Goro-Goro! Teacher and Student Love
Airdate: June 10, 2007

Miki aks Ran and Retsu how their GekiHammer and GekiFan are doing. Jan is jealous and wonders why he wasn't chosen by a Kensei. They find him childish. He thinks he will fine on his own until ShaFu says he will train with a Kensei. To learn about the sea, to be in the same playing field as the Kenma of the Sea.
At the Beast Confrontation Hall dojo, Rageku applies lipstick to Mele, saying beauty can be used as a weapon as well. Rio comes in asking for a lesson. They recieve a visitor--Hermit Crab Fist user Dokariya. He is her pupil and he brings her flowers. Rageku tosses the flowers to Mele and Dokariya feels denied. Dokariya is sent to do evil, Rageku orders Mele to observe him, leaving Rageku and Rio alone.
The Gekiranger are left on an island by Miki, via a plane. In the forest, they find a canoe with ranger-colored back packs on a river. A Shark-creature spies on them.
They row gently on the river until they are bombarded by rocks. Jan fights them off with his oar. Fire is thrown into the river and it becomes engulfed in fire. Jan places his oar in the middle and spins the boat widly to push the fire away. The shark is impressed.
Jan keeps paddling when they spot a shark fin following them. It catches up with them. They almost reach the 'finish line' when Jan smashes the oar in two with his head and races to the end in incredible speed.
The shark comes out of the water. Jan imitates him and they get along famously. His catchphrase is "Sharkkin!" Retsu wonders if he is a Kensei. He introduces himself as Sharkie Chan. The Gekiranger introduce themselves. Ran says she wants to get to training quickly. Sharkie says training is over and Jan passed.
Sharkie tells Ran and Retsu to use their weapons. Sharkie gets a package from the boat and presents Jan with the GekiSaber, two swords. Mele and Dokariya walk the forest. Mele doesn't think he has the power to defeat Sharkie. He offers to show her and a yellow gas emits from his mouth.
Mele becomes her beastman form and kicks him in the crotch. She says no one touches her lips except for Rio. As she want to vomit, Bae comes out of her mouth. Dokariya grabs him, saying that he will do for his demonstration.
Jan doesn't know how to use his new weapons. Sharkie tells Jan to think back to how he used the oars in the lake, how his body felt. He starts waving them around. Jan spares his teammates with their weapons. Jan gets the best of his two teammates. Sharkie tells the others they must work on their upper bodies and do push-ups. Sharkie is pleased and sheds tears.
Meanwhile, Rageku spars with Rio. Rio becomes Black Lion. Ran and Retsu do their push-ups while Jan practices. Jan tells Sharkie about 'Goro-Goro,' a feeling he gets of pride as an apprentince. Sharkie cries and runs away. Jan smiles.
Sharkie washes his eyes with the lake water and gains his composure. Then he spots Bae and recognizes him. He says he disappeared after a big robo battle. Bae injects him with Dokariya. Sharkie Chan then approaches the Gekiranger and attack them. Retsu and Ran try to take hold of him and they transform.
Sharkie gets the best of GekiYellow and GekiBlue. Jan wraps his arms around him, trying to snap him out of it but the shark continues fighting him. Mele arrives.
Sharkie smashes Jan with his foot, he is about to slice him when Jan yells, "Sharkkin!" He realizes what he is doing and pulls back. Retsu and Ran kick him and Dokariya pops out. Sharkie feels bad and runs away.
Jan is angry. He transforms into GekiRed as he races toward Dokariya. He bashes him up endlessly with the GekiSabers and then flips his head backwards.
The trio call for the GekiBazooka but Dokariya dodges their attack. He becomes giant and the triad call for GekiTouja.
Bae comments that he doesn't remember anything from before. He comments over the battle. Sharkie appears and encourages Jan. They call for GekiShark.
It launches from the sea and bashes Dokariya. Mele smiles. GekiShark jumps out of the water and bites GekiTouja. Sharkie is shocked.
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