Koto-Koto… Intently Koto-Koto
Airdate: April 08, 2007

Sorisa asks Maga if he has changed. He asks if she hates strong men. She says no and holds him. Mele is surprised when they run off instead of finishing off the Gekiranger. Mele is upset at Maga. She sees an opening to quench's Rio's blood-thirst but notices he is sleeping. She doesn't wna tot wake him. Braco watches from the door.
Back at SCRTC,Natsume feeds Jan pork cube stew, he likes it. Miki rolls in a new weapon to combine the trio's Geki Wazas to penetrate Maga's defense fat. The GekiBazooka's power is the Geki Waza Geki Geki Hou. Miki explains that inputing the Geki will take two minutes long so one must protect the inputers.
It is hard for the inexperienced so they pick Jan to do it. He is insulted until Miki makes him realize to take in the enemy's attacks, you need the unbreakable body which he is. Maga and Sorisa are attacking. Jan knocks Sorisa down, the trio transforms. Ran and Retsu call for the GekiBazooka and lightly input their Geki.
Sorisa tries to get the two but Jan stops her. Maga then gets his licks, Jan keeps getitng hit and he doesn't like it. So Jan gets up and fights Maga. Miki tries to remind Jan of the mission but he says he doesn't like getting beaten.
Leaving an opening for Sorisa to get to Retsu and Ran. She kicks them both and GekiBazooka falls down. Maga beats down Jan and he falls along with the others. Sorisa and Maga get amorous. Sorisa jumps on Maga and he carries her home. Retsu and Ran are upset at Jan. Jan runs off, saying he doens't like being beaten up.
Miki says Jan is not ready. "He just doesn't know yet," ShaFu says. Natsume asks what he means. Retsu and Ran agree that Jan is no good for the plan. They arrive to the headquarters and ShaFu is playing piano. They will recieve training for their fingers.
Miki plays horribly and Shafu is all nerves. He falls and rolls around. She plays good and he is mellow like a household cat. Their goal is to have him calm.
Natsume finds Jan in the park, all stressed. She takes him to her house where she is cooking more pork stew. Jan takes one that isn't done and comments its not the same. Natsume tells him she has to wait until it kotokoto, which means the sound of a boling pot.
Ran and Retsu play the piano but still can't get it right. ShaFu funmbles around, bumping RoboTough down. Ran says its been a long time since she played. Miki fondles Ran with a cat toy and tells them to have fun with it a bit. They listen. Meanwhile, Jan is having a hard time being patient for the kotokoto.
Mele goes to Maga's chamber, where he and Sorisa are being lovey-dovey. She gets them back on track about their mission. Ran and Retsu finally get the tune right. ShaFu is still and then dances. They pass.
Jan waits and waits. It is finally done, Natsume gives him one. He starts crying and wonders why if it tastes good. She tells him that waiting made it better. She tells him Master ShaFu's saying "The time you give yoru team is returned by a blessed result Ja. " That is what he told her. Jan nods and says he will definitely win.
Maga and Sorisa aim to make the volcano erupt with fireworks, showing their love. The Gekiranger deflect his bombs with their GekiTonfas. Maga and Sorisa transform into their Beastman forms. Ran and Retsu call the GekiBazooka and think about piano keys on their fingers.
Maga and Sorisa beat Jan up. Jan won't give up. Sorisa tries to get to them but he won't let her go. Maga kicks Jan in the butt. As the two beat him up, he thinks back to the pork stew. They both slash at him. He falls down.
Maga smashes him to the ground. Retsu and Ran keep stroking the GekiBazooka and the eyes light up. Ran and Retsu tell Jan they are counting on him. With all his might... He pushes Maga off and he falls on Sorisa. He jumps behind the Bazooka. Maga forms his fat seal. The Gekiranger perform the attack and Jan says 'pork beef stew. '
They bust through his ringi and he blows up. Mele is surprised at the Bazooka's power. Sorisa is mad at Maga dying so easily and grows big. The Gekiranger form GekiTouja. Sorisa does her hidden ringi, a bunch of little scorpions cover the GekiTouja. They spin them off.
Sorisa then does her kick on them but they counter with their leg spin attack, finishing her off. Back at the Confrontation Beast Hall dojo, Mele reports to Rio. Braco watches from the shadows. Rio tells Mele that he was deep sleep and his dream becomes stronger. Braco considers this Rio's weak spot.

  • This episode and the previous were merged for the "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" episode called "Dance the Night Away. "
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