Jiri-Jiri! Rin Ju Hall, Extracurricular Class
Airdate: June 03, 2007

Kata is happy that Rageku is back, she has brought rain. Rio was to train under Rageku but she is not impressed, she rather train Mele because she sees the potential in her. Kata does not agree and leaves. Mele is modest and Rageku tells her to fight Rio but Mele refuses. Rageku tells Mele to get out, Mele says she only obeys Rio.
Rageku tries attacking Mele and Rio blocks the attack but gets injected with one of her tentacles. Rio starts to become purple, it is the Ringi Rabu Shouwaku, a poison that reacts to Rinki. It seals Rinki and Rio will die in a day. Mele tries fighting Rageku but Rageku tells her it is part of the lesson, that Mele will fight the opponent she gives her using all her power. Rageku teases Rio.
At SCRTC, Retsu comes in many presents, that comes from admirers apparently. ShaFu thinks back to the days he got many presents, the other ignore and tease him. Master ShaFu gets upset and reveals he used to be handsome human. Then he changes the subject, advises Retsu that to thread careful with a woman's heart.
It is a bright beautiful day in the city until something start bubbling out of the sea. The sky becomes dark and Rageku emerges.
The Gekiranger fight Rageku with GekiTouja. They try all their attacks but she is too slippery and powerful.
She slithers around them and attacks them. She knocks them out of their Gekibeasts.
Master ShaFu prepares to go but Miki reminds him of his oath to not fight--he states he has unfinished business. Rageku approaches the trio and knocks them out. ShaFu then appears, Rageku calls her 'darling. '
Shafu reminds her that he sealed her, because of his mistakes. She is upset that he didn't reciprocate her feelings and finds it regrettable he is not as handsome as he used to be. He says what she did was regrettable. Master ShaFu asks "Are you try to bring back the GekiRin Rebellion?" Kata then appears. The Gekiranger detect that Kata has the same sort of Rinki as Rageku. ShaFu presents them as traitors.
Master ShaFu reveals that there were ten that studied the Jyuken. But three embraced the evil in their heart and formed the RinJyuDen, referring to themselves as the Kenma.
The other seven became Kensei and their was a big battle called the GekiRin Rebellion. Jan is very happy to know that they have more on their side, there is four more Kensei to discover. Rageku brings forth Mele and Rio.
Rageku wraps her tentacles around ShaFu and calls him Mele's opponent. Everyone is shocked. SheRan offers to be the opponent and Rageku sticks the three Gekiranger in goo.
Rageku threatens Rio if Mele doesn't fight ShaFu. Mele states that she fights for his love. Mele runs toward ShaFu in her beast form. They fight and Rageku tells Rio to watch what real strength is.
If his rinki is shown, the poison will grow more quickly. Shafu calls this decision another mistake and tells Rageka it was stupid to make him fight a youth. Mele then does her hidden Ringi, the Mugen Reppa, that burns her own blood cells to gain power. Kata is impressed. Rageku calls Kata a hypocrite.
hen she attacks him with Ringi Zenkaido Raan, diving into the ground. Mele and ShaFu leap out of the hole. Master ShaFu is fine.
Rageku reveals that Mele's strength is that Rio is her weak spot. Rio starts moving and Rageku advises against.
Rio conquers his strength, calling forth a strong Rinki and bursts off the poison. Mele starts her third attack. If does so, she will die.
She is stopped by Rio. She faints. He tells her that she showed him her strength. Rio created a stronger Rinki, becomes Black Lion and fire attacks everyone.
ShaFu is shocked but Rio tells him he will defeat him another day. Black Lion rushes Rageku back to the sea and they fight on shallow water.
Rio claims he noticed her opening. She uses her jelly Ringi to dodge his fists.
Mele arrives. Rio does a devastating attack. He causes Rageku vertiable damage, bashing her into a hill.
Kata watches. Mele reunites with Rio. Rio tells Rageku to leave. She laughs. She tells them that it was not that Rio wanted to save Mele. But because he was jealous of Mele's powers. She wonders if they can follow her. They both bow to her. They both ask to be taught. She will teach them jealously.
Rageku asks Kata if she can take over the lesson. He tells her that their styles are different and that she can continue. He flies away and tells her to visit him whenever she needs help. At SCRTC, the trio train harder to become stronger like Rio. Miki states that if Rio is getting stronger, he is becoming more evil. Master ShaFu says they have no time to waste.

  • Even though this episode picks up where Episode 16 left off, this episode is technically indepedent from it.
  • In this episode, Rio is forced to see Mele's power and hopefully appericate her more.
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