of yet another new team member. Gou thinks four is enough. ShaFu admits is a gamble. Miki has finished her phone call and explains it is a gamble between it being fortune or misfortune. Meanwhile at the dojo, Niwa, the Confrontation Beast Crocodile-Fist user and Mele bow to Maku. Rageku and Kata circle them. Kata berates Mele for sending just a 'rinrinshi,' that she doesn't understand the 'situation. ' She tells him that Niwa is one of Rio's top five members that he revived.
Maku comments that Mele hasgreat confidence in Niwa. Niwa says he just might be as great as Maku. Rageku tells him not to address Maku in such a manner but Maku shuts her up. He then tells Niwa, "If you say you can fight without my DoRinki, then do it. " Mele smiles and agrees. Meanwhile, Rio heads for the Sacred Ground. Mele walks in a hall talking to herself about not letting the Kenma get ahead and Ron appears once again. Ron wonders where Rio is, which pleases her because it is usually her asking him questions. She tells him that Rio is seeking new power. Ron figures out where he is heading. He angrily says that it is too soon and disappears. Mele wonders what is up with him.
Jan wants the last menchi katsu, which is ground meat mince and cutlet, at a cafe. He gathers his money but a young man buys it from under his nose. When Jan finally realizes what happened, he snatches it out of his mouth. The stranger says it is a food for men, not a boy. They both fight for it. Jan's 'zowa-zowa' sense tingles and runs off with the food. Niwa is attacking and GekiViolet stops him. Niwa shows off his Beast-Man form and bashes in Ran, Retsu, and Gou. He does a corkscrew attack along with GekiViolet. GekiBlue gets up and fights him. Niwa attacks GekiBlue and GekiYellow with his corkscrew attack. GekiViolet acknowledges that his strength is great.
Jan saves them and is about to transform when they hear a honking. The young man in orange comes charging in a large truck and tries to run over Jan. The other Gekiranger run after them. Niwa gets away to cause more damage. Jan smacks himself into the open driver seat door. The man bites into the food, saying that he now really feels like he is in Japan. GekiBlue scolds the man. The man tells him to stop being so uptight. Jan gets up and angirly shakes the man.
ShaFu arrives and everyone salutes him. They are surprised that the stranger does as well. ShaFu introduces him as Ken, the newest Gekiranger member. He flashes a huge toothy smile at them. Miki asks Ken questions at the Hisatsu household. Miki asks her why didn't come straight back after she contacted him half a month ago. He makes a sheepish excuse about a hotel, vacation and adventure. He makes a suggestive smile. Miki asks why he doesn't have his GekiChanger on.
Ken pulls out his GekiChanger and says it doesn't work. His father considers this an insult. He bashes the table on to Ken and is angry. Kentaro is upset that Ken has been playing hooky, after finally being a pupil. He says that they are no longer father and son. Kentaro kicks his son. Ken says that, "Your son is finally back. Why suddenly get into this?" Father and son start fighting. Sachiko tries to pull them apart. Retsu sighs. Ran says, "He sure likes fighting. " Jan is sad. Gou tells ShaFu that he is against it and they don't need another member. Retsu agrees, he says that Ken is irresponisble and half-hearted. He can't beleive that he qualifies as a GekiJyuKen user. Ran says that he is selfish and she will not acknowledge him as a team member.
Ken addresses the Gekiranger, telling them that they don't know his power. Gou says he doesn't know and doesn't want to know. Gou leaves first, with Ran, Retsu, Elehan and Jan following. Jan teases Ken. Ken tries to stop him. Miki says that it looks like misfortune has been bestowed to them. ShaFu asks Ken what he will do because nobody wants him and if he is going to quit because his GekiChanger is broken. Ken goes out of the house and begs to ShaFu not to be kicked out. ShaFu kneels down to where Ken is and reassures him. He tells him that as training, he must make one of the others acknowledge him as a comrade.
It starts raining in the forest where Rio journeys. Rio says it beings back terrible memories. He sees Jan. He is shocked. Jan smirks. Who appears to be Jan, leaps effortlessly over Rio. He speaks in a strange but familar voice. Rio knows he is not Jan and demands to know who he is. He claims to be his shadow. He changes into Gou. He says that the RinJyuDen members can't get any further. That he will die if he makes his destination. He explains that the Kensei created a special barrier over the Holy Ground called the Nanai Nanase Seki, it will obelirate those covered in Rinki.
