Biki-Biki-Biki-Biki! Extremely Kageki
Airdate: July 22, 2007

The Gekiranger run towards the battle ground but Jan takes Gorrie Yen's statement to heart and wonders what he is he fighting for. Rio, Mele, ShaFu and the soliders await the trio and ShaFu asks Rio what he is fighting for. Ran asks ShaFu is he is okay, he tells them to believe in themselves to advance. Rio asks, 'Why fight?'
The city is under attack and people are under peril and Kata and Rageku love the destruction they cause, reveling in Rio's 'success'. Back at SCRTC, Gorrie, Michelle, and Pyon are there and Miki checks on the battleground on her computer.
A cloud attacks the Gekiranger with lightning. Rio jumps out in front of the explosion and changes into his armor. Rio combats the Gekiranger once again. Rio claims it is the end of the GekiJuiKen. Rio uses the Rinjuu Jelly Ken against Ran.
Rio pulls out small knives and throws them at Retsu. Rio takes Jan's GekiSaber and throws it at him, landing in front of him. Jan rushes toward Rio and flips and does his GekiTiger attack.
Rio slashes Jan mid-flight and bashes him out of his armor. Mele celebrates. The Master Triangle are upset at what they are watching. Rio tells ShaFu the reason he fights is what he chooses, to keep winning. The Rin Jyuken is his power.
ShaFu tells him not to be afraid, that he can feel his fear. "You've been afraid since that day. " ShaFu makes Rio think back to his darkest memory and then bats this memory away. He mashes Ran into the ground, making her de-transform and kicks her away.
Retsu protects Ran and Rio kicks him away out of armor, into water. Jan watches as Rio tortues Retsu and pleads him to stop. Kata and Rageku say what a good student Rio has become.
Rio causes an explosion behind Jan. He steps on Retsu's head and keeps his foot there. Jan thinks about all the suffering everyone is enduring. He wonder why his strength exists and why he fights and realizes why. Jan attempts to get up. He slowly gets up and he states he wants to protect everyone and that is why he fights. He bursts in energy and becomes GekiRed. Ran and Retsu smile. ShaFu's eyes open. The gang in SCRTC celebrate. Gorrie says its time to call for the Super GekiClaw.
Jan calls for the Super GekiClaw. "Super Beast-on!" He transforms into Super GekiRed. Everyone covers their eyes at the blinding light. All the city is returned to normal and Kata wonders what caused it.
Jan punches Rio into a mountain. Jan picks up Ran and Retsu.
Rio wonders why Rio uses his strength to bash the weak, he should be using his power for protecting. Mele calls the soldiers. Retsu and Ran transform, call their Super GekiClaws and upgrade. ShaFu says that now the dream can become real.
Retsu uses his jets to finish off Butoka. Jan slices Wagataku's weapon, using her jets to fight him in mid-air and then finishing him off with her GekiClaw.
Mele can't believe it, that the Gekiranger are different and stronger, how could this power be? ShaFu makes her recognize, telling her that overcoming one's limit with the help of friends, nothing can be underestimated. Rio and Jan fight, Jan had Rio by the neck but Rio lets go. Rio calls the power stupid. Jan tells him he won't loose. Jan bashes Rio in the stomach, then kicks him away and flies to him to bash him some more.
Rio is weakened, gets up and then huge explosions occur. Out of armor, Rio barely can speak. Mele runs to her beloved. ShaFu nods. Mele comes to the sizzling and unconscious Rio.
Jan goes to hug ShaFu. Ran and Retsu release ShaFu and he stretches. The gang applaud Jan. The rest at SCRTC celebrate. Rio wakes up and says that he can't loose. Mele holds him back from fighting back. She pleads to Rageku and Kata. Rageku can't believe Rio lost.
The two of them call upon their Rinki to make the two soldiers Butoka and Wagataku bigger. Super GekiRed calls for GekiGorilla and enters him. Gorrie knods. Jan makes the movements of a gorilla beating its chest.
Super GekiYellow calls for GekiPenguin and enters it. She immiates the penguin and the GekiBeast rides its surfboard. Michelle leaps for joy. Pyon tells Retsu to call for GekiGazelle which he does. Bae is shocked at the appearance of these new beasts.
GekiGorilla climbs on the laser jets of GekiPenguin's board. GekiGorilla attacks Butoka while GekiGazelle attacks Wagataku. Butoka and Wagataku are both down and then recoup and attacks the two again.
They do a dual attack toward to GekiPenguin to no avail. GekiPenguin avoids it all. Gazelle Kick Penguin Bullet! GekiGazelle then kicks the board forward and Penguin attacks the enemies.
Then GekiGorilla and Penguin does an attack with shockwaves. Jan calls forth GekiTiger and GekiShark that come from within GekiGorilla.
Ran calls forth GekiCheetah and GekiElephant that come from within GekiPenguin. Jan calls forth GekiJaguar and GekiBat that come from within GekiGazelle.
"Gekiwazu - Dai Gou Gou Juu" ShaFu is amazed at them. The two soliders do an attack. All nine of the GekiBeasts do an attack on the two soliders. They bash the attack of the soliders. But Butoka survived and takes the Rinki of the fallen Wagataku. He bashes the GekiBeasts. Mele shuts Bae up and applauds Butoka.
Miki and the Master Triangle tells them to combine the three new beasts. GekiFire is formed and fights Butoka. Rio tries to walk forward but Mele holds him back. She feels he is trembling but doesn't know if it is anger, contempt or fear.
GekiFire bashes Butoka into a mountain and finishes it off with its finisher attack, Gan Gan Knuckle Drop. Butoka becomes stone and crumbles a bit. GekiFire splits the res tof it and crumbles it away. The Gekiranger celebrate. Bae is flicked away. Mele takes Rio away. Rio looks at Jan and recognizes that he is the successor of the 'White Tiger. ' The Gekiranger happily go with their master until Jan notices Rio who curses him. Rio and Mele leave.

  • Many fans point out the similarities between the nine GekiBeast's attack and the Gaoranger's Power Animals' attack.
  • The Gazelle and Penguin are the first in Super Sentai history.
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