Shin-Shin! The Spirit's Dance
Airdate: May 13, 2007

Rio mediates and Kata tell him that despair along will not be enough and Rio tells him that is why he wants to be his pupil. Kata tells him the next he needs is hatred, to find your weakness that is connected to your hatred. Mele stops Kata's Ringi and doesn't believe it will make Rio stronger.
Just then, she is knocked out by Kata's bodyguards, the Flying Fists: Rasuka and Rutsu. Miki, ShaFu, and Retsu are enjoying the ballet while Jan and Ran could care less. Ran rather have pro wrestling.
Jan asks Retsu if he likes it. Retsu admits beauty makes him want to improve himself. Mele wants to protect Rio but Rio tells him to stop because training is his fate. Kata tells his bodyguards to gather screams and fear.
Miki and Ran are unsuccesful in waking Jan to wake up. Retsu is about to hit him when Jan wakes up to his 'Zowa-Zowa' sense. The two Flying Fists are terrorizing the city with lighting, they are collecting lighting from fear and then plan to shoot it back to the city, making them cry out even more.
The Gekiranger confront them, Retsu and Rutsu discuss beauty--the best foes can. The Gekiranger are beat up by the flying duo.
The two do their Ringi attack on the Gekiranger that resembles a throwing knife. They then grow huge and the trio form Gekitouja. The two flying fists fly and Gekitouja becomes GekiElephanTohja.
They can't catch them with the Elehammer. Jan doesn't consider this fair and his plea for them to come down is not granted. Rutsu and Rasuka revel in being able to avoid the heroes. They bash them with their own Elehammer and then kick them.
The double kick delivers a defeaning blow. Completely bringing down the Gekiranger and the two fly off.
Mele sits on top of Bae on a bench. She comments that Rasuka is strange and she finds Rutsu a bit of a pervert. Jan wants to fly, Shafu gives Retsu a map and tells them of another art appreciation place. Jan and Ran are bummed.
Mele arrives to see Kata attacking Rio's heart, telling him that the pain might destroy his brain. Rio tells Kata he probably didn't need it if it doesn't make him stronger. Once again, his memory comes back but Rio fights it. As he screams, he learns to hate his past, his weakness. Mele says can't watch but sneaks a peak.
The three go at night through the forest following the map. They then see fire across the lake. They spot a dancer with a mask and a fan. He dances beautifully and Jan says he is shinshin.
Retsu lets go his map and admires the stranger. The stranger glides over the lake like he is flying. Night turns to day and the dancer continues as the trio continue watch.
The stranger hangs himself upside down on a tree and Retsu pleads for his name. He takes off the mask to reveal he is Bat Li. A Legendary master like ShaFu and Elephan Kimpo. Retsu is eager to learn under him but he tells him no one will learn under him.
Meanwhile back at SCRTC, Miki and ShaFu enjoy crepes and Miki wonders if Bat Li will train them well. ShaFu admits that Bat Li is picky. Other than that, ShaFu is way too into his catnip crepe. Miki bashes his face into it.
Retsu kneels to Bat Li and pleads to be taught. Bat Li admits that he has been disappointed in the past by pupils. Retsu becomes GekiBlue. And fights Bat Li with grace and beauty. Ran and Jan wonder what Retsu is up to. Bat Li knocks Retsu out. Jan senses a Zowa-Zowa and tells Retsu to go.
Retsu nods and gets up. He approaches Bat Li and thanks him. Retsu adds that him he won't give up. He then turns to join his friends. Bat Li agrees to train him. Jan is antsy to get to the battle. Ran tells Retsu that they will take care of the foes while he trains.
The Flying Fist collect energy that will in turn destroy the city. In Bat Li's cave, Bat Li tells Retsu to abadon technique and Retsu can't phantom this.
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