Jan is sad and hungry, walking around the city. Ken offers him a bag full of menchi katsu as a peace offering. Ken sits next to Jan. Jan is still not forgiving, turning away from Ken. Jan says one gesture and who he is, are different. He doesn't like the gudagusa herehere type of person. Ken asks Jan if he wants to see his Geki. Jan isn't sure about the strength of a Geki from a man who doesn't properly train. He says that he, Retsu, and Ran can even produce KaGeki. He explains that Gou also has ShiGeki, an unusual form of Geki. Ken apologizes. "I only have normal Geki.."
Jan snickers. Ken gets angry and takes the bag away from Jan. They fight. Jan then gets another zowa-zowa feeling and breaks away from Ken. Ken tries to stop him. Sachiko appears and bows to Jan, speaking rapidly. She pleads to Jan to look at her brother's Geki. She says if he still doesn't liek it afterwards, that is fine. Ken tells her to butt out. She continues on about Ken loving GekiJyuKen. Ken shouts at his sister to be quiet. He tells her to forget it because he has been expelled. Sachiko smacks her brother Ken. "Do you know how Dad and I felt while you were away training? I don't care anymore!" She runs off crying.
Just then a sign breaks and is about to hit her. Ken calls forth a knife from his hand (Geki Ken San) and slices a circle through the sign. Jan says, "The Geki went Bisih-Bishi Pikin!" Ken says that it was Geki KenSan. Master ShaFu appears high on a roof and explains the power of Ken's Geki, that it is as hard as a diamond and just as sharp. ShaFu leaps down. It is a GekiWaza that not even the Kensei have mastered. ShaFu says it seems because it fell into Ken's lap, that he plays around.
Jan tells him that he considers him a teammate. ShaFu hands Ken his GekiChanger, that his father fixed them. His sister is happy. GekiViolet, Super GekiYellow, and Super GekiBlue are getting beat up by Niwa and Mele is happy. Super GekiRed appears and bashes him in. Ken appears and the others are concerned. Gou asks Jan if he acknowledged him as a comrade. Ran wonders why. Jan tells them that they will know when they see what he can do.
Ken calls for the SaiBlade and transforms with both the SaiBlade and GekiChanger. Ken transforms into GekiChopper, Amazing Ability. Niwa gets up. Mele is concerned and calls for Rinshi. GekiChopper battles the Rinshi by himself. He does his SaiBlade Finger: Twist-Twist Bullet attack. The others are impressed. The Rinshi are defeated and Niwa fights GekiChopper. Ken mentions the Rhino style and Gou knows about it.
He tells the others that it is one of the oldest Kenpou in GekiJyuKen. Gou says he can't believe Ken obtained such an ability. Ken pierces through Niwa's armor. Niwa throws a rock at GekiChopper and he slices it. Niwa approaches Ken but Ken throws him in the water. Retsu says that Niwa has the advantage in the water. Ken goes in the water. Ken says, "It's when I'm at a disadvantage, when the light shines!" Ken slices the water. He kills Niwa with his Fierce Ki Grinding Diamond attack.
The changing figure changes from Gou to ShaFu. He tells him he needs SouJyuTou to pass the barrier. It is the power of the creator of JyuKen. Rio tells him that he is weird. "Let's see what happens when I trust you. " Rio walks off. It was Ron all along. He smiles and disappears. Back at SCRTC, Miki and the others celebrate the five together. Jan and Elehan imiate Ken's moves. Retsu, Ran, and Gou are still concenred. Retsu says the power is amazing. Ran says she guesses she has to acknowledge him as a Gekiranger after seeing such a power.
Gou sits in front of them and says that he is too lazy. Ken comes to Gou and spins him around, telling him that he is inflexible and that is why he can't defeat the enemy. He tells them that they have to be relaxed like him. Gou, Retsu, and Ran are still ruffled. Ken laughs. ShaFu comes up to Ken, asking about the SouJyuto and he is bashful. ShaFu says, "I wouldn't be surprised if Rio were after it now. " ShaFu asks where it is. Meaning, he probably he doesn't have it.

  • This episode introduces Ken, Kentaro, and Sachiko Hisatsu.
  • This episode is the first mention of the Soujyuto.
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