Zowan-Zowan! Rin Juken Training Starts
Airdate: May 06, 2007

This episode picks up where Episode 11 ended. Rio successfully releases the first of the Kenma, Kata and he tests his powers and deems him worthy to be his master. Even though Kata is insulted that Rio is tested a Kenma's power, he accepts his request to teach him to obtain a new Ringi.
Once Kata reaches the dojo, Kata calls Mele ugly and questions her alliance. Mele offers screams and says she already sent a Rinrinshi. Meanwhile Jan is walking through the city and eating. He then spots Natsume, Miki's daughter admiring fish wind catchers.
Jan tries to get one for her and is punished by a man. Natsume slips on slime and almost gets hit by a car. Jan studies the slime.
It comes from Nagiu, a Confrontation Beast Eel-Fist user that makes many people slip on the slime. The three Gekiranger run in. They try attacking him but he is too slippery.
Jan tries a big attack but Nagiu does his, causing the Gekiranger to slip far away. Jan pleads to be trained by ShaFu, ShaFu agrees. As Jan prepares...
Kata 'trains' Rio by trying to kill him. They must fight to the death to train. He flew Rio into the air and let him go. As he fell, he transformed into Black Lion.
Mele, fearing for his life, pleads Rio not to continue but he tells her it is his will. Kata senses the Geki Jyuken techniques off Rio and he admits he once trained under ShaFu.
Kata blasts a giant attack on Rio. He says he wants Rio to show him despair. Causing him to relive his nightmare. Rio's hand goes through the memory of him as a child.
The triad are sent to a bathhouse to start their sentou training, Jan recognizes it is the same place he fought the man over the fish windcatchers. He tries to follow Ran but is dragged by Retsu to the men's side. Ran enters the women's side and puts money on the counter. She is surprised to find Master Elephan Kimpo and punches him.
Jan believes Shafu is liar but Retsu is sure there is a reason why they are training there. Jan bumps into the man from before. He says to call him Gen-San and they have a towel fight. Gen-San is a master at the control. Jan is astonished and wants to train.
Mele approaches to Rio, who is standing still and as she touches him, he falls to the ground. She is angry at Kata but he tells her that he is within his own nightmare and will supply screams for his own gain.
Mele fights him but he quickly overcomes her. Kata explains that the student and master relation in the Rin Jyuden has always ended up in death. Back in Rio's nightmare, he is back in the day he lost everything and encounters Kata and discovers this is his Ringi. He tells him he will die here.
Kata fights him and doesn't know what happened to him there but knows it terrorizes him. Back at the bath house, the other two believe Jan is just playing but he is actually learning a skill to defeat Nagiu.
Retsu comments that even when he isn't around, Master ShaFu is still teaching them. Ran says that is his way. Master Elephan Kimpo tell them they are right. Kata delivers a deadly blow through Rio, he coughs up black.
The Gekiranger confront Nagiu. Jan uses the fish wind catcher that Gen-San lent him to wipe all the slime off Nagiu, enough for them to use their Geki Bazooka on him.
Rio glows energy and Kata is surprised. Nagiu grows big. Master Elephan Kimpo hosts the battle with Gen-San instead of Bae.
The Gekiranger form GekiElephanTohja and destroy Nagiu. Rio stands up and faces Kata. He will devour his despair.
He devours the memory of himself, it disintergrates and goes into his mouth. Rio becomes Black Lion, smashing his nightmare.
Kata is to say the least, shocked and Rio fights Kata. Rio reveals his ringi and gives Kata a defening blow.
Back in reality, Kata is down. Mele tells him to finish Kata but Rio just says that because if he didn't push him, he wouldn't be able to become stronger. This doesn't exactly make Mele happy. Inside the dojo, Rio and Kata shake hands. Rio bows and calls him master.
Jan feels it, saying there is a bad feeling. Ran asks him if it is a 'zowa-zowa,' he says it is different. It is 'zowan-zowan. ' Master Elephan Kimpo concurs that Kata, the first Kenma is free. Miki is surprised that 'the boy' can feel it too. Jan vows that they will not loose.

  • Rio's nightmare memory has been seen many times since the first episode, but no new information about it is given in this episode.
  • Kata's distaste for Mele continues through his time in the series.
  • It is not mentioned that Gen-San is friends with the Kensei, but he acts like all of this stuff is normal.
  • After Natsume slips, she is not seen again in this episode.
  • Nagiu was only seen in his beast-man form, but in "Power Rangers Jungle Fury," the monster's equivalent Rinshi form was seen.
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