Gure-Gure! Sukeban Captain
Airdate: August 05, 2007

The man walks aimlessly through the forest. He wonders if this is how Urashima Tarou felt. Tarou is a Japanese folktale about a fisherman that returns from a wonderful land to find everyone he loved was gone due to time. The shirtless man feels a great pain from within.
At SRCTC, the Gekiranger wonder who the new member will be. ShaFu wants to call a capain in finding the newest member and picks Ran, which surprises everyone including her. Meanwhile at the dojo, Maku tries to bust through Kata, Rageku, and Mele, who are protecting the mediating Rio. Maku bats them all aside and confronts Rio.
Rio talks calmly to him. Maku tells him that he doubts Rio's skills as a chief. Rio is grabbed by the chin by Maku. Maku threatens him. Michelle and Elehan come into SCRTC excited that Ran is chief. Ran is teaching a class to Retsu and Jan. Jan begins eating Ramen.
Retsu wonders off. Ran puts Jan's ramen away. Retsu tells her it is time for his shower and will read her material later. Jan gets his Ramen back. Ran forces Retsu back to his seat. Ran emphasises her armband that says 'captain. ' Ran tells them to listen to her. Just then Jan gets a vision of a Rinrishi and they all run off.
Out in the city, Marashiya becomes his Beastman form and attacks the Rangers. Jan and Retsu have problems with Ran's orders and are attacked again. Ran runs toward Marashiya and the boys stop her by calling her a 'bother' and then she is attacked from behind. He gives her many acupunctures with his Rinki.
Marashiya leaves, saying he is hungry. She faints and de-transforms. She has changed, she is now aloof. She takes off the bandanna and arm band. Back at the hall, Rio and Maku combat. Mele winces. Maku slices Rio's rinki. Which reminds him of when Jan sliced him with his GekiClaw in Episode 21.
Maku shows off a great rinki, the DoRinki. Everyone are surprised at Ran's new look and swinging her Geki Hammer. Michelle and Elehan try to take the Geki Hammer from her.
ShaFu suspects it was Marashiya's Needle Sword Mountain rinki. It turned Ran into a sukeban, a 'delinquent girl. ' ShaFu fears there is no way to bring her back to normal. Retsu confronts Ran and she wraps her hammer around his neck, puts her face mask on his face and kicks him in the balls, telling him to stay out of her way.
She wreaks havoc at the SCRTC offices, saying she owns it. Jan holds her. Retsu is surprised that Jan is scolding Ran for a change. Ran headbutts Jan. ran jumps out of a window and leaps on her motorcycle. Natsumi, Miki's daughter, watches her in surprise as the others gatherby her. Jan senses a 'Zowa-Zowa. '
Kata and Rageku describes Maku's Dorinki (Extreme Rinki) to Rio, Maku is so far the only one to possess it. It knocks out Rio and Mele comes to his aid. Maku tells him, 'who you think started the RyuJinKen?' He laughs manically, saying it is what he wanted.
Retsu and Jan run and find a foe in a warehouse, thinking it is Marashiya and transform. Retsu knocks it out and discovers it is a werewolf. Jan calls it a 'wolf. ' They fight a bit and the werewolf in black leather pants runs off. Workers run away and Marashiya is marching behind them and the boys engage it.
At SCRTC, Miki is looking something up in the computer. She tells them she used to be a Sukeban. She walks off, determined, surprising everyone else. Meanwhile, Ran is dancing crazily in a club singing 'Burning Woman'. Miki contfronts her. Other bancho and sukeban circle around Miki and Ran.
Miki speaks in a deaper voice, she says it brings her back. Miki takes the best out of Ran, it turns out she was not only a sukeban in her youth, she was the leader of the Sukeban Alliance, the legendary Miki! Everyone bows to her. Natsumi, Michelle and Elehan watch quietly, Natsumi says she will never defy her mother, Michelle tells them they must go and they run off.
Miki drags Ran out of the club. Miki writes a character (heart) on the board in SCRTC and makes Ran write it over and over. While Jan and Retsu fight Marashiya, Miki talks to Ran. She asks her if she feels anything. Miki tells them that her friends are fighting but what about her? Ran writes the word 'heart' and thinks. A tear of Ran's falls on the paper she was writing on.
Retsu and Jan are about to transform upgrade but Marashiya knocks their GekiClaws out of their hands. Ran comes to the rescue on her bike and grabs the GekiClaws. She then hits Marashiya with her bike. She returns them their GekiClaws. She hasn't changed but she doesn't know why she is back. Jan tells her that her heart is pikapika, that her heart should overcome the darkness. They tell her they liked how she was. She hugs them.
Marashiya comes out and Ran shouts out the word heart, her Gekiwaza breaks the Rinki spell, transforms and then upgrades. She beats Marashiya down. Jan and Retsu obey their captain and then upgrade as well.
The Super Gekiranger fight off Marahiya's prickers and is defeated by the triad's group attack: Super Triple Geki. He becomes huge and they call GekiFire. Ran calls for GekiElephant and they become GekiElephantFire. Elehan and Michelle announce the battle, instead of Bae.
Ran uses the skills she learned as a Sukeban to finish off the monster. He tries to spinning against them and they bash him. Maku sits on the ground in front of Rio, Mele, Kata, and Rageku announcing he is the leader once again and wants to destroy all GekiJyuKen users.
Rio wants to obtain the Dorinki. Maku tells him he must be under him. Rio comes kneels to his 'master. ' Maku cackles. Mele is upset that Rio's reign is over. In the hall, Mele hears a voice. A mysterious blonde man approaches from the shadows. He tells her to call him 'Ron'... for now. He tells her he has been here before.
At night by the bay, Jan and Retsu acknowledge Ran as captain. Retsu spots the werrewolf and goes toward him. He transforms into Gou, Retsu's older brother previously thought to be dead. Retsu runs toward his brother.

  • The thank you sponsor segment and end credits include 'behind-the-scenes' clips to the Movie.
  • Gou first appeared at the end in Episode 22 and in a flashback in Episode 6.
  • This is Ron's first physical appearance.
  • Gou's werewolf problem is not resolved until Episode 27.
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