Shuba-Shuba Dancing!

Shuba-Shuba Dancing!
Airdate: April 01, 2007

Mele comes inside the dojo and Rio practices, she does as well and enjoys it. He wonders who has the Madoku. He doesn't listen to her. Sorisa tells Maga she won't fight alongside him. He thought they'd combine abilities, they'd be stronger. She beats him up, proving her point that he is too slow.
At SCRTC, Ran and Retsu are fighting over what to eat for lunch. A little girl arrives. Jan asks who she is and introduces himself. She asks for her mother. Miki comes in. Jan thinks 'mama' is a nickname.
Miki told her not to go there to change her clothes. ShaFu says why not, Natsume hugs him and pets him. Natsume tells Miki she is quiting her dance class. She thinks her dance is perfect how it is. She goes to sleep on the sofa.
Sorisa and the Rinshi dance like Michael Jackson's "Thriller. " The Gekiranger arrive, already transformed, and fight the Rinshi. The Rinshi beat the Gekiranger up with their dance moves. Sorisa then kicks them and sends a deadly blow on them.
Maga is watching from a distance. Sorisa goes to Retsu and flips him over with her foot. She lifts him up from his neck. Sorisa chokes GekiBlue, but from his angle, he thinks they are higging and kissing. So Maga gets jealous and grows huge.
He attacks the Gekiranger, saying he won't forgive Blue. Sorisa gets out of the way and retreats with the Rinshi. The Gekiranger call their GekiBeasts and form GekiTouja. Mele and Bae arrive to watch.
Mele figures out that Maga loves Sorisa and fighting for love when he says 'my Sorisa. ' The Gekiranger then gets the best of Maga using their spin attack. He falls down and then gets up, sort of out of it.
When he realizes Sorisa is gone, Maga is so ashamed, he retreats. The Gekiranger wonder what that was about. The Gekiranger admit Sorisa really beat them. ShaFu and Miki want Natsume to her to show Jan the wonder of dance.
All the three are surprise at how it is ot a piece of cake her dance class. Ran doesn't understand why they said she is not good. Miki thinks its somehtingelse. Rio aks Braco about the Madoku and wonders how to approach the user. Braco makes Rio think Maga has it.
Mele approaches Maga about his feelings for Sorisa. She admits she loves Rio. She tells him that women like men who have absolute power. The Gekiranger have trouble keeping up with the dance rountine. Until Jan gets it. Ran gets synchronized with him but not Retsu. Retsu continues and they all finally get synchronized.
Jan notices Natsume arguing with the girls. The Gekiranger relax. The girls dance again and Jan is upset that Natsume is doing her own moves. Jan tells her that he doesn't want to dance with her. She points that she has been dancing for two years. He tells her that her dance has no feeling.
Natsume runs off, Miki behind her. She still thinks she is the best. Miki asks her if that is enough. Sorisa and the Rinshi come in and Miki fights them off. They back away. And they get closer to the building. One Rinshi gets close and Miki pushes him away. Sorisa comes in and realizes she is a JyuKen user. She gets the best of Miki.
She is about to strike them when Jan jumps in and they roll down. The others arrive. Miki and Natsume go to a safe area. The Gekiranger transform. Sorisa and the Rinshi start dancing. Miki tells them to find the song in their mind and let it flow. The Gekiranger start jamming.
The Gekiranger finish off the Rinshi with dancing moves that were in synch. Miki points out to Natsume that it is important to dance with your friends. Natsume says she likes it.
The Gekiranger are about to get to Sorisa when Maga attacks them. he Gekiranger's weapons are no use against his rubber-like chest. With his hidden rinki, it creates a jelly-like sheild over the Gekiranger's GekiBeast attacks. Maga shows Sorisa how they can work together.
Sorisa then has her take on them, with spinning feet called Crimson Demise Kick. Mele watches and smiles. The Gekiranger are knocked down. Natsume is scared.

  • This episode and the next were merged for the "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" episode called "Dance the Night Away. "