Garu-Garu! What!? You're My Younger Brother!?
Airdate: August 12, 2007

Retsu is shocked to find out the werewolf he followed is his older brother Gou he thought was dead. He confronts the shirtless man. He asks him countless questions. Gou can barely believe the man in front of him is his little brother. Retsu shows him the same cross necklace he has on. He is surprised Retsu is his brother. It has been well over a decade. He thinks he may have been around the world. He holds on to the rail.
Meanwhile at the Beast Confrontation Hall, Kata, Rageku, Rio and Mele bow to Maku. Maku wants to begin the GekiRin Rebellion once again. Maku deploys Kata and Rageku to go to battle. Kata says that for better sake, to leave it to the youths. Maku is not sure about leaving it to 'children. ' Rageku vouches for Rio. Maku takes off Rio's shall. Mele about to stand up but Rio stops her. Out of the shadows, comes Hihi, Confrontation Beast Baboon-Fist, Maku's personal bodyguard. He trusts him more than Rio. Mele thinks back when the blonde stranger Ron confronted her.
He told her of 'good news', that Rio will obtain the Dorinki (Fury Confrontation Ki) and will defeat and overthrow Maku. He says he knows how. Mele wants to know. Ron tells him to watch Maku's bodyguard carefully. He told her not to keep it a secret, he then disappears. Back in current time, Hihi leaves. Then at SCRTC, Miki walks into the main room looking for Gou and they catch up. She is surprised he hasn't aged a bit. He compliments her on her beauty. She tells him that she prayed for his safety. She asks where he has been.
Before he could explain, ShaFu, Bat Li, and Pyon walk in. ShaFu explains Gou had amnesia and that he used a forbidden Geki Waza. Gou says he tried it to stop the traitor Rio years ago. In the confrontation, Rio told Gou he wanted strength. Such talk bored Gou.
Gou told Rio that he lacks wit, style. Rio then attacked him. Gou blocked off the attack. When Gou started to make the stance for the forbidden Waza, Rio's eyes grew.
Gou attempted to use the forbidden Gekiwaza, Beast Full-Body Change and transformed into a werewolf. He jumped on to Rio. An explosion of energy happened. That is his last memory.
Everyone is shocked by this. Bat Li is the first to talk to Gou. He says that when they performed the GekiWaza, they did not know they would loose their human forms. And that even though being inexperienced, he must've known the risks. Pyon says nobody knows why, but he is amazed he returned to being human after that.
Gou is sarcastic and says luck is his special skill. Miki informs him that Rio is now in charge of the Confrontation Hall and the three Kenma are back. Gou is upset. Retsu and the others tell him to join the team. Jan introduces himself. Gou is upset that Retsu broke his promise not to become join the GekiJyuKen. Retsu laments that Master ShaFu told him it was important. Gou grabs him angrily and shows him his cross and pushes him aside.
He asks Master ShaFu with passion why he lured such a 'delicate' person like Retsu to be GekiJyuKen. Pyon tells him Retsu is a fine fighter, anything but delicate. He vouches for his strength. Bat Li says he is proud of his pupil who mastered the GekiFan. Gou scoffs. ShaFu says Retsu is the pillar that holds the Gekiranger. Gou calls it all stupid. Gou exits the building.
Retsu goes after him and his teammates after him. Outside, Gou has disappeared. Jan calls him 'Garu-Garu. ' Retsu shows them his necklace and saying that Gou took care of him in place of their parents. He tells them of when he was a child outside a church drawing while his big brother practiced. That Retsu was a crybaby and idolized Gou. Retsu runs from his drawing to Gou, saying it was a monster.
Gou went to examine the drawing and saw it was a bee. Gou comments that he is such a good artist that the bee thought it was a real flower. Gou grabs it and flicks it away. Retsu stops crying when Gou gives him the drawing. Gou walks deep in his thoughts (that Retsu is too soft) until he sees people run from Hihi, the Baboon. Gou uses his own Ki, which he made himself. and fights Hihi as Mele watched. Hihi comments that he is a JyuKen user. Gou says it's his own, ShiGeki (Violet Ki).
Unfortunatley a golden smoke passes him and he falls in pain. The three Gekiranger arrive and fight off Hihi. Hihi runs off. Ran tells Retsu to check on his brother, which she and Jan run after Hihi. Mele disappears. Retsu approaches Gou who is groaning on the ground. Retsu touches his brother's shoulder, but he has turned back to a werewolf. After a tussle, he becomes human again.
