Netsu-Netsu! Forget the Technique
Airdate: May 20, 2007

Bat Li gives Retsu a fan and he pulls out his fan and starts dancing. Retsu had agreed to do whatever he told him but abadoning technique he does not understand. Rutsu wants to bring the energy ball down but Jan and Ran interfere and they fight once again.
Rasuka and Ran leap toward higher ground. Ran's leg is hurt. Rasuka mericlessly targets her leg. She calls him a coward. He tells her that a basic tactic is to aim for the weak point. He bashes her down. She and Jan taunts him for not being popular. Rasuka tells Rutsu to make the lighting bigger so he could fight the two by himself, he agrees.
Jan calls out to Rutsu to wait and come back, but Rutsu simply tells him what sort of fool comes back when someone asks him to? Meanwhile, Retsu aims to dance like Bat Li so he will figure out how to abadon technique.
Rasuka wants to complete his mission so he tosses the two Gekiranger in the trash. Ran wants to go on but she is injured way too badly. Shafu heals Ran's wound, not very good according to her. Jan is upset at himself that he is no match for the crow. ShaFu wonders how Retsu is doing.
Miki explains that the sort of technique Retsu is attempting to learn is gentle. The way Retsu overthinks things, it might take a while. Miki gives Jan a package to deliver to Retsu. Retsu overthinks and falls, Bat Li doesn't skip a beat, continuing to dance. Retsu aims to mimic once again and the training continues outside within the bamboo forest...
and snowy beach in front of frosty mountains. Meanwhile Rio thinks back to his memory and bashes all the Rinshi angrily.
Mele frets, Kata believes training is progressing but Mele wants to know, Kata explains. Kata tells her she is in the way when she tries to come to his aid. Retsu tries to empty his mind and starts pondering the mysteries of life as he gets better.
Ran and Jan arrive and watch. They watch as Retsu and Bat Li dance on the water.
When Retsu realizes his teammates have arrived... The inevitable happens and he falls in the water.
Later, the gang has made a bonfire to warm Retsu's clothes. Retsu was surprised he was in a trance and realizes he must become one with the dance. Jan hugs Retsu and Bat Li streaks way. Ran gives Retsu Miki's package...
the Geki Fan. The two admire their lighting when they get hit by a GekiFan.
GekiFire fights Rasuka and Rutsu. GekiBlue shows off his new skill, rather, his oneness with the dance.
The two do their Ringi Juggling once again and he avoids their hits well with just one gekiFan. Retsu calls for another GekiFan and stops their Ringi. He causes the two to hit each other.
He flies and hangs like a bat, or sticks to the ceiling. The two decide to grow gaint and collect the energy they gathered. Mele is worried about Rio's training and is not interested in Kata's bodygaurds. Bae wonders if she interfered and Kata kicked her out, so she kicks him.
The Flying Fists fly high once again. Jan says they are in the same jam they were before. Master Li arrives. He tells them they can fly. They all dance in a circle and call forth Geki Bat.
Geki Bat blasts the collected lighting apart. They form GekiBatTohja and they soar in the sky after the duo.
Rasuka and Rutsu fly off near where Bat Li lives. GekiBatFire combat the two mid-air.
They manage to knock Rutsu down into a mountain. As they return to the city, GekiJaguar foot tips on the lake.
GekiBatFire combats Rasuka above the lake. They arrive on land and they finish Rasuka off.
Ran congratulates Retsu as Jan flaps his arms like he is flying. Bat Li tells ShaFu that he didn't know he had students like Retsu, Shafu explains that he had to meet him to know.
Miki asks them if they will be hanging there all day. She hands Bat Li a crepe. Mele fears Rio is becoming too scary. Kata tells Rio that hated makes him stronger.
It also make someone else stronger... Rutsu, who rises out of rubble to avenge the death of his partner Rasuka.
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