Ukya-Ukya! Juken Armament

Ukya-Ukya! Juken Armament
Airdate: April 29, 2007

The sun rises and Elehan says his different is from ShaFu. Ran is determined to learn the GekiHammer. Elehan sets up camp on a lake, pitch up a tent. Jan is enthused but the others not so much. Meanwhile at SCRTC, Miki is pacing up and down. ShaFu enters and asks her of her concerns. She says it's about Elehan. ShaFu tells her that all they can do it wait.
Elehan catches fish and when Ran urges him into training, he takes the Hammer away and has her fish. She doesn't understand it, she sees his technique and tries, but hooks him in the head. Rio, in the meanwhile, reaches the lighting mountain in aims to resurrect the first Kenma. He is hit by Master ShaFu's forcefield.
ShaFu feels it and knows what Rio is up to. Rio becomes Black Lion and uses his Rinki to break through.
Mele thinks of her love and hurry he comes back when she notices Muzankose is playing a flute. She knocks him in the head, telling him to hurry up. He proceeds to drill through the ground in his ball form. Jan catches fish with his bare hands. He teases Ran that she is too uptight. Retsu scolds him telling him that Ran must not be bothered to learn the Gekihammer because Elehan chose her.
They feel the Earth quake and Jan gets a zowazowa feeling. Retsu thinks it is Muzankose. Retsu suggests going with Ran, Jan is curious. Retsu tells him she is training. They leave. Mele is very pleased with the destruction until the boys arrive. She fights them. She grabs them both by the neck.
She tells them that they are too low to fight her, but she will fight them. She converts into her beastman form and becomes invisible, beating them. Ran practices but unfortunately gets touched by Elehan, looking at her from underneath. She tells him if he will be bugging her, then leave. He tells her to smile. She tells him she can't smile if she is training.
He decides to make her laugh so he does tricks with his ball and chain like the helicopter, the windmill, flying ball, jump rope, walking the dog, a pendulum clock and a necklace. She continues fishing. He scratches his nose and then farts. This does work her cracking a smile. Without thinking about, she does a perfect fly fish. She is surprised because she wasn't thinking about it.
He brings out the point that thinking laughing and having fun hinders one excelling is a mistake. "Smiles are important, especially in a bad situation. " She realizes his training to never loose her mind in a situation. He then reaches out to kiss her but he misses because she caught a fish! Mele has knocked GekiBlue's GekiTonfas out of his hands. Then she used Jan's weapon against him and threw them away. She says everything will be destroyed in the Earthquake but she will kill them before that. She reverts out of her beastman form and aims her sai at him.
Ran catches her with her Elehammer and swings her off Jan. She smiles. Mele doesn't get it. She tells her that laughter brings good luck. She takes the EleHammer off. Retsu and Jan are surprised. Ran says she is a little different. She throws the Elehammer up in the air. She transforms into GekiYellow. She presents herself and catches the Elehammer. Mele is about to hit her with her tongue when Retsu blocks her.
Retsu tells Ran thatMuzankose is in the hall. She says she will fish him out of the hole. She drops it in and it looks for him. He is burrowing in there. She successfully pulls him otu and he smashes out of his ball form. She performs Dan Dan Gan, he turns his back and she smashes the shell with the hammer. She swings at him again.
Retsu and Jan gather with Ran. Mele tells them not to get too cocky. Muzankose grows giant. The Gekiranger call their GekiBeasts and form GekiTouja. Bae announces saying it is the second match. Muzankose turns into a ball and knocks them down again. The Gekiranger sit up in the cockpit. Master Elehan shows up. Bae says his name wrong. He says that the stupid fly is annoying as always.
He tells them to combine their hearts. Ran gets up and tells the other to do so. GekiTouja gets up. The Gekiranger collect their gekiwaza and say Rai Rai Jyu. This forms GekiElephant, the Legendayr GekiBeast. It creates a ball out of Geki, it dribbles it and runs to Muzankose. It hits Muzankose and he falls to the ground.
The GekiRanger call for the JyuKen Armament and form GekiElephanTouja. They hit him twice and he falls. Muzankose rolls into a ball once more and towards GekiTouja. Bae tells them to dodge it. Elehan tells them to destroy it. They make the Elehammer straight and start spinning it around in a circle. It smashes scales off Muzankose and he become his nromal form. He then becomes stone and explodes.
At SCRTC, Miki and ShaFu are happy. Elehan runs in, elated that Miki complimented him. ShaFu thanks him. Elehan asks for a kiss, she kicks him down, telling him he is refused. He jumps up and tries to kiss her, she tries to push him off. All ShaFu says is, "His silly side never changes. " ShaFu then feels that Rio is breaking the barrier. Rio kicks it and it is destroyed. He then punches the rock and all of it crackles off.
Rio then sees Kata's petified corpse. He puts the True Posion into him and he comes to life. He flies up into the air. He says "I am Kenma of the Sky!" Rio says, "Rinjyu Hawk Fish Kata!" "Lion cub, I have responded to your call," he tells him.

  • I am glad Miki doesn't approve of Elehan's peverted ways.
  • Even though the three Kenma's voices were heard in the first episode, Kata is the first to be physically seen. How exactly the Kenmas were sealed is revealed in Episode 32.
  • This episode and the previous were merged for the "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" episode called "The Way of the Master. "