The Kena-Kena Woman
Airdate: April 15, 2007

Mele thinks back to when she was revived by Rio. He went to a graveyard at night. Crows cawed. She came out of her grave. She asked why her heart quivered. He explained that his resonates with his. He helped her up. He offered her strength.
By touching his hands, she became her current form. She sitting is outside the dojo and looks at her hand. She was fondly thinking of that time. Braco arrives and tells her that he needs to talk to her.
Miki tunes the GekiBazooka. Ran says that it is at a minute and 15 seconds but Master Shafu wants it faster, so more training from the three. Retsu and Jan bicker. Rio continue having his dreams. Rio thinks the reason Braco wants to talk to her is because the Madoku for Rio. Braco insults Rio twice. Mele attacks him. He suggests forming an alliance.
She considers that unforgivable and injects him with her tongue. He starts becoming stone but he takes out one of his nails and revives himself. Surprising her. After he revives, he changes to his Beastman form and they fight. He kicks her ou to the ground. He explains it his six snake fingers have the Modaku.
The True Poison gave his true life. He has five left. He offers one to Mele, for her temporary fake life. He tempts her but she attacks him. He leaps away. She runs after him in the forest. He bests her. He tells her she is foolish and just in the way. He forms his Dai Ja Hou, which is similar to the Geki Geki Hou.
It knocks her to her Rinrinshi form. She is knocked down. He teases her, saying it is no different to being in the ground. She tells him that he can finish her off but not Rio. He tells her he will strike when he is sleeping. He tells her to not worry about as she is in the dark. He kicks her off the cliff. She reverted to her regular form.
Braco puts two of the true poisons in two posts of ashes. It revies Moriya and Kademu. He tells them that he wants to kill Rio. They are not having it, they are scared. Braco tells them his plan.
The Gekiranger are practicing the GekiBazooka towards the ocean on the beach. It charges, Ren calculates it as 81 seconds. Jan keeps saying 'Porkcube Stew!' when they ignite the weapon. Ran and Retsu asks him not too. Jan gets a strange feeling.
Mele arrives and attacks them. She tells them that even though her principle is to not fight, she will be their opponent. She fights them. She takes Jan down. They call for their bazooka. She withstands the blow. They are surprised. They try it again and she falls into the water. She stands up. Jan says she is different from zowazowa, could it be kenakena?
Braco, Kademu, and Moriya sneak around the main chamber as Rio slumbers. Mele comes at them again. They shoot the GekiBazooka again. She withstands it and throws it on the rocks.
She de-transforms and stands up. Jan asks her if she was training. She shrugs it off, saying she was killing time and disappears. Jan says she is not zowazowa, she is kenakena. Braco and his minions are about to strike Rio when Mele comes in and bash them down. Braco is surprised that she is alive.
She says that those who defy Rio will recieve swift deaths. Braco tells the others he will fight her and for them to kill Rio. Mele shouts for Rio and he deflects the two. He stands up and dons his armor. Braco tells Kademu to kill Rio.
He kills Kademu with a kick. Moriya scathers off. Braco runs away. Moriya thinks that since he defied Rio, there is no turning back. He attacks the city. The Gekiranger arrive, henshin and fight.
Mele catches up with Braco and attacks him. They fight, as she says he can't run. He calls for his weapons and she uses hers. He says he will finish her. He does his attack again on her. She remembers how she stopped the Gekiranger's attack and she holds it back.
She weaves the ball with her sais and turns it into her personal rinki Raku Geki Ken and sends it to him. Knocking him down. She steps on his back. She kicks him. Rio arrives. She is about to strike him, when he tells that that she will forever remain dead if she kills him. He shows he has three venoms left. That if Rio needs them to
revive the Sankenma, her body will forever remain a corpse. He says he knows she wants the true life. She backs down. She says it would be nice to live again, but she slices off the venoms off his fingers. She strikes his stomach with her sharp tongue. She tells him he knows little about her. Living for her is being by Rio's side. The last three True Poisons fly in the air and she catches them. As he combusts into fire, he asks if she will be okay with that. Rio smiles.
Moriya says he senses that Mele killed Braco. The Gekiranger are surprised by this. When they aim the GekiBazooka at Moriya, Retsu tells Jan not to fail again. He tells him it was different before because Mele is Kenkena, Moriya is not, he is zowazowa. They destroy Moriya for good. Jan then says he feels a zowazowa from far away, something he never felt before. Master ShaFu tells Miki that the RinJyuDen has a taken a big step forward and they must be careful.
Mele apologizes that it took so long and hands her the three venoms. He offers his hand and stands her up, just like when he ressurected her. He lets her hand go and she holds her hand close to her heart. She says those moments of his gratitude are the moments she feels alive. He tells her, 'Let's go!'

  • The majority of this episode was reshot for "Power Rangers Jungle Fury," mostly for Camille's censored chest. The manner in which Mele (Camille) kills Braco (Naja) was also changed.
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