Jara-Jara Attack! The First Errand
Airdate: April 22, 2007

Ran, Retsu and Jan, back in his jungle boy ways, travel to deliver a package to an important master friend of ShaFu's. Ran reminds them about the new Rinrinshi. In the flashback, the Gekiranger run from the new Rinrinshi.
It bumps them. Jan tries restrained the force but it sits on top of him. He rolls away and gets out of its ball form. He is Muzankose, practitioner of the Confrontation Beast Pangolin-Fist. It is hard to break through his shell. He mentions he wants to make a huge Earthquake.
Mele appears. Jan mentions that she is not Kena-Ken anymore, that she is Zowa-Zowa again. She brushes it off. Muzankose grows huge and breaks through the ceiling. Th riad form GekiTouja and fight him.
Muzankose forms his ball form and not even their Dai Gan Gan Ken attack can break through it. They loose. Bae can't believe GekiTouja lost. Muzankose retreats. They loose and back at SCRTC, ShaFu gives them the errand. They are surprised that all three of them have to do the errand.
He tells them to beware a mononoke. The trio dream about how the Mononoke looks like. Ran pictures a creepy old man with a mask. Retsu pictures it as a sneaky tree.
Jan pictures it as a monster with teeth, multiple tentacles with eyes on the end of them. Back in current time, Jan puts his clothes back on, back on the mission. They are attacked by a ball on a chain.
Meanwhile, Rio figures how to revive the Kenma, he has their souls but not the corpse, they must find them. Kata the Kenma of Sky speaks to them. He asks the Kenma where his corpse is. He promises him great power. Mele and Rio walk out of the temple and Rio tells Mele to store up power, more screams are needed.
Back in the forest, our heroes believes what is attacking them is the Mononoke, it ties them up. Miki wonders about the trio back in SCRTC, she and ShaFu mourn their tied up noodles.
The Mononoke approaches them and steals the package and runs off. They transfrom and bust through the chains. They run after him.
Ran uses her cheetah running skills to get ahead of the Mononoke. They surround him. Muzankose, in his Rinrinshi form finds a spot and slithers his tongue down into the magma in the Earth's core to check the curve of the tectonic plate underneath to create a huge Earthquake.
Mele meets up with Muzankose and scolds him for not hurrying up to destroy the human world. He wants to taste the core again but she kicks him in the face. The Gekiranger fight the Mononoke for the package but he is a formiable opponent. He touches Ran inappropriately. Retsu manages to get the package but it is tied to his chain and he pulls him and ties it to him and tosses him around.
The Gekiranger try their GekiBazooka on the Mononoke but he manages to dodge it. He then hits them with his own attack with ball on chain. The Gekiranger are down. Mononoke gets to higher ground and tells them to give up and go home. They each get up, saying they will not. They perform their Triangle Super Baribari and get the package back. But he has disappeared.
Meanwhile, the Wind Kenma asks Rio why he seeks the power and he says for more strength. The trio finally get to the temple and find the Mononoke is there. He really is Master Elehan Kimpo. Jan asks him why he pretended to be a Mononoke and oppossed them. He tells them it was a test. He then says he is smitten with Ran and kisses her with his trunk.
He offers to train Ran. They open the package to find the Geki Hammer! Jan is surprised that is what was inside. They thought he was to help them but he tells them he has an oath not to fight. Elehan rubs her back thigh with his trunk.

  • This episode not only introduces Master Elehan Kimpo, but also the concept of Kenseis.
  • Out of all the Kensei, other than Master ShaFu, Elehan is the most often recurring Kensei.
  • This episode and the next were merged for the "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" episode called "The Way of the Master. "
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