Sharkin-Kin! The Body is Strong

Sharkin-Kin! The Body is Strong
Airdate: June 24, 2007

Dokariya used his Ringi Hontai Shudatsu Uchi to control GekiShark, Mele explains. Just when GekiShark is out to attack GekiTouja, Master Li comes in to block it.
The three kensei are reunited and the Gekiranger call for the GekiElephant to subdue GekiShark. Bae asks Mele if she is mad but she just says that she is looking forward to what is coming up next. She pets Bae.
Ran and Retsu thank Elephan and Bat Li. Jan wonders where Sharkie Chan is, he seemed to be hiding, but he then asks the others why they were there. Bat Li says that letting someone steal his body is a disgrace. He cries and goes to a body of water.
ShaFu and Miki arrive with camping gear. Miki tries to chear up Sharkie. At the camp site, everything is set up. Sharkie shreds a huge block of ice.
To make lovely shredded ices. Elephan and Bat Li keep repremanding Sharkie and he wants to prove he has a strong body. Elephan says putting body first was his first mistake. Bat Li says it was too early for Sharkie Chan to have a pupil and that Jan shouldn't be left in his hands. Jan interupts and stands up for Sharkie and they run away.
Sharkie cries up the sea. Jan reassures him that he is a great master. Sharkie fears Jan will be a failure if he follows a failure like him. He then says 'Hamon,' which Jan inquiries about. Hamon means to be expelled, that Jan isn't his pupil anymore and jumps in the water and swims away. Jan is very sad.
Rio spares with Rageku and she calls him weak and bashes him into a wall. She explains that Shafu was the only man to reject her. And thinking about him burns her body and that emotion powers her. Rio says Shafu isn't his opponent anymore, that no one is strong enough for him to be jealous of.
Rio states that her training is a waste. Rageku wonders, she makes him think about who really burns his body, someone he can't absolutely forgive. At night, in the camp, someone picks up a sword. Jan, ShaFu, and Retsu are sleeping in the same tent. The shadowy figure slices the sword through it to get to ShaFu.
ShaFu and Jan wake up to a slicing sword. Retsu asks him if he is okay. They jump out of the tent but the assiliant is gone. Miki wonders if it was Sharkie. She says she saw him running and that he dropped his sword. Bat Li and Elephan wonder if Sharkie has turned evil. Jan refuses to believe that.
Elephan explains that that is how the Kenma came to betray them. Bat Li and Retsu go and search Elephan and Ran as well. Miki tells Jan to go as he hesitates. Sharkie is alone in a cave throwing rocks. He is confronted by Elephan, Bat Li, Retsu, and Ran. They capture him and he wonders why.
Miki and ShaFu roll up the camping stuff. She tells him to take it away. When he is not looking, Miki grabs a pointing needle and attacks ShaFu.
Jan stops her and they struggle. She manage to get loose and hits Jan. ShaFu says she is possessed. Miki and ShaFu fight through the forest and then to a high hill.
Meanwhile, the others take Sharkie custody and SHarkie claims his innocence. They see Miki fighting Shafu and Dokariya jumps out of her mouth. The others come to her aid.
Dokariya wants to take ShaFu's life, he possess Jan. Armed with the GekiSaber, he targets ShaFu, Jan's body shakes and won't move. Dokariya finds it difficult to control Jan and is spat out. Retsu and Ran ask Jan what technique he used to bust Dokariya's technique. He tells them that he learned it from Sharkie. ShaFu agrees.
Bat Li and Elephan let Sharkie go and praise him. Sharkie cries. Jan transforms into GekiRed. Mele appears and dispatches the Rinshi. Ran and Retsu transform as well, telling their masters to watch them since they took an oath not to fight.
Sharkie flips a Rinshi's head backwards. Dokariya attacks GekiRed and he avoids them and slices him. Sharkie tells Jan to combine the GekiSabers, which he does. GekiRed tries his new attack on Dokariya.
For Rageku, Dokariya grows big one last time. GekiTouja is formed. Dokariya jumps into the water. The trio calls for GekiShark and become GekiSharkTouja and dives in the water.
Bae entered the water with scuba gear. Dokariya knocks them away but they leap off and swim toward him.
Dokariya hides in the rocks and blends in. The Gekirangers still aim and hit him directly. Then both of them try screw attacks but GekiSharkTouja is the winner.
GekiBatTouja jumps out of the ocean as the big explosion occurs. Bae comes out of the water and Mele tries to swat him with a large fly swatter. ShaFu reassures Sharkie that masters aren't perfect and student and master must grow together and that is what a master is.
Sharkie thanks ShaFu. Bat Li, Elepha and Miki nod. Jan runs to Sharkie and they have a loving embrace. Meanwhile with Rio, he thinks Rageku has nothing to teach him. He says he is already stronger than everyone, so he has no one to be jealous of.
She makes him think of the one person that really burns his body. He thinks a man in silhouette surrounded by orange fire and a spirit of a tiger. He says 'Tiger. ' Rageku wonders if it is Jan, but he says no. 'No. A white tiger,' he says He explains that no matter what he did, he couldn't beat this guy. Rio then proceeds make a fist out of his hand and shakes it angrily. He burns up in purple energy.

  • Byakko, the white tiger, is mentioned by Rio again in Episode 21.