Retsu is about to join his team until Gou shows him the cross again, reminding him of his promise. They return to the church they used to frequent--where they grew up. It is dusty and un-used, Retsu tells Gou it closed down five years ago.
They remember back to when Retsu finished his drawing and it had Gou in the center. Retsu played fight and Gou rushed in telling him not to. Gou did not want Retsu to practice Jyuken at all. He believed that Retsu should focus on drawing those pretty pictures. Gou put his hand on his brother's head and told him fighting was dangerous. He held up his cross. Gou told him that if he broke their promise, they would no longer be brothers. He stood up and Retsu hugged him.
Gou knelt back to eye level and bearing years, Retsu took out his cross and the two crosses touched each other. Gou put on his bag and walked out the church, leaving Retsu crying for his brother. Back in present time, Gou explains that he had to fight, he was fated to do so and loves Retsu. Retsu tells him he understands how he feels but he is no longer a child. After some silence, Gou attempts to punch Retsu...
But Retsu easily blocks the punch. Gou is shocked. Two pigeons fly past the two brothers. Gou ties pushing his fist further but Retsu pushes his brother's fist back. Retsu tells Gou that while he stood still, he moved on. Miki comunicates through Retsu's GekiChanger that Ran and Jan are in trouble. Retsu runs off on Gou.
Meanwhile at the quarry, GekiRed and GekiYellow are attack by Hihi and roll down a hill. They upgrade and do manage to push him back. The eyes on his chest glow and he gets up with the power of the DoRinki. Mele arrives and watches. Hihi bounces around and bashes the two. Retsu arrives and tumbles Hihi down. He fights Hihi and then does somersaults. He lands perfectly and makes a stance. Retsu transforms and upgrades to Super GekiBlue at once. He presents himself. Mele sees someone coming and moves to another spot. Gou runs and arrives.
Retsu is pushed backwards by Hihi. Gou is scared for his brother. But Retsu easily lands with his jets. He then proceeds to fly toward Mihi and knocks him down with his SuperGekiClaw. Gou is impressed by Retsu's power. Hihi fires at Retsu from the mouth on his chest. Retsu deflects all the hits and they make explosions around him. Gou remembers the drawing Retsu drew as a child. He comments that his little brother uses GekiJyuKen as his own drawing.
ShaFu arrives and tells him he is not as delicate as he remembers. Gou realizes the error of his ways in preventing Retsu from his true calling, he never imagined his little brother would grow up so much. ShaFu taps Gou, calling him a fool and leaves once Gou has realized this. Retsu defeats Hihi and he grows huge and GekiFire is formed. Gou is surprised.
Bae appears and narrates. Pyon and Bat Li also appear. Mele watches as Hihi uses his Rinki. GekiFire is getting beaten up. Geki Bat is called and GekiBatFire is formed. Mihi jumps to the air and they follow it, destroying it. Gou nods. Mele is shocked and runs off.
Retsu and the others run to Gou. Retsu is happy, Gou is not and closes his hand into a fist. Retsu closes his eyes. Gou smiles and taps him, telling him good job and leaves. Retsu runs after him. Jan is surprised he is no longer Garu-Garu. Mihi is not destroyed, just dormant. Mele smacks him awake with a rock and he wakes.
He shrinks to adult size and jumps in front of Mele. He says he got power from Maku. He then upgrades. Rio feels it from the Confronation Beast Hall dojo, gold mist runs behind him. Ron appears behind a column, he puts on his hood on and disappears in gold mist.
Jan gets a zowa-zowa feeling and Hihi jumps off from where he was with Mele. He rushes by Ran and Jan, he was about to collide into Gou until Retsu pulls him to the ground. Ran, Jan, and Retsu gather and confront Hihi. He attacks them and a huge explosion occurs. Gou looks up and shouts for his little brother.

  • The thank you sponsor segment and end credits include 'behind-the-scenes' clips to the Movie.
  • Gou mentions in the first episode that Retsu is a man, Retsu still looks like a teenage boy.
  • Did the Beast Full-Body Change Geki Waza become forbidden after the Kensei and Kenma used it?
  • One is to wonder what happened to Rio after Gou and Rio's encounter and why Rio still looks young as well.
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