Beran-Beran! Burn, Commentator
Airdate: September 02, 2007

GekiFire is already in battle with Confrontation Beast Archerfish-Fist master Pouote and Bae is announcing as usual, Mele brooding as usual. GekiToujaWolf comes in kicking. Ron appears and tells Mele that the battle isn't exciting and that the Gekiranger should know what a tough battle really is. He shows her a gold mist. She wonders what it is.
The mist goes arounds GekiViolet and effects him. Everyone notices. GekiTouja suddenly starts attacking GekiFire. The werewolf has taken over and wearing Gou's jacket. He howls and continues punching GekiFire. Bae wonders why. Ron says it is fitting for them. Mele is wary.
Pouote walks away saying that if friends are fighting, he shouldn't get involved. Bae says he doesn't want to narrate this sort of battle. GekiFire and GekiTouja have a big explosion of energy. Mele blocks her face. Bae is flinged away.
Bae falls near a bridge, next to Gou, who has returned to his human state. Gou can't believe he transformed again. Bae recognizes the forbidden Geki Waza. Gou walks up to the street and Bae follows, saying he can't help his curiousity. Pouote talks to the Sankenma, Mele enters behind him. Pouote claims that the Gekiranger were afraid of the DoRinki he recieved from Maku, so that's why they fought themselves. Rageku jests that it didn't look like that to her. Maku asks her to speak up and she changes the subject to praising Maku.
Mele thinks about Rio, in a flashback when Rio was off to find the JyuKen Sacred Ground, the JyuGenkyou. The Sankenma laugh while Mele thinks that she can't wait to see the expression on their faces when Rio returns to destroy them. Mele notices that Bae is not in her stomach.
Back at SCRTC, Miki heals the wounds of the original three and Gou laments. Miki frets Gou is thinking of leaving once more. Jan runs to Gou, telling him he is his friend. Retsu reasures Gou he is not alone. Ran says she has gotten worse wounds in training. ShaFu sips his cup. Pyon comes in with Bae in his custody. ShaFu remarks he found something strange. Pyon says he caught the suspicious fellow hanging out in front of the SCRTC building.
The trio is mesmerized by Bae. He presents himself to them as a Giant Battle play-by-play enthusiast. The trio are confused, they never heard of such a thing. Bae faints, dissapointed no one had notice (Probably because they are busy fighting). Pyon brings up the point that he switched sides and hangs out with Mele. Bae tells Pyon he is mistaken, he has his reason for being with Mele, he drives attention to Gou, who he says is a JyuJyuZenshin Hen like himself. Gou is shocked.
In a flashback, Bae explains during the GekiRin Rebellion, he fought against Mele on a cliff. Bae also performed the Full Body Change foribideen GekiWaza that Gou did. Because his technique was flawed, he became a small fly form. He was swallowed by Mele. Mele had long hair at the time.
Jan feels for Bae and pets him. Bae explains that is why he can't ignore Gou's pain for his imperfect Fully Body Change. Gou asks, "Imperfect?" Miki says the reason he looses control is that his first JyuJyu Zenshin Hen was imperfect. Bae comments that because of the imperfection is why he can become human again. Gou is surprised with this information. Gou feels pain once again and Retsu runs to his brother. Gou becomes a werewolf. Gou pushes Retsu away and attacks Jan.
Poutote attacks some men. The trio hold Gou back outside the SCRTC building, he tells Ran and Retsu to go fight the bad guy while he holds Jan. Ran tells Retsu to believe in them and they leave. Meanwhile, Pouote is shooting everywhere he can. Retsu and Ran arrive. Ron is above Gou and Jan on a bridge and the idea of them killing each other off pleases him.
ShaFu, Pyon and Bae arrive to where Jan and Gou are fighting. Pyon is about to go to them when ShaFu stops him. He tells him that he feels a dark Ki inside Gou, not Geki, not Shigeki but something evil. Pyon feels it, he says it takes advantage of the flawed JuyJyuZenshiHen and is what is turning Gou back into a wolf. ShaFu says there is possiblity Gou will become human again, if he defeats the wolf inside him.
