Kyui-Kyui! Date with a Celebrity
Airdate: July 29, 2007

Rio is still traumatized by his defeat. Mele tries to come to his aid but to no avail. Shocked to his first lost. The last of the Kenma communicates to Rio through the braces, telling him that his rage has touched his soul.
At SCRTC headquarters, GekiRed practices with Sharkie Chan. He tries to transform with his Super GekiClaw but can't. He has Miki check it and she says it's fine. Gorrie asks him questions and Jan doesn't like it. Gorrieputs a banana peel on his head. Sharkie tells Jan to calm down and asks why he was called. ShaFu tells them that Rio is trying to resurrect the last Kenma.
Meanwhile, Mele is surprise that Maku's body is under their headquarters. Upon reaching the Land Fist Demon Maku's final resting place, they are told by Kata and Rageku that they shouldn't ressurect Maku. Mele is puzzled. Rageku tells them that he is different, he is dangerous, he would want to control the RinJyuDen. Rio tells them it doesn't matter, hatred and jealously that they have taught him are not enough.
Rio tells Mele to go on with it. Mele bashes open the bars holding the demon. Rio tries to put in the venom but it does not work. Rageku points out a huge gaping hole in his chest. As ShaFu and Gorrie tell the Gekiranger why, Sharkie tries to leave but Gorrie stops him. The Kenma explain to Rio that Maku's life organ, the Ikgimo was taken by the Kensei and is needed to revive Maku.
Without the Ikgimo, he can't be revived. Kata brings up the point that if they did this, then they are truly afraid of him but Rio is just much more impressed. The Ikigimo was entrusted to Sharkie Chan, but he had lost it in a tidal wave that hit his Aozame Island. The gang are surprised to hear this from Sharkie.
Gorrie shows Miki a magazine, showing who has it now---a celebrity named Alice. They call the Ikigimo 'Nanboku's hereditary Jewel, the Ocean's Eye. ' Alice's ancestors found it in the sea. Sharkie identifies her crystal necklace as the Ikigimo. Alice arrives to a store and everyone notices her. Jan goes up to her and addresses her as Arisu Nanboku. Alice thinks Jan works for the store and offers him money to buy everything from the store. Jan introduces himself and says he doesn't like money and it does not interest him.
Alice is surprised such a person exists that doesn't care for money. She likes his attitude. Alice, Retsu and Ran arrive. Retsu asks Alice if Jan did anything rude to her. Alice's servant whispers to her, telling her who they are. They are then at a resturant. Alice awaits payment for the Ikigimo. Meanwhile, Confrontation Beast Pig-Fist Tabu drags an innocent girl into an alley and fires at her. Mele comes to him and kicks him in the mouth. The girl runs away. Tabu is surprised it is Mele. Mele is determined to find the Ikigimo for Rio.
Retsu paints Alice but she is not amused. He offers her the painting as a gift but she throws it away. She says that Retsu thinks she's a stupid girl who doesn't know art and it is obvious from the painting. Alice says she is hungry and wants Jan to go with her. Ran offers her Soba at her favorite resturant. Retsu tells Ran she should have taken her to a french resturant. But Ran says she is probably used to it.
Alice likes it but she says it tastes the same everytime she comes. Her servant says she comes to the resturant all time for Ramen. They see her autograph on the wall. Alice says that maybe she didn't think a rich girl would come to such a humble shop. Ran whines. Alice grabs Jan and leaves. Alice buys expensive clothes for Jan, which he doesn't exactly appericate. She takes him to a jewlery store to get a watch, where he gapes at the jewlery. Jan wants to show Alice the "Kyui-Kyui," or natural beauty of things. He drags her away and takes off all the clothes she bought him.
Naked, he climbs a tree, which shocks her. He points at a bug, fish, and flower, calling it 'Kyui-Kyui. ' He asks her what is her Kyui-Kyui. She says she doesn't have one even though she can buy anything and everyone is nice to her. Jan runs off and comes back with a large amethyst stone, asking for the Ikgimo in exchange but she she throws the stone away. She smacks him. They go to the bridge, Jan looks over the bridge for the stone.
Alice is then captured by Tabu and Mele. Mele takes the Ikgimo and Jan fights her as GekiRed. Mele transforms to her Beast form and teases him about Super GekiRed. He calls the GekiClaw and tries to upgrade but can not.
Mele teases him and bashes him away. Tabu gets away with Alice while Mele skips away with the Ikgimo. Jan then must choose between retrieving the Ikgimo from Mele... or chase after Tabu and rescue the stuck up celebrity.
Tabu prepares to eat, he has Alice hung over fire. GekiRed comes in the warehouse and Tabu blows Jan away and fights him. Alice slips little by little into the fire. She screams. Jan flames up and transforms into SuperGekiRed and rescues Alice. Gorrie, GekiBlue and GekiYellow come running in. Gorrie explains why the claw worked, that it is when he wants to protect someone important, not when he wants to use it for himself.
Alice is scared of Gorrie. Alice recognizes the other two as Ran and Retsu. The others power up and fight off Tabu. Tabu bashes in Jan but he picks up the monster up and tosses him away. The Super GekiRanger use the GekiBazooka and destroy Tabu. Tabu becomes huge and breaks through the building. The SuperGekiranger call for their GekiBeasts and form GekiFire.
Gorrie peals a Bannana but Sharkie comes in and takes it. Alice is confused. GekiFire tries but it can't defeat Tabu. Gorrie mentions that Tabu is absorbing their attacks because of his fat. Tabu farts in front of GekiFire.
They form GekiSharkFire. Alice is so excited, she punches Sharkie.
Then she punches Gorrie. Tabu is sliced and destroyed for good.
Gorrie and Sharkie fall on each other. Alice returns to the lake looking for the stone Jan gave her. She wants to look for itself. She looks at its beauty and thanks him.
Rio meanwhile has the Ikgimo and places it in Maku. Bringing him to life with the last venom. Mele is pleased.
Maku bashes Mele in. The other two Kenma back away. Maku makes everything shake... including the SCRTC headquarters. ShaFu recognizes what the cause of this is.
Jan asks for forgiveness. Gorrie gives Jan a pep talk, telling him that he chose the correct path. Sharkie cowards. The three are determined to fight. ShaFu says the triangle won't be enough. Miki announces a need for another Gekiranger.
Meanwhile somewhere else, awakened by the shake, a handsome shirtless man emerges from a cave under the moonlight. He wears a silver cross necklace with a wolf on it. He realizes that he had lost.

  • The thank you sponsor segment and end credits include 'behind-the-scenes' clips to the Movie. The last episode this will occur is Episode 25.
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