Gicho-Gicho! Triangle Opposition Match
Airdate: July 15, 2007

Jan races through the forest and perches on a tre, he and his teammates are determined to save Master ShaFu. Out of nowhere, voices speak to them and then they are punched and kicked. Jan identifies them as a Penguin, Gorilla and Cow. The Gazelle clarifies that he is a Gazelle. They present themselves are the Master Triangle. The trio transform and they combat the three strangers.
The gorilla against Ran, penguin against Retsu and the gazelle against Jan. They end thrown in a circle. They recieve a message from Miki telling them that these three are Kensei. They each express that they are no good, and that ShaFu is as good as dead. At ShaFu's prision, Mele is in see-through form and wonders if she should kill him. Shafu tells her to show herself, but before she can speak, Rio comes in and tells her to stand down. He tells ShaFu that he is pathetic.
Miki presents Michelle Peng, the director of the Sweden branch of SCRTC. Miki brings her a cup of shave ice. Gorrie presents himself and gives each Gekiranger a copy of his novel he has written in New York. Pyon Biao knocks out the RoboTough and presents himself. Pyon says he was taking care of poachers in Kenya. Gorrie shows them the GekiClaw. They plead them to learn from them. The three kensei look at each other and start laughing. Miki brings in a scroll. Miki then explains that they must compete with them to be able to achieve the Extreme Ki.
They are inside a temple. They look at the board, it says Jan must go against Gorrie in a test of heart, Ran with Michelle Peng in technique and Retsu versus Pyon in body. They surprised who they must oppose, at each of their's weaknesses. Gorrie challenges Jan, he must hone his 'heart. ' The competition is to stack coins on top of each other vertically. Jan is upset that he is not fighting in combat, he considers that a real battle. Gorrie stacks four coins up. Gorrie asks Jan why he is learning GekiJyuKen, Jan says strength. Gorrie then considers that he and Rio are the same.
This upsets Jan. Gorrie doubts Jan exceling in JyuKen. Gorrie has then stacked a dozen coins successfully while Jan hasn't done one. He is fustrated. Retsu warns him not to blow it but he knocks the coins away. Michelle comes in and announces Gorrie as the winner. Retsu comments that Jan gave up. Rio and Mele berate ShaFu's pupils, saying depending on those losers is pathetic and risking it all on hopelessness.
Back at the temple, Retsu scolds Jan and rolls him out of the place. He tells him he is costing ShaFu's life. To knock them out of it, Ran splashes water on them from a vase. Retsu and Jan don't face eath other. Michelle asks Ran if she is ready. Ran is but when she sees the Half Pipe on the roof of SCRTC headquarters, she is bewildered. Michelle shows her technique by performing multiple spins.
Michelle gets a score of 100 points on the digital scoreboard. When Ran attempts the same challenge, she at first falls. Ran is determined to go again, this impresses Jan. Retsu begins to shout to her more about technique on her next attempt. He tells her to visualize what Michelle Peng did. Ran thinks back to what Michelle did and concerntrates. She spins in mid-air and ties with Michelle.
Michelle is surprised. The trio celebrate. Ran thanks Retsu. Then two triangles are place on the female's names. ShaFu starts laughing, saying Rio is jealous because his pupils will beat him. ShaFu stands up and faces them. Rio is angry.
It becomes night and it is Retsu versus Pyon in a soccer field. They must grapple to take a bandana off of theother's arm. Retsu transforms. Retsu attempts to use his Technique and seemingly has the best of him, but Bion counters this with Body. Retsu is knocked down and grapples his arm.
He snaps his arm back in place and continues fighting. He is knocked to a pole. Ran tells him to not give up. Retsu tells himself that he must accomplish this, to get back at Rio for insulting his brother. He manages to get to Pyon but he bashes him out of his armor.
Jan calls him an idiot and tells him to abadon his technique. Pyon reaches out for Retsu but he rolls out of the way and tackles his feet but is knocked off. Pyon laughs. Pyon tells him it is over. Retsu struggles to stand up and is knocked into a puddle of water. He gets beat up into the early morning. But Retsu doesn't give up.
Pyon and Retsu strapple each other. Retsu is beneath Pyon. Countering the body, he kicks Pyon into the air. When Pyon comes down, he slams him, taking his bandana. Bloody and beaten, Retsu celebrates and then faints. Pyon congratulates his pupil.
Gorrie comments to Michelle that sometimes young people disappoint you and then a miracle happens and sometimes they really surprise you. The trio sit around in a circle. Retsu surprises them by saying that Jan was the one who helped him. It helped having a friend encourage him. Jan considers the triangle perfect now.
At the same time, Rio blows up the bars in front of ShaFu with his rage. ShaFu defends himself with his own Waza. Jan senses Rio's rage. Gorrie awards them the Super GekiClaws to achieve the Kageki. Retsu admits they don't have the Kageki yet, but they got to try. Determined to save their master.

  • Gorrie brings up a good point about Jan, if he is taking this seriously because he sort of fell into this.
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