Gokin-Gokin! Showdown with Rio
Airdate: July 08, 2007

Kata returns to the Confrontation Hall--to contribute to Rageku's view that what is standing in the way of Rio being a true master is him letting the Geki Jyuken exist. The Gekiranger fight Eruka, another Confrontation Toad-Fist user. Eruka then grows giant. They know GekiTouja's attacks won't work on a Toad-Fist user.
The Gekiranger say they are stronger than before, so they call for GekiElephant and form GekiElephanTouja. Eruka forms his fat shield known for the Toad-Fist users and smash it. Eruka then uses his secret Ringi and leaps into the air. The Gekiranger call for GekiBat and form GekiBatTouja and fly after him and knock him down.
Eruka falls down and they form GekiSharkTouja and spin aound, slashing right through him, destroying him. Mele is surprised at how strong they are. If Rio wants to accomplish his goal, he must sever his ties to prove he is committed. Erase GekiJyuken from within him and from the world. He agrees, anything for absolute power.
Master ShaFu's eyes open and feels Rio's Rinki. The Gekiranger come back celebrating their victory at SCRTC. ShaFu reminds them that Rio is getting stronger, they apologize, he tells them it is okay. Mele returns to find Rageku and Kata commencing Rio's rite of passage (RinMei Ceremony) to become even more powerful.
Rio drinks from a dish, the Dish of Oaths and smashes it on a column. Rageku and Kata bring two statues to life. Two Kabutomushi Confrontation Ki Soldier Butoka--Kata's will and Wagataku-- Rageku's shadow. They bow to Rio. Kata tells Mele to watch over Rio as he battles. Rio prepares to leave.
Meanwhile, ShaFu looks over old things, especially a photo of him and Rio. It burns away in purple Rinki fire, ShaFu recognizes it as Rio's. The Gekiranger run to a quarry where the RinMei Ceremony flag is. Mele is there to welcome them. The sky becomes purple, Rio and the soliders appear.
Rio becomes Black Lion. The Gekiranger transform and present themselves. The three run toward the foes, Jan aiming for Rio. The two soliders rush against Jan and Retsu and pin them. Ran is concerned until Rio challenges her, calling her 'woman'. She tries her best with the Geki Hammer but Rio is impenetrable. She tries her many fists but he takes hold of her fist.
He bends her arms and pushes her down. She tells him that he only thinks about himself and since he makes other people suffer, the evil of Rinjyuden is unforgivable. She pushes him off her. Then she uses her GekiWaza GekiCheetah towards him but he smashes through it, de-materializing it. He tells her that the greatest evil is not what he does, but weakness itself is evil. He bashes her all the way to a mountain.
Retsu comes to her aid, he then tries his Geki Fan on Rio to no avail. They speak about beauty. Rio gets him by the arm and teases him about his older brother--who lost to him, he claims. Rio holds Retsu in the air and tosses him away and then kicks him hard on a hill.
Jan is released from Wagataku's grip and he faces Rio. GekiRed gets angry, telling him that real strength is shared and that strong people are kind. Rio considers him naive and pathetic, Jan tries his GekiSabers on Rio, he combines them but no result. Jan is down but not out, he gets up and calls his teammates.
They form the GekiBazooka, the soliders stand in front of Rio but he pushes them aside. He gathers the GekiWaza energy and destroys it with his hands. He uses his RinLion Rinki and causes an explosion. Ran and Retsu are no longer transformed, except for the Unbreakable Body, who is still standing.
Mele is surprised. Rio bashes Jan in with his rinki, penetrating his armor. He steps on the bleeding Jan. "The Tiger will never beat the lion. " Jan's eyes become orange and he yells.
Jan stands up. The energy blinds Rio and he backs away. This reminds Rio of the white tiger, a man, he mentioned in the last episode. The others gape at Jan. Jan is about to do an attack on Rio but faints on him weakly. Rio takes off his armor and stares down at his foe.
Mele approaches to Jan to kill him and the other soliders aim at the fallen Gekirangers but Rio tells them to stop. Master ShaFu approaches them. ShaFu proposes a deal to Rio, Rio wants to know what he will get. Shafu tells him he can see something he could never obtain, the Kageki--the Ultimate Geki.
ShaFu proposes that if he defeats them after they obtain it, it might prove his full strength. Mele warns Rio but he listens to the master. Rio asks if they able to obtain it. ShaFu says 'Didn't you see Jan's new Geki Fire?' He is confident they will obtain the Kageki. Rio agrees to the terms. The two soliders block ShaFu and circle him. Rio tells ShaFu if the trio don't obtain it in three days, he will kill ShaFu.
ShaFu agrees and goes with them peacefully. The three Gekiranger shout for his master, Mele kicks Jan over. Butoka blasts at them. Later that night, it is raining and they are in the same spot. Miki comes to them under an umbrella, asking them to stand up. They all lament. Miki won't hear them give up and slaps each one of them. Miki gives them a pep talk and they stand up, determined to save ShaFu.
In the city, an anthropomorphic Gazelle man leaps from rooftop to rooftop, who says he must travel 300 kilometers to his destination. A white limosene pulls up to a hotel and a Penguin woman steps out of it.
A gorilla man goes down an elevator gripping a claw weapon, stating it has been a while he has been in Japan. The Gekiranger march on against the sunrise.

  • The Master Triangle are briefly seen at the end of this episode.
  • Some of what transpired between Rio and Retsu's brother is shown in Episode 24.
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