Howa-Howa! Mama Skills

Howa-Howa! Mama Skills
Airdate: May 27, 2007

Kata continues Rio's fierce training in the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo. They are interupted by Mele who offers to find the other Kenma. Rio tosses her the bracelets and she exits.
Rutsu is perched on a high thingy, he comes down and Kata tells Rio to learn about hatred from how Rutsu fights. Rutsu's mental state has withered. Rutsu talks to his fallen brethren's weapon as if it was him. Ran enters SCRTC headquarters to find the place a mess with Jan's 'treasures' and Retsu sketching. Master ShaFu comments that she is like a mother to them which catches her by surprise.
They respond to Rutsu's attack on the city and are surprised he has survived their last encounter. Rutsu attacks Retsu and steals a yellow ball for him using a hidden Ringi.
He does the same to Jan. Ran bats them away without knowing what they were. Rutsu leaves at Rasuka's request.
Ran finds a baby in Retsu's uniform and a boy in Jan's clothes. ShaFu explains to Ran that the Rutsu wrapped up the two's 'Kodou' which is their pulsation and also contains their memories.
She tells him that she bat th Kodou away. He tells her she should took the kids with her to find them and that to be their 'mama. 'She is not pleased by this. He chimes his triangle, saying it is training. Meanwhile, Mele follows the bracelets, hoping they tell her where to go. Bae, brings up that Mele may have something up her sleeve because she hates Kata. Once she gets away from Bae, a female voice speaks to her-- Kenma of the Sea.
Jan smells for his 'kodou' but finds food, Ran along with baby Retsu acting as a mother is easier is to say than done with a child like Jan. Jan picks his nose and is surprised to find blood. Jan then mentions something stinks, Ran is insulted.
Just when it couldn't get any worse, Ran must change Retsu's diaper. And gets peed on in the face. Jan is missing and Ran hears of a child in danger...
Jan is the one climbing a building. Once they are on the roof of the building... Jan reveals that he was trying to help a bird. They find the baby's home.
Jan calls the feeling of being with her 'mother'--Howa-Howa. Rutsu dives in and cuts Ran's arm as she protects Jan. Rutsu squishes the birds and their home, making Jan sad. He continues attacking the three They run and rest in a safe place.
Jan notices Ran is bleeding but she says she is fine. She spots the Kodou balls of lights high up on a crane. She leaves Retsu with Jan and tells him she is counting on him. She runs off to get the Kodous.
Mele reaches the ocean. Bae says it is dangerous, she swallows him. She dives in, saying that a silly seal won't get in her way.
Ran reaches the Kodou but is confronted by Rutsu. She transforms and Jan cheers her on from below. Rutsu drops her but she lands safetly. But he attacks her and has her at his mercy.
This makes Jan very worried. He puts Retsu gently down. Rutsu is about to do in Ran.
Jan tries transforming and becomes a 'chibi' GekiRed. He knocks Rutsu out.
Ran tells him that 'Howa-Howa' is the feeling a mother has for her children, stronger than hatred. She destroys his weapon and uses a new Geki Waza punch attack.
She then proceeds to plug it into his brain. Causing him to blow up. She jumps up and gets the Kodou.
She tosses the Kodou to the two boys. Jan grows up and remembers nothing. Retsu is confused. He finds himself naked. He tries covering himself.
He has no choice to drop trow to transform. Ran covers her eyes. The GekiChangers appear on his arms and transforms. Rutsu grows huge and the Gekiranger call Gekitouja. After being attacked by their flying foe, they call for GekiBat.
They destroy Rutsu with GekiBatTouja. He is split sideways and turns to stone. The top part slides off the bottom. he yells for Rasuka. Back at SCRTC, Ran is disappointed they don't remember what happened. Retsu is shocked after hearing about the embrassing baby moments.
Jan teases him. ShaFu comments on how not being able to understand a parent's heart is a child's only failure. Mele searches underwater for the gravesite of the Kenma of the Sea.
She finds the sleeping beauty demon. The forcefield is very powerful, but she is not about to be defeated.
Mele breaks the seal over the female Kenma of the Sea. Mele brings her back to life with the True Poison. The force knocks Mele into her human form and out to the beach.
She rises from the sea and presents herself--Rageku. She wants to teach her feelings that harm the body.

  • Even though this episode has elements from Episode 15 such as Rutsu and Ran being Rasuka's opponent, this episode is technically indepedent from it.
  • A classic Feminism theme is a heronie refusing motherhood in the beginning. But in a pre-feministic view, she embraces motherhood in this story. She is technically saved by a 'man' but she finishes the job. To contrast, Mele takes it on her own power to complete a task, without the help of no one.
  • It could be considered 'lip service' that the Kenma Mele finds is a woman, but it is enpowering that a woman frees another woman.