Hine-Hine! Just My Shigeki

Hine-Hine! Just My Shigeki
Airdate: August 19, 2007

Gou tries to go for Retsu but Retsu ends up saving his brother. Back at SCRTC, Retsu has a bandage on his forehead and Ran's right arm in a sling. Jan is upset and hitting the RoboTough. ShaFu informs them about Hihi's Dorinki. Jan is determined they can beat him. The other two agree. ShaFu says they can't suceed with just that. The three want Gou to join the team but he doesn't. Gou says there is no reward in justice. He says his style is not GekiJyuKen.
To show it off, he borrows Retsu's GekiChanger. His Shigeki (Violet Fierce Ki) bursts out, his alone. He tells them that the GekiChanger can't withstand the Shigeki. He reinvented the Wolf Fist style to his own personal Fukami Style. He flashbacks to when he first mastered it and ShaFu warned him that it was similar to Rinki. ShaFu tells him that Shigeki doesn't choose him. It matters how he uses it. Back in current time, Gou throws the changers back to Retsu. ShaFu reiterates to Gou that Shigeki doesn't choose him but he exits.
Meanwhile at the Confrontation Hall, Hihi is back and shows off his Donrinki once again. Mele applauds Maku but, telling him to give Rio Dorinki like he did to Hihi and he slashes her to the wall calling her a fool. He says he simply doesn't give away power. He only gave it to Hihi to show it off. Rio picks her up and tells her he wants to earn it like the Gekiranger got their Kageki and lets her go to the floor. Tells her not to butt in.
Mele walks outside upset and she is confronted by Ron once again. She tells him he is fault that Rio is mad at her. Ron says he wishes Rio to stronger and to trust her. Ron bows to her and tells her he has good news. He mentions a old enemy of Rio, a wolf, if he joins the Gekiranger, it will be trouble. Mele knows who he means.
Meanwhile at a beach, Gou rests and thinks about being a lone wolf and about his brother. A beach ball falls on him. A bunch of little girls ask for it back. When he goes for it, he thinks of his hands as dirty. He forgets the balls and leaves. One of the little girls throw a clump of sand on him. She is Miki's daughter Natsume and she gets the ball. Gou smiles.
Gold energy passes him and becomes a werewolf once again, scaring the girls. Natsume stays, sitted on the sand. The werewolf breaks her ball, she screams, and he breaks down. The girls call out to Natsume but she bravely tells them not to worry, that she is used to people like 'this'. She holds his hand and he becomes Gou once again.
Hihi attacks the city, blowing up buildings. Little boys cry for help. Mihi shows off more of the DoRinki. Ran grabs him with her GekiHammer and swings him with the help with others. The Gekiranger save the boys and then go after Hihi. Ran takes off her sling and they transform.
Gou is continued to be followed by Natsume and tries to escape her. She won't give up. He tells her not to follow him. Mele attacks Gou. He comments that he is encountering lots of 'scary women. ' Mele is determined to fight for Rio and presents herself. Gou turns his back on her, saying he will go for Rio soon.
She attacks him, saying he will never get close to him. He defends himself from her. He asks why this is occuring. She tells him that she determined to defeat him before he becomes a Gekiranger. He kicks her in the face in a flip and walks away. He tells her he will never become a Gekiranger. She is upset that he is evading her. Natsume comes in the way and Mele is about to poison her with her tonuge and Gou stops it. Gou escapes with the girl in his arms.
Back with the trio, Hihi knocks the Gekiranger out of their armor. Retsu stops Ran from transforming with the Super GekiClaw. He mentions that they can't use the Kageki yet. He is sure that his brother will come to the rescue, that Gou comes when people need help. He is determined to make him join the team. The trio run off to face Hihi again as regular Gekiranger.
They use their legendary weapons and then the GekiBazooka. Hihi rolls over and gets up. He grows big once again. They call for their GekiBeasts and form GekiTouja. Hihi brings GekiTouja down and picks it up by the GekiCheetah leg, picking on the weakest (based on her wounds). He bashes and bashes it. Ran feels it.
Meanwhile, Gou and Natsume has gathered in a safe place. He wraps his injured hand with a piece of cloth from his shirt. Natsume asks if GekiJyuKen is justice, why doesn't he fight? He is surprised to know she knows about GekiJyuKen. Miki arrives with a package for him. He is even more surprised that Natsume is Miki's daughter. Miki tells him that Retsu is in trouble.
And that he and his power is needed. He responds that his fists are dirty and he doesn't seek justice. She asks if he could really ignore those in need. Natsume reminds him of how he saved her. Miki says that is what they call justice. He is surprised of the thought of him having a righetous heart. She opens the case, shows him a jacket and GongChanger.
Master ShaFu approved of the Gong Changer, the day Gou obtained his Shigeki. Gou is surprised but pleased. It depends on his intent, he understood what ShaFu meant. Mele appears with the Rinshi. Gou says he is not planning on running. Gou gets dressed with the jacket and turns to her. He transforms into GekiViolet.
A beautiful violet smoke appears behind him and an inspired theme song plays. Rio feels Gou's energy, feeling that he is stronger than he remembered.
GekiViolet fights the henchmen. More come and he makes a boxing ring appear (Gou Gou Geki) and bashes them in. They then come back to reality. Mele attacks him. He fights her off. She remarks that he lost to Rio but he tells her he is different. He bashes her Sais with his elbow and knees her down.
He makes the boxing ring appear again (Gon Gon Ken) and harness his attack and then bashes Mele twice. She flies to the air and lands behind her. He closes the GongChanger and an explosion occurs on her. Meanwhile, GekiTouja managed to stand up but Hihi continues attacking GekiCheetah, in the process. Jan holds on to Ran. They hear a wolf call.
GekiWolf runs to the rescue and bites into Hihi. Bae says that it is the first time he has seen it. Mele isstill recovering. Hihi knocks GekiWolf on to a building and he jups back off. GekiWolf attacks Hihi and slashes him with its tail (Rou Rou Dan).
GekiWolf replaces GekiCheetah, GekiToujaWolf. The yellow column becomes violet and GekiViolet teleports to the Gekiranger's cockpit space. GekiYellow thanks him. He kneels next to her. He apologizes to her. He then asks Retsu and Jan to stand up and fight.
They fight Hihi and give a huge kick, followed by multiple kicks. The tail goes to the wolf's mouth (Dai Rou Rou Kyaku) and used as a buzzsaw finishing Hihi off. Mele is upset.
GekiToujaWolf glows and becomes the four, without armor. Retsu asks if he is a Gekiranger, Gou makes him recognize. Ran tells him he has to listen to her as captain. Gou walks off and the others follow him. ShaFu talks to himself as if he was talking to Gou, saying he has found his answer after his long journey. The four brace their arms together from each other's back, Gou smiles.
Meanwhile, Rio is upset that even Gou has new power and asks what strength is. He bursts in what appears to be Dorinki (Fury Confrontation Ki). Ron looks on from a distance from behind the bushes, saying out loud he thought it would take longer for Rio to reach this level. Rio tries it again and is happy he has the Dorinki.

  • The thank you sponsor segment and end credits include 'behind-the-scenes' clips to the Movie.
  • Rio obtained his Dorinki in this episode, Mele won't obtain it until Episode 30.