Mohe-Mohe! Consulting your Worries
Airdate: August 26, 2007

Gou transforms and spares with each Gekiranger. They had a plan, Jan grabs Gou. Retsu jumps in the air but Gou flips and stomps on their plan.
They call for the GekiBazooka and Retsu informs his brother that him stomping the plan was part of the plan to distract him. Jan surprises the others by actually wanting to shoot Gou. Gou fights the blast off. Jan is amazed by Gou. Retsu scolds Jan and Ran apologizes to Gou. Gou ignores Jan.
Jan runs off saying 'Mohe-Mohe!' The others wonder what he is bothering him. On the Akugata grounds, Maku shows off his Fury Confrontation Ki and brusts through the mountain as Mele and Rio watch.
Maku walks through the rock, there are a bunch of Confrontation Machine Soldiers gathered. Maku uses his Rinki to bring two of them to life: Butoka and Wagataku with red motifs. Rio stares at his hand and thinks back to when he was able to conjure the Fury Confrontation Ki. He wonders if it will be enough to overthrow Maku.
Miki tells Gou at SCRTC that with four, they are unstoppable. Gou tells her that calculations aren't always right. ShaFu asks where Jan is. Ran is running on a treadmill and tells him what had happened. Michelle Peng comes in and says that she saw Jan and that he seemed worried. Ran deduces that "Mohe-Mohe" means confusion. Michelle greets Gou. She says that a wiseman lives within the forest and she sent Jan to the JyuKen Consultation Office to clear his worries. Sha-Fu asks Gou to go there as well. He grabs Michelle and they leave the building.
Retsu and Ran follow. Michelle leads them through a foggy neck of the woods to a shack. They are surprised to find Gorrie there. Michelle is dressed as a nurse and Gorrie as a doctor. Gorrie is whittling wood pegs.
Jan is elsewhere in the forest, concerentrating on something but still feeling "Mohe-Mohe. " Retsu and Ran leave. When Gou sets out to leave, Gorrie stops him. Gorrie figures out that Gou is worried about disrupting of the 'Triangle. '
Gou worries that if they add him, someone who uses a self-taught skill, to a group like the trio, it will break the triangle. Gou says that to not disrupt the triangle, he will fight alone, seperate from the three. He wants to protect the triangle they worked so hard to refine. Gorrie tells him he is kind. Meanwhile, Mele mopes on the stairs. Ron gives Mele the good news that Rio mastered the Donrinki. Mele wonders why he is sad then. Ron tells her that he might have some worries. Mele wants to rid him of his troubles. Ron says that he needs Rio to worry more in a soliloquy and disappears.
Rio comes down the steps and Mele worries more when he tells her not to follow him. Ran and Retsu spot the Soldiers crash landing in the city. They fight Butoka and Wagataku and notice they are stronger. Jan is by himself and drops the red and purple wood peg.
In the shack, Michelle makes her own peg and offers it to Gou. Gou ignores her and asks Gorrie for an answer and he tells him that the answer is Jan. Michelle is sadly playing with her peg on the bed, complaining that Gou didn't like it and she feels ignored. Gou says that Jan's worry maybe that four can't fight as well as three. Miki informs Gou about Retsu and Ran. Gou tells Gorrie that it felt good getting all of that off his chest and that he will follow down the path he chooses. Gou leaves. Gorrie nods.
Michelle hears a noise and thinks its Gou but it's Rio. Rio has come for guidance about his path. Gorrie has sensed that Rio has already obtained the Fury Confrontation Ki, regrettably he says. Rio smirks. Gorrie says Rio wants to know if the DoRinki will help in defeating Maku. Rio tells him he is correct and asks if he can defeat Maku. Rio gets mad and becomes Black Lion and the shack disappears.
Meanwhile, Mele is with the Soliders and they are beating Ran and Retsu up, they are un-transformed. They are about to attack the two when... Gou comes to the rescue. Retsu tells Gou to fight together but he says he will be their sheild. He tells them to get Jan to form the triangle. Retsu wonders why.
Gou is about to transform when Jan arrives, kicking down ths soliders. He then jumps on top of Gou's shoulder and grabs him. The two struggle. Jan gets Retsu and Ran up. He lines them up in a line. Ran, Retsu and Gou are surprised. Jan explains that with the pegs Gorrie gave him, he found a perfect combination of the four that would work. The others are suprised that Jan's worry was how to line them up. Jan says that Gou probably wanted to fight solo, because being together he worried they would be 'ugaka' or out of place.
He tells Gou that he wants to fight alongside with him. He found a way how a group of four would work instead of solely the triangle. He shows them the pegs and they all start laughing. Retsu reassures him that it is fine. Mele reminds them they are at battle. The four transform and fight the soldiers.
With Ran's GekiHammer, she takes Wagataku's weapon and Retsu uses it against him. Wagataku blasts Retsu and Ran and they transform into Super Gekirangers and defeat him.
Jan tries his GekiSaber on Butoka and both him and Gou do team work on him. Jan transforms into Super GekiRed and delivers a deadly blow on Butoka.
The Gekiranger use the Shigeki and the Geki Bazooka together to destroy the two soldiers. Maku is mad, to say the least. The two soldiers are made huge. Retsu tells Gou to stay behind. They form GekiFire. Gou won't have that, he calls for GekiWolf. Bae narrates. Mele underestimates GekiWolf because it is just a GekiBeast. GekiWolf does a spin attack on the two soldiers but to no use. He falls back. GekiFire gets beat up.
Meanwhile back in the forest, Rio knocks Michelle Peng down. Gorrie tends to her and then stands up to the Black Lion. Rio teases them that they go down on one blow since they took an oath not to fight. Gorrie says he gave up on Kageki and is disheartened by what he now has. Rio fights Gorrie and Gorrie is down. He swats leaves in Rio's face and has him by the neck.
Rio then uses the DoRinki to knock Gorrie off. Gorrie is at Rio's mercy again, at his feet. He says that DoRinki is more powerful. Gorrie tells him once again he is jumping to conclusions. That the Gekiranger might be weak but they work hard to find their answer. That Rio is no match to Maku's power. Rio wants to know more and threatens him.
GekiFire is down and GekiWolf tries again to no avail. Gou calls GekiTiger and GekiJaguar from GekiWolf. They are initially violet in color but then return to their normal state. Everyone is bascially surprised. Shigeki lets him do the impossible. Gou forms GekiTohjaWolf. GekiTohjaWolf and GekiFire double team the soldiers. The two soldiers are destroyed. Retsu asks Gou if this the new way they will battle, Gou tells him that he guess so.
Gorrie tells Rio that Maku's power rivals God's. Rio takes off his armor of Black Lion and lets Gorrie go from his grip. Rio wonders if it is true that on the legendary Sacred Ground of the JyuKen is where God lives. Gorrie sighs and looks down. Rio figures it is true from Gorrie's silence. Rio leaves. Gorrie is concerned. Rio determined to get to JyuGenkyo, the JyuKen Sacred Ground.

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