Gou is about to claw Jan's face when Bae stops him. Pyon and ShaFu are surprised. Gou is still, while Bae says that is what you expect from Iron Will Gou. That he has not lost his human heart. Jan faints. Bae keeps talking during all this. Pyon is surprised. ShaFu explains that Bae is calling Gou's heart. Pyon understands, the GekiJyu Fly-Ken is a technique for changing GekiWaza into words, explaining how he could stop Gou with a word command of 'stop. '
ShaFu says that Bae's words are awakening Gou's heart of Justice. Bae stops talking and faints into Jan's hands. The wolf is released from the trance. Jan asks what is wrong. Bae explains to Jan that he was in Mele's stomach when Rio revived her from her Rinrinshi form, if he is a long time without her Rinki, he will die, meaning that he know lives off Rinki.
Bae tells Jan not to worry about it, he has died before, he wants Gou returned to normal. He says he will not have any regrets if he sees a great giant battle. Bae calls out "Koto Koto Dama!" and the human Gou finds himself in a dark space with the werewolf himself. Bae appears to him, encouraging him. Gou says he will use his own iron fists to take back his heart.
The werewolf fights with a lemon yellow energy. Gou and the werewolf spirits fight outside of Gou's transformed body. Retsu and Ran continue fighting Pouote and become Super Gekirangers.
Gou doesn't give up against his werewolf form. Gou hits the wolf and he howls. He punches him some more. Bae gasps. Gou gives a punch that goes through the werewolf's stomach. A shining white light emits and blinds Jan, Bae, Pyon Biao, and Master ShaFu. The gold energy goes back into Ron's hands. Gou's body returns to his human form.
Jan and Bae give him a huge hug. Ron says, "To eliminate JyuEndou, GekiJyuKen are pretty skilled. " Ron supposes that the GekiJyuKen are worthy with clashing against Rio. He walks away. Pyon congrulates Gou and Bae. Gou thanks Bae. Bae faints. Gou grabs Bae. Bae tells him he wants to see a Giant Battle.
Gou agrees. Gou stands the exhausted Bae up on the ground. Gou and Jan arrive to the scene to save the others. Gou and Jan transform into GekiRed and GekiViolet. GekiViolet defeats Pouote. Pouote becomes giant once again. Gou calls GekiWolf and GekiTiger and GekiJaguar are called from it. GekiViolet forms GekiToujaWolf.
Bae gets up and announces the battle. GekiToujaWolf fights Pouote on its own. GekiFire appears and blocks an attack from Pouote. It knocks Pouote up and GekiTouja jumps on the shoulders of GekiFire and kicks him. GekiToujaWolf destroys Pouote. Bae is happy.
The quartet run to Bae, who has fainted again. Gou asks if this is what he meant by overdoing it before. Bae is dying. Bele says there is no regrets. Mele grabs him with her tongue, surprising the others.
Mele feeds Bae with Rinki, reviving him. Gou is about to thank Mele when she tells them not to misunderstand her. Mele explains to Bae that he was part of her body when Rio revived them, so that makes Bae part of Rio's love. With her pride at stake, she will not let Bae's life end easily. She smiles and leaves with Bae. Mele tells the four that she doesn't feel like fighting. Bae says good-bye as they teleport away. Gou says that Mele took the good part.
Jan says he is happy Bae is alive so it is good. Retsu and Ran are just happy Gou is back. They are happy to be a quartet. Jan grabs them all to group hug. Meanwhile, a ship honks. A young man in a orange and white tracksuit says that Japan looks opressive as ever. He trips and then continues walking.

  • Gou's wolf situation only lasted about three episodes, feels a bit quick. It is probably to make room for GekiChopper.
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